Who was the Ninety-Second Illinois Volunteer Mounted Infantry?

Victor Hicken, in his book, Illinois in the Civil War, [University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, 1991, page 348], observed:

“One of the finest fighting units of the entire Union army

 was the 92nd Illinois Infantry.”


I.         A few snippets to pique your interest in this fascinating, hard-fighting regiment:


II.        A brief history outlining this regiment’s nearly three years’ stint in the Union army: 

August 1862

Citizens of Stephenson, Ogle and Carroll counties in northwestern Illinois organized in Rockford, Illinois

September 1862

Mustered into United States service “for three years, or during the war” 

October 1862

Earned sobriquet “Abolitionist Regiment” out of their demonstrated concern for welfare of African-Americans in Kentucky, where they first encountered slaves and Southern sympathizers

January 1863

At Louisville, boarded steamers Arizonia and Tempest. Sailed toward Nashville

April 1863

Assisted in construction of fort in Franklin

July 1863

Converted to mounted infantry as member of Col. John T. Wilder’s celebrated “Lightning Brigade”

July 1863

Three companies of 92nd Illinois received Spencer repeating rifles

July/August 1863

Participated in Tullahoma Campaign in southern Tennessee

September 1863

Reached Lookout Mountain

September 1863

First full regiment into Chattanooga after Confederate evacuation. Planted flag on top of Crutchfield Hotel. A moment of glory for this regiment

September 1863

Engaged in two-day Battle of Chickamauga

November 1863

Portion of regiment engaged in Battle of Lookout Mountain

December 1863

Remaining companies equipped with Spencer repeaters

Winter 1863/1864

Time spent in northern Alabama

April 1864

Ambushed at Nickojack Gap. Many Killed. Many captured and imprisoned at Andersonville

May/September 1864

Assigned to General William T. Sherman’s army. Involved in Atlanta Campaign, climaxed by capture of Atlanta

August 1864

Participated in General Judson Kilpatrick’s raids around Atlanta

September 1864

Occupied Atlanta

September/December 1864

Remained with Sherman. Participated in March to Sea

December 1864

Witnessed the travesty of Ebenezer Creek

December 1864

Assisted in capture of Savannah

February 1865

Ambushed in Aiken, South Carolina

February/March 1865

Stormed through South Carolina and North Carolina in the Carolina Campaign

April/May 1865

Occupied Chapel Hill, North Carolina

May/June 1865

Occupied Concord, North Carolina

June 1865

Mustered out of service. Less than five hundred of the original one thousand soldiers were on hand at muster out.

July 1865

Arrived in Chicago by train and returned home


III.      History of the 92nd Illinois’ attachments within the Union army: 

November 1862 – February 1863

2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of Kentucky, Dept. of the Ohio

To June 1863

2nd Brigade, Baird’s 3rd Division, Army of Kentucky, Dept. of the Cumberland

To July 1863

1st Brigade, 1st Division, Reserve Corps, Dept. of the Cumberland

To October 1863

1st Brigade, 4th Division, 14th Army Corps, Dept. of the Cumberland

To December 1863

Wilder’s Mounted Brigade (other sources indicate the 92nd Illinois was attached to Wilder’s Brigade to April 1864)

To April 1864

3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Cumberland

To October 1864

3rd Brigade, Kilpatrick’s 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Cumberland

To November 1864

3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, Military Division Mississippi

To June 1865

2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, Cavalry Corps, Military Division Mississippi

Source:   Dyer, Frederick H., A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, T. Yoseloff, New York, 1959 reprint, vol. III, page 1085.


IV.       The 92nd Illinois was involved in nearly fifty engagements and battles, including the following: 

Franklin skirmish - Duck River - Triune - Sequatchie Valley - Harrison Landing - Taking and Holding of Chattanooga - Ringgold (two times) - Tullahoma - Chickamauga (two days’ fight) -  Bambridge Ferry - Lookout Mountain - Missionary Ridge - Tunnel Hill - Resaca - Nickojack - Calhoun - Lays Ferry - Adairsville - Owl Creek Church - Villanow - Siege of Atlanta - Jonesboro (two times) - Lovejoy Station - Siege of  Savannah - Ebenezer Creek - Brush Creek - Macon - Gordonsville - Wadesboro - Altamaha - Wauhatchee - Barnwell - Blackville - Willeston - Aiken - Averasboro - Acton Bridge - Dotsonville - Monroe’s Crossroads - Bentonville - all skirmishes following Wade Hampton to Raleigh.

Source:   Attachment to Discharge Document of William Boddy, Private, Co. A, 92nd  Illinois Volunteer Mounted Infantry



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