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Receiving your messages makes this website enjoyable and rewarding. Please keep your messages coming. I am confident that, with your continued help, this website will eventually become one of the most complete regimental websites on the entire web. My ultimate goal remains accumulating biographical information on each and every soldier in the 92nd Illinois. I can do that only with your help. Thank you so much! Cheers to all of you!



My purpose in creating this website is two-fold:

  1. I hope to share my research on the 92nd Illinois with others who are equally as passionate about the Civil War and this regiment.

  1. I am appealing for information on the 92nd Illinois, so together we can expand our knowledge and develop this site into a clearinghouse for research on the 92nd Illinois.

My name is Rob and I am a descendant of a soldier in the 92nd Illinois. You may contact me at

First of all, I wish to express my appreciation to Gary, a descendant of the 92nd Illinois and local historian living in the heart of 92nd Illinois country. He has assisted in much of the research found on this website. It has been a pleasure sharing insight into this regiment with him over the years. Thank you, Gary.

A special appeal is extended to descendants of the 92nd Illinois. There were nearly one thousand members in this unit. There must be thousands of descendants. I invite you to share your 92nd Illinois ancestors' experiences, letters, journals, biographies and obituaries by sending them to me via email. (See address above.)

Adjutant General reports, detailed histories, company and regimental rosters, muster rolls, and various other lengthy listings regarding the 92nd Illinois are readily available on numerous other websites. I see no need for duplication here. Instead, I hope to focus upon sacrifices, statistics and lore of the 92nd Illinois - those human interest stories that made our ancestorsí wartime and postwar experiences so intriguing. What do you know about any soldier in this regiment not included on this website? Please share your knowledge and help fill in the gaps. These brave men deserve at least as much!

I have included the following categories:

I.        A few snippets to pique your interest 

II.      A brief history of the 92nd Illinois 

III.     Find Your Ancestor

IV.     Stephenson County Soldiers' Monument

V.      Triennial Reunions of the 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry

VI.     Up Close and Personal 

VII.    Attachments within the Union army 

VIII.   A list of nearly fifty engagements and battles involving the 92nd Illinois 

IX.     Monthly breakdown of deaths within the regiment 

X.      Statistical summary of deaths 

XI.     Database 

A:    Chronological list of deaths during war 

B:    Chronological list of deaths immediately after war 

C:    List of deaths which had occurred by 1875 

D:    Chronological list of deaths after 1875 

XII.     List of Soldiers who were prisoners-of-war     

XIII     Relatives within 92nd Illinois Infantry

XIV.    References


I hope to provide additional categories of interest in the future. Please visit often Ė and contribute often!

But letís not get too battle-weary! The soldiering experience wasnít all fighting and dying. There must be some light-hearted mischief in the form of stories passed down by your 92nd ancestors. What can you offer? Letís include any humor you might have that broke the monotony, tempered the emotion and colored the experience of the 92nd Illinois soldier.



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