Find Your Ancestor: Biographical Sketches, Arranged Alphabetically

Portions of what you see here are also included elsewhere on this website. On this page, however, names have been arranged alphabetically, making it much easier for you to find your ancestor. It is intended to be an all-inclusive listing of all soldiers in the 92nd about whom “at least something” is known.

There is one exception to this rule: Soldiers’ names are not listed here if all that is known is simply their hometowns, rank and “muster-in” and “muster-out” dates as spelled out in the Adjutant General’s Report. Such information is readily available on numerous other websites. (For the vast majority of 92nd soldiers, enlistment occurred 8/62, muster-in 9/62 and muster-out 6/65. Enlistment dates, muster dates, and early discharges other than on the above dates are given in this section.)

In addition to including wartime facts, this page also reveals personal data about soldiers who survived the war, such as genealogy, residencies, occupations, achievements, education, death, location of burial and so forth. Any quotes included in the following biographies have been selected from sources listed on “References” page of this website.

There are over 750 soldiers listed here. That’s a good start. But that also means there are nearly 250 soldiers about whom nothing is known.

Can’t find your ancestor from the 92nd Illinois listed here? Or maybe your ancestor is listed here, but you know something about him I don’t. If so, please e-mail me with any information you have. Let’s make this list as complete as possible.

I’d like to thank all of you who have already provided details. It’s great hearing from everyone! Much appreciated!


(names are sorted alphabetically by last name; click on a letter to jump to a certain section)

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Adair, T. C.; Pvt.; resided Red Oak, Ia., 1886

Adams, Benjamin F., Pvt.; died, New Albany, Ind., 8/25/63

Aldrich, Warren, Pvt.; died, Mt. Sterling, Ky., 2/18/63

Altensen, George, Pvt., Co. C. died 3/10, buried Shannon, Ill.

Allard, Stephen; Cpl; born 1838, Shefford, Ontario, Canada, married Georgia; children Victor, Roy, Bessie, Alda, Sadie, Nora; Etta, Lula, Orpha;  resided Sherman County, Kansas, 1888-1890; died 4/90; first buried Gandy/Sappa graveyard, then re-buried Goodland Kansas City Cemetery around 1899.

Allen, Francis H., Pvt.; died, wounds, 5/3/63

Allen, Hiram, Pvt. Co. F; born 1844; Captured 3/23/65 in North Carolina while scouting; sent to POW camp near Richmond, Va.; paroled 4/2/65 at Aikens Landing, Va.; mustered out 7/22/65; married Mary J. (1854-1919); moved to Kansas; died 2/22/1912, near Lost Springs, Marion County, Kansas; buried Lost Springs Cemetery; Plot Lot 8, Block 3

Ames, Charles, Sgt.; born 1836; Born Syracuse, NY. to Vermont native and War of 1812 veteran John Ames and NY. native Nancy Wilbor; ’49 or ’50 family up Erie Canal, across Great Lakes to Old Ft. Dearborn, now Chicago, then to Ogle County, Ill.; his parents, John and Nancy Wilbor Ames operated hotel in Byron, IL. 1850-1880 across street from Lucius Read house which was station on Underground Railway to Canada; the Ames hotel provided food for slaves hidden in Read house future brother-in-law, Russell Bigelow Lockwood also in 92nd; wounded, crippled for life; after war, returned to Ogle County with widowed mother, sister Fannie and child Nettie; married Ellen (1851-1930); son William died with no immediate survivor (1873 – 1945), also had daughter, Lulu Beatrice who died 1942; Charles died 7/8/1930; age 94; buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.

Anderson, Charles L., Pvt., Co. F; died 10/1/08, age 79, buried Bethel-Hawthorne Cemetery, Green County, WI

Anderson, Erick; died 12/75, buried Lawn Ridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Ill.

Apple, Balsar, Pvt.; POW

Armagost, A., Pvt.; resided Niles, Ia., 1886

Armagost, Hugh S., Pvt., Co. A; born PA, died, Mt. Sterling, Ky., 11/20/62

Armagost, James Crowder, Pvt., Co. A; born 1835, Pa.; small, light complexion; ill, Nashville, Tenn. hospital during war; to Nebraska with thirty people in seven covered wagons where became homesteader; five children; died 6/01; age 66; pneumonia; buried Rising Sun Cemetery, Rising City, Neb.

Arnold, William E., Pvt.; died, heart attack, Dechard, Tenn., 8/16/63, buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Oregon, Ill

Arnold, Simon, Pvt.; resided Grundy Center, Ia., 1886

Atkins, George G., Pvt., Co. F; born June 1820, Elmira/Horsehead, NY.; married Betsey Clark, 1856; one son, Adna S., born 1858, Freeport, Ill.; mustered in at age 42 (one of older members of 92nd); immediately contracted bad cold, September 1862, at Camp Fuller, Rockford, IL.; discharged Feb. 2, 1863, at Louisville, KY., due to illness, possibly tuberculosis; also suffered from Palsy (Bells Palsy); to Wyoming, Iowa, 1868 or 1869; received eight dollars/month for invalid pension plus two dollars/child;buried Wyoming Cemetery with government-issued headstone; brothers Smith Dykins Atkins and John C. Atkins were also in 92nd;  died March 4, 1872 at age 52, at Wyoming, Jones County, IA.

Atkins, John C., Pvt.; Co. C; born NY, married Harriet Straub, discharged 3/65, disability; brothers George G. Atkins and Smith Dykins Atkins were also in 92nddied 1871 buried Shannon, Ill

Atkins, Smith Dykins, Gen.; born N.Y., 1836; 5’10”, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair; admitted to bar before war; prosecuting attorney; in middle of trying case at time Lincoln requested volunteers, left case unfinished to enlist; first soldier to enlist, Stephenson County, Ill.; enlisted 11th Ill. Vol.; elected captain, promoted to major by Gov. Yates due to bravery at Ft. Donelson, then  received colonelcy of 92nd; Lincoln issued him commission as Brevet  Brigadier General; assumed duty in Gen. Kilpatrick’s cavalry; discharged 6/21/65; Andrew Johnson commissioned him Brevet Major General; spent rest of life arguing Chickamauga should never have been fought; president, Stephenson County Old Settler’s Association; Excelsior Lodge; Freeport Consistory; president, Military Order of Loyal Legion; Society of Army of Tennessee and Army of Cumberland; GAR; several years vice-president, Illinois State Historical Society; Illinois Newspaper Association; Inland Daily Press Association; nearly fifty years editor, principal owner, Freeport Journal; most widely-quoted  newspaper editor in Illinois; married  youngest daughter of Gov. Swain of North Carolina; Gov. Swain also president, State University of Chapel Hill, N.C.; buried with Atkins was headquarters flag of Second Brigade of Gen. Kirkpatrick’s Cavalry which was in use during March from Atlanta to Sea and Carolinas to end of war; generally considered principle author of 92nd’s regimental history (published by his Freeport Journal Press); three children; brothers George G. Atkins and John C. Atkins were also in 92nd; died 3/13; age 77; buried City Cemetery, Freeport

Atwood, Andrew, Pvt. Co. K; resided Charter Oak, Ia., 1886, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Independence, MO

Atwood, Enoch, Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before; (second sources suggests resided Tingley, Ia., 1886)

Atwood, Patten H., Pvt., died 4/65, buried Stillman Valley, Illinois.

Aurand, Joel, Pvt. Co. F; Born Union County, PA. 1819, parents Henry and Eve Welker; to Jefferson Twp, Stephenson County, Illinois, 1822; survived and lived in Loran, Ill.; married Susannah Getgen, 1844 in Mifflinburg, PA,  had 10 children, contracted disease in TN while with 92nd and never recovered; to Carroll County, Ill., 1865; died 8/8/67 from disease acquired in war, buried Clay Cemetery, Bremen, IL.

Aurand, Thomas J., Pvt. Co. F; born 1843, Mifflinburg, PA.; resided Loran, Stephenson County, IL; height 5'8"; hair dark, eyes brown; complexion light; blacksmith; Powder Springs, Ga., killed in action 10/3/64, buried Mariette National Cemetery, GA.; Plot G 8108

Austin, George, Pvt., killed in action, Powder Springs, Ga., buried where killed, 10/3/64

Austin, Hiram Merritt; Pvt. Co. G; kept daily diaries throughout war; after war, moved to Coudersport, PA.

Ayers, Francis Monroe, Pvt.; born 1/3/45; Co. B; discharged 6/63, disability 6/18/63; died 11/5/63, age 18; buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.


Babb, Daniel P. Pvt., Co. F; Born 1843 in Babb’s Grove, Illinois, youngest of six children; hospitalized at Danville Hospital until 2/17/1863; rejoined 92nd; as family story goes, he and others in 92nd fed poisoned buttermilk by southern belles which sickened the men; paid total of $75 due US for arms, equipment etc.; he and wife Anna moved to Falls City, NE around 1869; member GAR; family has in possession certificate designating Daniel’s donation toward Stephenson County Monument Association; died 10/29/1903; buried Falls City Catholic Cemetery, Falls City, NE.

Babbit, Calvin W., Pvt.; born NY, died 12/94, buried Eleroy Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Babcock, John S., Co. A; born NY, discharged 3/63, disability

Back, William, Cpl.; wounds, missing in action, Aiken, S.C., 2/11/65

Backe, William, Cpl.; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64 (same person as above?)

Bailey, William B., Pvt.; died 5/13, White Rock Cemetery, Kings, Illinois

Baker, Elmus W., Pvt. Co. F; born 1829, Freeport, IL.; parents William and Elizabeth; married Jane Stephenson (1822-1850); one daughter; then married Mariam Theresa Hadlock; four children; after service with 92nd; transferred to 65th Ill. Inf., Co. G; third wife, Izense Parsons, 1866, settled in Freeport; five children; died 12/16/95, of dropsy; buried Freeport City Cemetery, Freeport, IL.

Baker, Lambert, Pvt.; born N.Y., 1812; enlisted, age 50; served with son, William Henry H. Baker; discharged 4/63, disability; died 1901; buried Harlem Center Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.  

Baker, Perril G.,  Pvt. Co. F; prisoner of war; captured 6/22/64 at Kingston, GA; died 12/6/64 of chronic diarrhea at Charleston, SC.; buried Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, SC.; marked as P.R. Baker

Balcom, Wayland F.; Co. C; born 1840, Warren County, NY; flutist in war; married Georgiana Spire, 1866; son George; died 11/12/67, unknown cause, buried Thomson, Ill.

Balliet, David M., Pvt.; born Pa., 1843; married Nancy, then Ida; two children; entered service 1864; transferred 65th Ill.; GAR; died 12/37 (possibly last surviving member of 92nd); age 94; buried Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, Ia.

Baker, William Henry Harrison Pvt.; born Waddam’s Grove, ILL, 1847, the son of Lambert and Margaret Deardurff Tompon Baker; ; witnessed Lincoln/Douglas debate in 1858 in Freeport; inspired by Lincoln’s appearance and became drummer boy at age 14; was one of youngest drummers to serve in entire Union army; served with father, Lambert Baker; discharged 4/63, disability due to losing leg; invented a device which intended to prevent collision of trains on curves or other dangerous places; it was described as small square of iron which, connected by wire to signal and placed on the track would warn engineers of approaching train; also invented twine knot tying machine which revolutionized the harvesting of grain and made the beginning of McCormick fortune; won many drummer contests in later years; participated in parades with peg leg, and always wore old campaign hat; familiar figure around Freeport, with fife, drums; always lived in Harlem Center area northwest of Freeport; married three times, one ended in divorce and one died shortly after marriage; 11year old son accidentally killed by shotgun of another son while hunting; in 1930, at Soldiers Field, Chicago, received sensational ovation at Midwest Music Festival; died July 1934 of heart attack; buried Grand View Cemetery, Freeport, ILL.

Banks, Isaac C., discharged at Cincinnati by Colonel Burbank – injured spine, 2/14/1863

Barber, James,  Pvt. Co. I, born 1830, England, arrived South Dakota, May 1882; lived Hyde       County, South Dakota

Barrett, Arthur, Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 3/72, buried Thomson, Ill.

Barron, S. D., Pvt.; injured Spring, 1863

Bartlett, Thomas H., Pvt. Co. G; born 1832, Sangamon County, IL; miner; died 1903, buried Evergreen    Cemetery, Sabula, IA

Bashaw, Henry,  Pvt. Co. I; born 1840, Quebec, Canada; parents, David and Catherine Thomas; to Vt., 1853; to Carroll County, IL., 1856; prisoner-of-war; married Anna Maria Sisler, 1868; farmer; died 3/3/01; buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Carroll County, IL.

Bassett, G. O., Pvt.; resided Kelley, Ia., 1886

Bauder, Ephraim F., Lt.; suffered wounds, died 1875 or before

Bawden, Collan, (also spelled Collen Bauden); born England, 1839; to America 1846; chief musician and leader, silver cornet band for 92nd; "was modest, almost to bashfulness, soft hazel eye told of heart as kind as a woman's, music in his walk, look and gesture"; band rode milk-white horses which were eventually stolen by rebels; never had furlough entire war; married Anna Kneal; two children; died 11/1932; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Baysinger, Alexander, Pvt.; killed in action, Steelboro, Ga.,10/26/64

Beach, Jay A. Co. A.; born Michigan; living Berkley, CA 1930.

Beattie, William, Pvt.; buried Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls, Ia.; no marker

Becker, Egbert T. E., Cap. Co. I; born Bradford County,Pa., 1833; parents David and Fanny Benham; to Ill. 1843; one of first settlers, Carroll County, Ill.; unanimously elected company captain; Deputy Collector, Internal Revenue; town clerk; Justice of Peace; road commissioner; Attorney at Law; married Sarah Catherine Bosworth, 1867; two children; died 4/28/06, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Illinois

Bennett, Edgar, Pvt. Co. I; died, Lexington, Ky., 2/19/63, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Lexington Kentucky.; Plot 0, 0, 283.

Bennett, Martin Luther, Pvt. Co. G; born 1848; mustered into 92nd Feb. 9, 1865; tranferred to Co. I, 65th Ill. Inf.; died Jan. 6, 1932, buried Hoffman Cemetery, South Wayne, WI.

Bennett, Thomas .J., Pvt. Co. G; born 1830; Canaway County, VA.;  height 5’8”; hair auburn, eyes dark, complexion dark; married; farmer; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Sabula, Jackson County, IA

Bennett, W.L., Pvt., died 3/13, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll.

Bentley, John P., Pvt.; died, 3/98, buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Best, Aaron G., Musician, died 4/69, buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Best, Coston, Pvt.; captured, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64; POW; died, Florence, S.C., 2/14/65

Best, Robert, Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 1/24/63, spinal meningitis

Betz, Jacob, Pvt.; killed in action, Kingston, Ga., 6/22/64

Beverly, William H., Co. A, born PA; living in Manhattan, KS in 1880.

Bevins, Nathan R., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 3/3/65, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Lexington, KY.; Plot 0, 0, 282

Bigger, James A., Sgt.; killed in action, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Bigger, John Comly, Sgt., Co. F; Born Massillon, Ohio, 4/11/44; with family to Freepdort, Ill; enrolled at U. of Michigan, 1862, but left school for war; honorably discharged from 92nd 12/29/63 by special order of Secretary of War, serious illness of father; returned to school, playing outfield for school baseball nine in 1866; also played for Pecatonica, Ill. first baseball team, 1867; left fielder and scored lone run in 49-1 loss at Rockford tournament; earned law degree, 1868; to St. Louis, 1870, to begin law practice; to Dallas, TX, where became U.S. Attorney, active in Republican party; attended Winfield, Kansas 1873 reunion; died, Dallas, 9/24/00, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Texas

Bissel, Albert, Cpl.; bullet struck gun between stock and barrel, then struck him on forehead, and traversed to upper part of cranium, laying open the scalp, calmly picked himself up, coolly tied up his bleeding head with handkerchief, and continued to fight Aug/63; died 1920 buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.

Bloss, James P., Cpl. Co. K; born N.Y., 1832; 5’7”, light complexion, hazel eyes, auburn hair; farmer; residence, Byron, Il; killed in action, Powder Springs, Ga., 10/3/64; inventory at time of death: great coat 1, flannel shirt 1, pair boots 1; buried by light of candle lantern near where killed; dying words: “My life is part of the price of freedom. Cheerfully I die;” now buried Marietta National Cemetery; Marietta, GA; section F, grave 5244

Bly, William M., Pvt.; POW; died, 12/18, buried Stillman Valley, Ill.

Boddiger, Peter, Pvt.; died 3/16, buried Polo, Ill.

Boddy, William, Sgt.; born England, 1843; 5’8”; dark hair, gray eyes, light complexion; author, extensive war journal; farmer; hardware; rancher; cousin, John R. Thompson, also member in 92nd; four other cousins, two brothers also in Union army; almost drowned in Tennessee River, Oct. 25, 63; married Eliza Meeker, 1868; ten children, four of whom died in infancy; resided Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas; justice of peace, Iowa Falls, Ia.; died 4/18, Fairbury, Neb.; heart problems; age 75; buried Elliott Grove Cemetery, Brunswick, Mo.

Boeke, W. Pvt.; killed in action, Steelboro, Ga., 10/26/64

Bohn, John H., Maj.; brother, Joseph, also in 92nd; "not particularly gifted as military Man", but was considered "a jolly good fellow and the boys like him. He is always fond of a good joke and alive to fun." resigned, 4/64, disability

Bohn, Joseph H. S., Pvt.; born 1843 Stark Co., Ohio; brother, John, was major in 92nd; died 10/65 buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll

Bond, John E., Pvt.; died 1875 or before, buried Riverside Cemetery, Oregon

Boop, George W.; musician in war; wife Mary Hassenplug, three children; died 3/78; age 59; buried Kent Lutheran Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Bollinger, William J.; Born PA.; mustered in at age 33; Captain., Co. A; wounded; ended service in 92nd, 1863; arrive in McCook County, South Dakota Territory, March, 1880.

Bower, Warren. K., Pvt. Born 1/1839; Williamsport, PA.; teacher; married Sarah Sechler, 12/68; two children, Mrs. Fred Fairman and Perry; moved to Sate Center, IA., where resided until 1904, when moved to Payette, Idaho; to New Plymouth, Idaho, 1920; employed at O.S.L. depot as janitor; member Masonic Order; member GAR; died 10/19/1925 after short illness and surgery at age 87; buried New Plymouth Cemetery, New Plymouth, Idaho.

Bowers, Joseph, Pvt.; born Austria, 1830, spouse, Ann; resided Clear Lake, Iowa, 1886; died 4/9/11; buried Concord Cemetery, Garner, Iowa.

Bowles, Crawford, Black, Born 1838, PA.; son of Robert, Jane Ross Bowles; Pvt. Co. H; merchant after war; died 9/15/1918; buried Fairview Cemetery, Altoona, PA.; Plot Section H, Lot 123

Boyle, David; orderly; captured while on way to report to Gen. Kilpatrick; escaped by killing captor; returned next day to regiment, minus hat, coat, shoes, and shirt, “very picture of hard times”

Brace, George C., Pvt. Co. H; born 1842; resided Cherokee, Ia., 1886; died 9/20/10; buried Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum, Riverside, CA

Brasell, Thomas, Cpl.; died 1875 or before

Breyman, Henry, Pvt.; died 7/04; age 80; buried Yellow Creek Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Brice, James Jr.; Pvt.;  Born Washington County, PA; to Rochelle, ILL at age 14; married Sarah Hill 1858; clerk for General Atkins during war; discharged early and moved to Tama, IA., 1864; director of First National Bank in Tama; after three-month illness, died 6/26/88 survived by son and daughter; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Tama, IA.

Brice, Thomas, Cpl. Born Little Washington, PA., 1840; to Illinois, 1855 with parents to Lane Station; recruited by father for Co. H; married Mary Anne Sturtevant at Rochelle, ILL. 1865; to Tama, Iowa 1866, mercantile businessman for 47 years; city council, school board;  GAR member; died of pneumonia 1919; survived by 6 children; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Tama, IA

Brown, A. D., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/9/63

Brown, Cyrus W., Pvt.; died, Camp Butler, 3/29/65 or 2/29/64, buried Millegeville, Illionois

Brown, James H., Pvt.; Co. C; resided Cedar Rapids, Ia., 1886; died 4/91; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Linn City, Ia.

Brown, John, Co. H buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Creston, Illinois

Brown, Wallace; Pvt. Co. H; born 1842, Cortlandville, Cortland County, NY.; height 6’ ½”; hair dark, eyes blue, complexion fair; single; farmer; died 4/17/94; buried Lawnridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Ill.

Brown, William H., Sgt.; wrote journal; oldest of eleven children born to an Indiana Methodist preacher; was motivated to volunteer by hatred of slavery died 1916; age 73; buried Shelby Cemetery, Shelby, Ia.

Browning, Henry; musician in war, died, Danville, Ky., prior to 2/15/63

Brutsman, Frank, Pvt.; resided Center Junction, Ia., 1886

Buck, Samuel J., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/1/63

Bunker, Hiram Foster; Pvt., Co. G; born 1843, Shefford County, Quebec Province, Canada to Thomas, Nancy Bunker; to Lena, Ill., 1850; enlisted 1/64; transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill.; brother, Hollis also in 92nd; married Mary Ann Clair, sister of Davis Clair, also member of 92nd; eight children; received invalid pension 1890; member Amity Lutheran Church; died 8/17/27, Lena, Ill. after illness of few days; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena.

Bunker, Hollis; Pvt., Co. G; born 1841, Shefford County., Quebec Province, Canada; brother, Hiram, also in 92nd; brother-in-law Davis B. Clair, also member  92nd; married 1865, Garnavillo, IA., to Hannah Crosby, who had first married Charles N. Keiser, another member of 92nd;  to Bristow, Iowa, 1886; then married Elizabeth Sweet Castle Bunker, widow of his brother Shepard; received pension as invalid, 1888; died 5/28/18 of internal cancer, Greene, IA, buried Oakhill Cemetery, Bristow, IA. next to both wives

Burton, James W., Pvt.; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Burton, Samuel W., Pvt.; killed in action, Nashville, Tenn., 11/9/64

Butler, David W., Pvt.; Born 1832, Berne, Albany County, NY; father: James Butler (1790-1852), mother: Margaret Whaling (1800-1851); married 1st to Mary, 2nd Charlotte Harmon Denis, 7 children; wounded, Nickojack Massacre; discharged 4/65, disability; GAR; died 12/90, Nora, Illinois; typhoid fever; buried Christian Hollow Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Byrum, George, Cpl.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 4/22/63


Caldwell, Jeptha,  Cpl., born England; brother-in-law of John Palmer; wounded; immigrated to Wisconsin, arrived in Charles Mix County, South Dakota, Feb. 1884; died Platte, SD, 1/17, buried Hampton, IA

Calvin, Andrew, deserted, 9/20/1862

Campbell, William F., Sgt.; Co. B; Ogle County, Ill to Anning Owen and Almira Brewster, third of four children, clerk prior to war, 5’8”,  light hair, fair complexion, blue eyes, single at enlistment, sisters Mary died at 5 months, Rosanna died 1843,  brother Darwin H., born 1845; unspecified wound, Chickamauga; killed in action, gunshot through head, Powder Springs, Ga., 10/3/64, buried Marietta National Cemetery; Marietta, GA.; Plot F, Site 5245

Carey, William R., Cpl., Co. C; died 9/88, buried Thomson, Illinois.

Carpenter, Fannie; nurse in 92nd, nicknamed “Daughter of Regiment”

Carpenter, Frederick W., Cpl.; Born 1831; discharged 6/63; married Maria L. (1832-1890); died 6/28/63; buried with wife at Argo Cemetery, Argo Fay, Carroll County, IL.

Carpenter, John W; Co. B; born 1839, Keensburg, Ill.; to Carson City, Nevada, after war; became carpenter; GAR; died 3/1/02, Carson City of pneumonia; buried Lone Mountain Cemetery, Carson City, Nevada, GAR section.

Carpenter, W. Joseph, Pvt.; Co. B; Born 1835, Wisconsin; was teamster after war; cause for which pensioned: varicose veins - monthly rate, $6; died 6/14/98 in Carson City NV.; funeral held in Episcopalian Church; GAR; buried Lone Mountain Cemetery, section W1G, Row 1, Plot 4, GAR plot, Carson City, Nev.

Carter, Thomas W., Pvt.; resided Tama, Ia., 1886

Carter, William H.; died 1914, buried Riverview Cemetery, Oregon, Ill

Cartwright, Barton H., regiment chaplain; ministered to Freedmen after war; "a genuine Christian minister"; died 4/95; age 85; buried Riverview Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.       

            after first sermon in May, 1863, won respect and love of men and officers;  men not ordered to attend preaching, but Cartwright found way to get them out. “At half-past ten, the usual church time, the melodious and sonorous voice of the Chaplain was heard, ‘Ho, Boys! Ho, boys! Come up here, and help me serve the Lord for half an hour, and I will help you in the trenches the balance of the week.’ That was a proposition, on the part of the Chaplain, that meant business. The boys took him at his word. He had a congregation of willing listeners, and the men did not afterward complain that the chaplain did not keep his part of the bargain. It did not run in the Cartwright blood to be lazy, and with a pick, or spade, or axe, the chaplain was adept.”

On one particularly very hot and showery day, dirt roads horrible for men and trains, men lightened up their loads by throwing away extra pairs of shoes, overcoats, dress coats and blankets. It was the first march for the new, old Chaplain, and the kindhearted old man knew the boys would want their blankets when night came, so he loaded down his horse with as many blankets his horse could carry. After reaching camp, he called the boys to get their blankets. He did not even save one for himself.

Caston, James, Pvt.; resided Latimer, Ia., 1886

Carver, Franklin, Pvt. Co. G; born 1843; musician; transferred out of 92nd 1/1/63 and into Co. H ; 96th  Ill. Inf.; mustered out 6/10/65;  wife, Jennie Abbey; died 2/28/07, Blanchard, IA; buried Maple Hill Cemetery, College Springs, IA.

Cattarach, William, Pvt.; (also spelled Cattanach, Castana); born 1847; captured, murdered, shot through ribs, shot again through lungs by Lt. Pointer, CSA, while POW, Nickojack Massacre; died 5/7/64 (or died 4/24/64 per second source), buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.

Cavallier, Louis; 2nd Lieut., Co. K; born 1831, Danzig, Prussia; orphan, age 9; mother died during his infancy; placed in military academy, then served two years in Prussian army; to America, age 24; engaged in business; married Eliza Hardenburg of Ulsterville, N.Y., at DuPage County, Illinois; four children: Margaret, Alice, Albert, Mabel; while with 92nd, twice promoted for excellency for his ability in drilling companies; honorably discharged, due to illness, 7/16/64, from 12th Regiment, USCT; after war, to Lyons, Iowa, 1866, where served in many public capacities, including justice of peace and Commissioner of Relief Fund for war veterans; died 6/12/13, Lyons, Iowa; buried Oakland Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa.

Chair, David, Pvt., resided Garnavillo, Ia., 1886

Chapins, George, Pvt.; POW; died 2/25, buried Savanna, Il.

Chase, Francis N., Pvt., Co. C; captured 4/23/64, NickojackGap, Georgia ambush; survived Andersonville Prison; died 4/24/81, Newton, Kansas; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Kansas.

Cheney, Chester, Pvt.; brother, Matthew, also in 92nd; settled in Oklahoma 1840 - 5/1009, married Louisa, buried Mound Cemetery, Taloga, OK

Cheney, Matthew, Pvt.; Co A.; brother, Chester, also in 92nd; Born 9/23/36, Kirtland, Lake County, OH; 5'9", dark hair, blue eyes, light complextion; father, Ephraim Cheney, born 4/13/1798, Granby Pass, Essex County, Vermont; mother, Harriet Law, born 8/14/06, Conn.; on 8/20/55, married Lovina Jane Whitson (other source says Jane Nipe), born 11/18/36, TN.; six children: Caroline Elisa, George Riley, Matthew Eugene, Leonora Maud, Frank E., Charles; farmer; in 1867, to Iowa, settling on homestead, Douglas Township, Sac County where resided 26 years; member, Freewill Baptist Church, later Advent Christian Church; sold farm; to Newell, Ia. and became owner, flour and feed store; died, Bright’s Disease, 2/4/97, age 60; funeral under direction of Newell Post GAR, assisted by Womens Relief Corps, buried Newell Cemetery, Buena Vista County, Ia.

Christian, Andrew Jackson; Born 8/1837, Farsund, Norway; to America, 1851; farmer; married, blue eyes, light hair, light complexion, 5’9”; discharged 2/2/63, Danville, KY by order General Granger 

Church, Harvey, Pvt.; resided Mount Etna, Ia., 1886

Churchill, Oliver; Pvt.; Born VT, 6/1820; member, GAR, Loyal, Clark County, Wisc., where lived most of life as farmer; member, Methodist Church from boyhood; moved to Tacoma, Wash; 1908 from Woodburn, Ore, where had lived with daughter one year; wife died 1904; had enjoyed good health in later years, but taken suddenly ill, died within hour at home of son, Samuel Churchill, Tacoma, Washington, 11/10/1912, age 93; buried Oakwood Cemetery, GAR Plot, Tacoma WA.; survived by daughters Mrs. Lydia Trombolee, Mrs. Ellen Armes, Mrs. May Mack, and  sons Fred, Louis, and Samuel

Clair, Davis Bishop; Pvt.; Co. G; born 1839, Chester, PA, married Elkader, Iowa, to Phoebe Crosby; brother-in-law to Hollis Bunker, also in 92nd; discharged 2/18/63, disability; received invalid pension, 1892, died 12/27/13, Postville, Iowa; buried Garnavillio, Iowa.

Clark, Daniel G.; musician in war; died, Franklin, Tenn., 3/15/63

Clark, Henry H., Pvt.; born 1842; to farm, rural Freeport, Ill. 1850; after war, entered Rock River Seminary; studied medicine, graduated Chicago Medical College (Northwestern), 1869; to McGregor, Ia., 1870; intern Mercy Hospital, 1879; member, first Board of Health, thirteen years; surgeon fifty years; member, surgical association; married Judith Baugh; six children; died 1/25; age 82; buried Pleasant Grove Cemetery, McGregor, Ia.

Clark, Reuben Matthew “Matt”; Co. G., 92nd; born 11/26/32, Elizabethtown (Brockville), Leeds County, Ontario, Canada; 5’5”, sandy complexion, dark eyes, light hair; attended school, Canada and Illinois; not able to stand marching, so placed in 68th Co. 2nd Battalion, V.R. Corps Hospital as Corporal, 12/15/64; discharged, Louisville, Ky.,  received $50/mo. pension; employed on railroad as engineer; to Stephenson County, Ill, with family in covered wagon, 1851; settled on farm near Lena; married Althear Clark, 6/12/60; (Althear born 8/19/40 near Elizabethtown, Canada); four children: Ella, Alice, Nathan, Itho; farmer near Lena until 1874, when moved with family to Jackson Township, Jewell County, Kansas; homesteaded; received patent, 5/9/85 [reason for patent unknown]; built new home 1890; could not get life insurance because only had one lung, yet lived to be 90; cancer of lip in later years from smoking pipe; Justice of Peace, Jackson Township; Master Mason;  member of Lena Chapter #105, AF & AM; member, Jewell Lutheran Church; Althear died 10/12/21; Matt died 10/19/23; buried Rosemound Cemetery, Republic County, Kansas

Clark, Sample J., Pvt.; POW

Clark, W. F., Pvt.; resided Paullina, Ia., 1886

Clevidence, John; Co. C; born 1833; wounded, Battle of Aiken, 2/65 - gunshot to hand; farmer; died 3/14/01; buried Moeller Cemetery, near Oacoma, SD. (father-in-law, Elias W. Smith, enlisted 1861in 34th Ill. and received mortal wound, 12/31/62 at Battle of Stones River and is buried in national cemetery there)

Coddington, James, Pvt.; died 4/73, buried Mt. Zion, Oregon, Illinois

Coggins, Thomas, wagoner, Co. K; born 1830; NY.; married Maggie Black Dow, but later divorced; after war, operated billiard hall, saloon; died 5/9/90; buried Haldane Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.

Coho, Johnston W., Pvt.; died, Louisville, Ky., 4/17/63

Cohoe, Doctor Co. E, married to Jennie Hicks; son Homer Howell; buried Gerlane Cemetery, Kansas

Cole, Walter G., Pvt.; married Evelyn Wetmore; resided Clarion, Ia., 1886; died 6/24, buried Ridott Township, Ridott Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Colehour, David Bernard, Lt. Co. I;  born West Chester, PA., 1841; to Mt. Carroll, Carroll Co., Ill., 1854 with parents; attended Mt. Carroll Seminary for time and taught school for couple years; father died when he was 16; was 23 at enlistment, 5’8”, black hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion and was farmer; received $25 bounty and premium of $2 at enlistment; contracted pneumonia and typhoid fever; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/17/63; 92nd history states: “Of our patriotic dead of Nashville, I remember Lieutenant David B. Colehour. He was a fine boy, and every inch a soldier. His frank, open face, and large, generous heart, made everybody his friend. No braver soldier ever died, more regretted, than did our Lieutenant boy. The county, in his death, met a great loss, but heaven acquired a rich gain. He was transferred from the Ninety-Second to heaven’s glorious army March seventeenth, 1863.”; brother Hiram traveled to Tenn. to escort David’s body back to Mt. Carroll, Ill., for burial; seven weeks later Hiram died; another brother, James, corporal in 92nd, was ill with fever at same time David was ill.

Colehour, James Allison, Cpl.; born, Chester County, PA., 1842; to Mt. Carroll, Carroll County, Ill., with family 1854; age 13 when father died; attended seminary school;  farmer, returned to Philadelphia, PA. as clerk in brother Isaac’s store; returned to Ill., 1862; at enlistment, was 5’6”, light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes; deathly ill in war with fever at same time brother David, also in 92nd, ill with pneumonia and typhoid fever; James survived, David did not; James observed: “At home they supposed that, I, too, was no more as Hiram had reported my condition as hopeless. No doubt so much suffering and worrying killed him;” wounded, right shoulder, Chickamauga, lying shivering on ground entire night prior to escaping on 20-mile horse ride next day with help of surgeon’s negro servant; wounded again in shoulder, 1/64, Sweetwater, Alabama; received pension of $12 from government; after war, moved to Chicago, where he worked in postal service 14 years; while there served as captain of local rifle club  and maintained nickname “Cap” remainder of life; city clerk at Lakeview Twp., Cook County, Il, 1870-1871; to Battle Lake, Otter Tail County, MN., March 1882 for health reasons; employed in machinery business in Battle Lake; then lumber business; in 1887 built hotel, probably first in area built specifically for tourists; often entertaining over 100 guests; ran hotel for 38 years; building still remains in family today, though not as hotel; described in obit. as gentleman and Christian; early member of Baptist Church of Battle Lake; mayor for four years and also justice of peace; had first telephone in area and first electric lights in Battle Lake; took active interest in historical events and in gathering historical data; surveyed Indian burial mounds for Smithsonian Institute; president of Agassiz Society of Historic and Scientific Research in 1886; especially interested in Otter Tail County Historical Society;  signed name as “Old Grizzly”, died at 96, 12/25/38; perhaps final soldier to die from the 92nd!

Collins, George W., Pvt.; died 2/25, buried Savanna, Illinois

Collins, William H., Pvt.; resided Sabula, Ia., 1886

Cook (Cooke), David Grant, Pvt.; born 1843; Company C, 92nd; discharged 9/63; transferred to Co. E, "First Regiment of United State Colord Troops"; Department of the Cumberland; promotion in USCT as 1st Lt.; captured by Forrest’s command, 12/20/64; shot, killed with two others 12/22/64 at Murfreesboro

Conway, Jessie, Pvt.; Co. H.; born 1843, Byron, Ill.; spouse, Mary Stuart; two children; Mary died 1872; second spouse, Margaret Myers; six children; died 2/15/20; buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.

Cooling, Albert A., born 1843, Genesee County, NY; Co. B; married Kitty L. Cooling; became doctor; died 1/11/1900; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Wilton, IA.

Cooling, Henry C., Lt.; wounded, Jonesboro, 8/64; died, 7/26/74, buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, Ogle County, Illinois

Cornelius, Samuel, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/19/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN.; Plot E.891

Cornforth, John, Pvt.; died, wounds, 5/18/65

Corning, Nathan, Pvt.; killed in action, gunshot left shoulder, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Cort, Charles; 1st Sgt., Co. H; born 1841, Monongahela, Washington County, PA.; maternal grandfather was farmer in Rochelle, Il.; kept diary during war; in 1884, gave deposition on Capt. John Nelson’s war injuries; spouse Susan Maria Vaile (1852-1933) in 1876, in Rochelle, Ill.; six children: Belle, Caroline, Jane, Helen, Edwin, Joseph; to Dakota Territory, mid-1880s, living first in St. Lawrence, then Huron, where employed in pharmacy; member of Constitutional Convention for establishment of South Dakota into statehood; Presbyterian; died 8/4/03, South Dakota; buried Riverside Cemetery, Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota next to wife.

Countryman, Adam, Pvt.; while on picket near brigade headquarters, rebel crawled close and killed him, Steelsboro, Ga., 10/26/64

Covillin, Louis, Sgt., 92nd; transferred to Co. H, “First Regiment of United States Colored Troops, “Department of the Cumberland

Cowen, Ezra W., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 4/22/63

Cox, Harrison, Pvt. Co. G  born 1848; died 1/31/19; buried Sterling Cemetery, Sterling OK

Cox, Legrand M., Sgt.; born N.Y. 1829; to Ill., 1839; veteran Mexican War in Mo. Battalion of infantry for nineteen months; marched 3,000 miles; married Eveline Talmadge, 1856; gunshot wound left groin and thigh, Chickamauga; brother, William, also in 92nd, injured slightly same day; declared unfit for duty; discharged 1/65;  farmer, miner; died 1/06; age 76; buried Rock Lily Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Cox, William H., died 3/18, buried Grand Detour, Ogle Co. Illinois

Cox, William, Lt.; born NY., 1823; married Ermine Philips, 1852; grazed by gunshot, Chickamauga; brother, Legrand, also in 92nd, injured severely same day; on “Officer’s Certificate of Disability of Soldier”, it is stated: “Received gun shot wound of the head at the Battle of Resaca, Ga. on the 13th May 1864 the ball entering above the posterior corner of the right ear and making its exit at the back part of the head fracturing the skull . . . never did any duty after receiving said wound”; It appears he did see additional duty, however, as records indicate he was also wounded, Aiken, S.C., 2/65; discharged 5/65; state representative; county superintendent of schools; four children; buried Rock Lily Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Cram, David, Pvt., Co. D; died 8/83, buried Shannon, Illinois

Crandall, Hiram, C., Pvt.; buried Potter Cemetery, Warren County, Ill.

Craddock, John, Pvt.; died 7/90, buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Illinois.

Craven, Albert, Pvt., resided Lohrville, Ia., 1886

Crawford, Edward, Pvt.; severely wounded, arm amputated, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; died, wounds, 10/4/64

Crosby, Robert; Pvt. Co. K; born 1844, Philadelphia PA.; parents, Robert and Margarette; died 12/10/27, Mount Morris, IL.; buried Plainview Cemetery, Mount Morris, IL

Cross, Henry, Pvt.; buried W. Grove, Forreston, Illinois

Crotzer, Andrew; Co. E; born 1846; died 1930; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena Ill.

Crotzer, William; Co. E; born 1840; died 1911; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena, Ill.

Crouch, Jonathan, Pvt.; killed in action, Davis Mills, S.C., 2/13/65

Crowell, Edward W., Pvt.; Co. B; member GAR; died 1/11/00

Crowell, Frank, born 2/12/41, Hopkinton, New Hampshire, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth; in war, “natural clown, his presence always welcome; soon makes everything merry in a company”; died 11/29/06; buried Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, Cook County, Ill.

Crowell, Martin, Pvt.; died 3/72, buried Brooklyn Cemetery, Byron, Illinois

Cullens, William Henry; born 1845; oldest of twelve children; spouse Amelia Jane Ramsey; eight children; died, 6/26/31 of cerebral thrombosis; burial, Fort Wallace Cemetery, Wallace, Kansas.

Curtiss, Elijah, Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/16/63

Cummins, D A; died 2/94, buried Washington Grove Cemetery, Ashton, Illinois

Cushman, John Waterbury; Cpl.; Co. D; born Eagle Point Township, Ill., 1844; second son of Charles F.; after war took course in Eastman’s Commercial College, Chicago, then to Canada, where learned jeweler’s trade; married Mary Lewis, 1866; to Polo, Ill., 1870; owned jewelry store; alderman, city treasurer; Lutheran; Odd Fellows; GAR; died 4/14/88, when fell from outbuilding, suffered broken leg, and died during amputation below knee.


Davis, Christopher, Pvt.; born Franklin, Pa., 1840; oldest of ten children; never wounded, missed only five days entire war, sickness; one year in seminary; farmer; Republican; GAR; Methodist; married Mary Zuck; five children; died 9/28; age 87; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Davis, John, Pvt.; died 5/02, buried Thomson, Illinois or Mt. Carroll.

Davis, John Collin, Pvt.; died 12/25, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll.

Davis, Nathaniel Emmons, Pvt.; regimental postmaster, Co. K; born Wilson NY; school teacher, Ogle County, Ill.; captured with mail while on way to regiment from division headquarters, 8/64; survived Andersonville Prison, then  to Florence, where exchanged; homesteader, Fairbury, Nebraska, 9/65; first county surveyor; died 1907.

Dawson, James, Lt.; killed in action, Atlanta, Ga., 9/21/64; buried by Chattahoochee River; “his loss was irreparable”

Dawson, William H., Lt.; mortally wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Decker, Jacob B., Pvt.; born 1831, Germany; parents John, Anna; spouse, Margaret Einsfeldt; child Anna; resided Oelwein, Iowa, 1886; died 1/12/00, Stacyville, Mitchell County, Iowa; buried Union Presbyterian Cemetery, Stacyville, Iowa.

DeLair, Akin; Co. C; born 1836; died 6/3/05; buried Stinsonian Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.

Denious, John, Pvt.; born Summit County, Ohio; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/30/64 (National Archives record); died, Atlanta Ga., 9/23/64; (second source lists a “John Denions” as having died in 1863; however, no “Denions” listed in regt. history)

Dentler, S. S., Pvt., resided Fontanelle, Ia., 1886

Denure, Daniel, Cpl.; born Canada, 1831; married May Buffington; four children; GAR; died 4/95; stomach cancer; age 63; buried Eleroy Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Devolt, Elam R.; Pvt. Co. H; born 1839, Dayton, Ohio; in 1869, married Melvina P. Magoon (born 1841, Cabot, VT); two sons, Frank and Willie, Willie died in childhood; occupation: packer; testified as to Captain John F. Nelson’s permanent disability due to war injuries; died 1/29/01; fur dealer; buried Graceland Cemetery, Chicago.

Deyo, Hiram; resided Traer, Iowa, 1886; he and two brothers all died within two weeks of each other; died Erie, Ill., several strokes of paralysis; buried, Erie, Ill.

Diamond, William; Pvt. Co. B; born England, 1824; to America, then married Isabel Clark, Livingston County, New York, 1856; two sons, George and Samuel; shortly after, to Ogle County, IL., where farmed; buried near Ringgold, but actual site unknown; died of dysentery near Ringgold, GA., 5/13/64; account of his death can be found in letter from fellow soldier S. H. Mix to Mrs. Diamond. Excerpts of this letter follow: It becomes my painful duty to inform yourself and family of the sickness and death and burial of your beloved Husband. He was taken sick on his return to the regiment and at my arrival there which was about a week after he appeared very sick and he continued to grow worse up to Saturday… He was sent with the rest of the sick to an uncovered depot where he had to stay all night. The next morning he was taken to a field hospital just above the depot at Ringold, Ga. … Wm. was again moved to a house near by where he died …. During his sickness seemed continually to sink lower and lower until the last. He was probably buried east of the town at the foot of the ridge so the nurse told me and a record made of it which would have to be consulted to find his grave … This terrible war leaves many relenting hearts in our troubled land but let us hope it is all for the best for if it was not it would not be so.      I am your obedient servant.      S. H. Mix

Dickhomer, William, Pvt.Co. G; died 1/30/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 31 0 134

Diehl, Andrew J., Cpl., Co. D; born 1844, Bedford County, PA.; to Mt. Morris, Ill, 1854; farmer; to White Rock, Ill., 1869, where rented 100 acres from father-in-law; spouse Hannah J. Rodermel; two children, Arilla, Martha; member, Baptist Church; Republican; GAR; died 7/28; buried Green Mountain Cemetery, Marshall County, Ill., (though conflicting reference cites burial, Marshall County, Iowa, near Beaman.)

Diehl, Frederick, Pvt., Co. I; died 11/11, buried Chadwick, Illinois

Dimon, Squire, Pvt.; (spelled Diamond, one source); killed in action, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/30/64

Doctor, John Benner; born 1844, Muncy, PA.; (also spelled Docter); parents Samuel and Barbara; to Illinois 1851; resided White Rock, Ill., 1860; spouse, Margaret Elizabeth; child, Samuel Wilson; per 1880 census, residing Fayette County, IA. with wife and two sons; farmer, owner, 280 acres farmland, valued at $25/acre; Republican; School Director;  died 10/24/25; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Oelwein, Iowa, Plot Blk. 7, Lot 023; no marker.

Dodson, H. W., Pvt.; resided Iowa Falls, Ia., 1886

Dodson, James M., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 10/5/63

Dodson, John; Pvt., Co. C; born 1823, PA.; married Margaret Faith, 1850; three daughters, five sons; to Ill., where became minister in United Brethren faith; died 6/99; buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Doll, Charles A.; Co. G; born 1839; discharged 2/3/63, disability; spouse, Alice Cramer; died 2/19/04; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena Ill.

Dommel, Henry, Pvt.; born 1840, Germany; to Oregon, Illinois at age 15; operated hotel and stage line; married Elta Meyers; to Freeport, where became baker and worked for Billerbeck Bakery; charter member of John A. Davis Post, GAR; died 9/19, after being ill several months and confined to bed last few days; buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Donohue, John, Pvt.; gunshot to left arm, Chickamauga, died, Nashville, Tenn., 10/3/63

Dougherty, William, Cpl.; Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Dove, William C., 2nd Lt.; born 11/1/1835; married Lydia Mary; two children - W. Victor, Mae Mitchell; resided Waverly, Ia., 1886, died, 1/4/1926, buried Harlington Cemetary, Waverly, IA

Downes, John; (also spelled Downs); Pvt., Col B; killed at ambush, Nickojack Gap, GA., 4/23/64; remains removed from Ringgold, GA.; buried Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Plot: K, No. 10353

Downs, George W., Pvt.; killed in action, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64

Doxsee Jacob L.; Cpl., Co. G; born 1837, Akron, Ohio; resided Lena, Ill.; as of 1886, resided Newell, IA.; shoe dealer; died 5/15/06, Rockford, Ill.; died suddenly, possible heart attack; buried Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford Ill.

Drafferty, Andrew, Pvt.; wounded, Alabama, 1/64

Drew, Joseph; Cpl., Co. G; father, Elisha Drew; wounded in war; died 5/3/70; instantly killed after descending into well; was let down in bucket and exposed to noxious fumes, suffocated; buried Prairie City Cemetery, Baldwin City, Kansas.

Dugan, Charles, Pvt.; resided Oelwein, Ia., 1886

Dunham, A. G., Cap., resided Fairbank, Ia., 1886

Dunham, Christopher Theodore, Captain, Co. F; born 1836, Berkshire, NY.; to Winnebago, County, Ill., then to Freeport, 1856; elected county surveyor, Stephenson County, 1860; married Sarah Elizabeth Cummings, 1862; four children; initially corporal in 11th Ill. regiment; then transferred to Noleman’s cavalry; mustered out 7/5/62, then enlisted in 92nd; elected captain, Co. F; detailed as topographical officer on staff of Brigadier General Baird, commander of division to which regiment attached; was given commission, Lt. Colonel of 92nd by Governor Yates, but declined; mapped country about Chattanooga, where horse fell on him, breaking his leg; suffered greatly as result; eventually received pension for injury; after war, again elected county surveyor, Stephenson County; declared insane, October 1872; to Elgin Insane Asylum, where died 1/27/78; buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Dunn, James J., Pvt.; born Pa. 1839; to Ill., 1844; lived on family farm in Illinois entire life; measles and severe affections of heart caused honorable discharge; married Emma Ford, 1874; four daughters; GAR; died 10/13; illness; age 74; buried Lena Cemetery, Lena, Ill.

Dunn, John, Pvt.; born Pa.; to Stephenson County, Ill., 1843; blacksmith; married Priscilla Drane; three children; scout, horseshoer in 92nd; mustered out 1/65; died, 10/6/72; age 40; buried Rock Lily Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Dunn, John Joseph, Pvt.; died 10/13, buried Lena Burial Park, Lena, Ill.  

Dunshee, George Wayland; Pvt., Co. C; born 1844, Cambridge, VT; died of typhoid fever, 1/24/63, Hospital #7, Danville, KY; buried Lower York Cemetery, Thomson, Carroll County, Ill,

Durrin,  Leroy J., Pvt.; died, Huntsville, Ala., 2/12/65

Dusenbury, Abraham H.; born NY, living in White Rock, Ogle Co., Illinois 1870

Dyson, James H., Pvt., Co. C; born 1838, 5’10”; auburn hair; blue eyes; light complexion; born 1839, IL.; in 1850, lived Harlem, IL; father, William, mother, Lavinia; 1860, to York, IL., wife, Sarah, (1848-1933); farmer; died 8/6/06, buried Lower York Cemetery, Thomson, Carroll County, IL.


Ebright, George W., Pvt.; died 12/80, buried Polo, Illinois

Eddy, Jacob B. Pvt. Co. H; born 1827, PA.; member GAR T. Z. Cook Post; resided Milford, NE.; resided Cedar Rapids, IA., where he was well–known builder, contractor; died 10/12/07, Milford, NE.; buried Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Edgar, Reuben, Pvt.; struck by bullet in chest, “but it didn’t go in!”, Chickamauga

Edgerton, Charles, Pvt.; resided Prairie Hill, Ia., 1886

Edmunds, Hiram P., Cpl., Co. K; born 1843, Ogle County, Ill.; married 1867, to Helen Waldo, of La Motte, Iowa; three children; farmed until 1902 when moved to Sterling, Ill.; member, board of directors, Fair Association; died 12/6/04; stomach disease; buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Daysville, Ill.

Edwards, James A., Pvt.; born 1842, suffered from chronic diahrrea 3/63, died 4/14/63 Nashville, TN, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN, Plot D, 3264             

Egleston, Charles W., Pvt., Co. A; born Stephenson County, Illinois, Methodist; GAR; two children; died 3/93, Rockford; lung problems, complication of diseases, buried Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, Illinois

Eldridge, Madison P., Pvt.; born 1815, N.Y.; (father served War of 1812); married Sophia Gaylord; moved to Ohio, farmhand; traveled extensively in south; to farm in Stephenson County, Ill.; age 47 when enlisted; brother, Rosswell, also in 92nd; discharged, 4/63, disability; to farm, Keokuk County, Ia.; GAR; died 3/97; age 81; buried Pennington Cemetery, Sigourney, Ia.

Eldridge, Rosswell, Cpl.; born N.Y., 1817; (father served War of 1812); brother, Madison, also in 92nd; married Martha; GAR; died 8/92; age 75; buried Pennington Cemetery, Sigourney, Ia.

Eliott, Edwin W., Pvt.; captured, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64; died, chronic diarrhea, Andersonville Prison, Ga., 9/7/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #8084

Ell, John C.; also fought in Spanish American War; buried Bennet Cemetery, Bennet, Lancaster County, NE.

Elliott, James, Pvt.; Pvt.; died 9/4/99, dropsy of heart; buried Savanna , Ill.

Elliott, Thomas F., Sgt.; born Ireland, to Savannah, ILL., 1848;  to Preston, IA., 1865; married Eliza Carmer; one adopted child, Frank; meat butcher; died New York; died 1927; buried Preston, Clinton County, IA.

Elliott, William A., Color Sergeant, Co.E; POW, captured 2/65 in South Carolina; resided Grundy Center, Ia., 1886, then to Slayton, Minn., where lived for 23 years until death at age 89.

Embick, Daniel, Pvt., Co. C; discharged, disability, Nashville, Tenn., 3/63; died 7/22/00; apoplexy; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Emery, E. F., Pvt.; resident of Iowa final 22 years of life; member GAR; died 3/01; pneumonia

Empfield, William J., Pvt. Co. G; died 3/13/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.  Plot 1 70 255

Engelman, Jacob; born Center County, PA., 1841; to Stephenson County, 1854; married 1867 to Mary Hoffman; two children; spent fifteen years in Miller, South Dakota, otherwise entire life in Stephenson County; died 10/22/23; buried Oakland Cemetery, Cedarville, Ill.

Erb, William, Cpl. Co. A; born PA; married Eliza; Eliza died 5/05; killed in action by same bullet that killed Emmert Merrill, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64; monument erected to him at Lena Burial Park, Lena, Ill.

Eshleman, Abraham Stoner, Pvt., Co. I; born 1843, Blair County, PA; to Carroll County, ILL., 1852; kept war journal; wife, Mary; six children; township clerk, Cass County, Iowa; 1886 elected county recorder and moved to Atlantic, Iowa; recorder for six years; to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, 1894, where engaged in manufacturing four years until fire destroyed plant; became U.S. Marshal; died 1908; buried Noble Center Cemetery, Cass County, Iowa.

Eshleman, Ben F., Pvt.; died, typhoid fever, Danville, Ky., 1/19/63

Essman, Frederick; born Oldenburg, Germany, 1839; apprenticed as sailor, served in Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian Oceans; was on whaling vessel and had crossed ocean nine times; was sailor in New York and on Great Lakes after immigrating to United States in 1861; moved to Rochelle, Ogle County, Ill,  became farmer; enlisted October 1864; married Phoebe De Hahn after war; two children, baby girl dying at birth and one son, John; wife died two years after marriage; remarried 1871 to Matje Alderich, had five children; to Glidden Wisc., 1884; to Iowa, 1896; lost second wife by death same year; resided Ellsworth, Iowa twenty years, then to Maryland and married Agnes Gartner; returned four years later to Ellsworth; was Lutheran; died 3/23/33 after several weeks influenza; final days filled with much pain; age 94, was last member of GAR in Ellsworth.

Etnyre, Daniel; Born 1822, Boonesboro, Washington County, Maryland; death date on gravestone of 1888 incorrect: he actually died 4/8/94, in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon; (following from Eugene Daily Guard - April 9, 1894) Died. - Daniel Etnire died yesterday morning at the residence of Mrs. Drew, on East Eighth street, of lagrippe. Deceased was a brother of the late Mrs. D. R. Christian and had been a resident of Oregon for several years. He was about 59 years of age. Besides several nephews and nieces in Lane county, he leaves two children, a son and a daughter, who reside in the East. The funeral services were held in the M.E. Church at 2:00 this afternoon, by Rev. D. N. McInturff. The body was buried in the IOOF Cemetery. (following from Eugene Register - April 11, 1894) Died. - Daniel Etnire died at the residence of Mrs. Drew in this city Sunday, April 8, of lagrippe, aged 69 years. The funeral services were conducted Monday by Rev. McInturff, and the remains were buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. he leaves a son and daughter in the East.

Evans, John, Pvt.; wounded, 9/63

Evarts, Eugene, Pvt.; died, New Albany, Ind., 4/17/63

Evilsizer, Jonathan; Pvt.; killed in action, Chickamauga; 9/63

Eymer, Erastus D. Pvt.; Born 1844; married Elizabeth (1847-1921); child Margaret Mae; died 2/21/29 (or 2/28); buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Carroll County, IL.

Eyster, Cyrus, Pvt.; born 1837; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/63; died 1904, buried White Rock Cemetery, Ogle County, IL.; name engraved on war monument at cemetery


Fair, Lyman, Pvt.; married Elizabeth; settled Brookville, Ill.

Fagan, Nicholas, Pvt. Co. C; Born 1824; wife, Elnora (1822-12891); daughter, Isabelle; died 3/4/03; buried Lanark Cemetery, Lanark, Carroll County, IL.

Fales, Robert,  Pvt.; injured Spring, 1863

Falkner, Charles S., Pvt.; killed in action, Aiken, S.C., 2/11/65

Farnham, John; died 2/89, buried Lawn Ridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Illinois

Faubel, John J., Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before, buried Riverside Cemetery, Oregon, Illinois

Ferrin, Harvey, Pvt.; severely wounded, left hip, 9/63

Ferris, Reuben W., Pvt. Co. C; Born 1827, Steuben County, NY; resided Mt. Carroll, IL.; died 3/6/00; buried Savannah Township Cemetery, Savannah, Carroll County, IL.

Fife, Newton, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 7/25/63

Finlayson, George, Pvt.; resided Morrison, Ia., 1886

Fish, William F.; died 8/72, buried Plainview Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Illinois

Fisher, Romanzo; Sgt., Co. D, born 1825, Vermont; brother-in-law, Cap. Lyman Preston, also in 92nd; married Lavina Norton; to Hyde County, SD, 1884; charter member, GAR Post, Polo, Ill.; died 1899; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, Ill.

Fisk, Amos, Pvt. Co. G; born 1844; served with cousin Jerome Seabury in 92nd; died 6/13/63; Nashville, TN., typhoid Pneumonia at Army Hospital

Flack, William M., Pvt., Co. A; born Jo Davies Co, Illinois; died, Lexington, Ky., 11/22/62, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Kentucky

Fleming, Thomas J., Pvt.; born 9/1/19, Indiana Co., Pa.; married Jemina Jewell, 2/19/42; second wife Kittie Pease; children: George, Emma, Udell, James; butcher; died 2/8/1903, Chicago, Ill.; buried Lena Cemetery, Lena, Ill.

Flint, William, discharged by Granger - deafness - 1/19/1863.

Foley, Patrick, Pvt.; discharged 1/63, disability; died 1875 or before

Forbes, James M., Pvt.; POW

Ford, Lyman A., Cpl. Co. G; died 1/1/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; 33 0 195

Foreman, James, Pvt.; born Upwell, England, 4/22/22; married Irish native Mary Ann Lafferty, 5/28/42, Little Falls, NY.; seven children prior to military service: Eliza, Anna, Margaret, William, Mary, James, Sarah; nephew, William Sisson, also in 92nd; seriously injured - Chickamauga, 9/63, possibly losing part of leg; after war, to Buchanan County, Ia.; farmer; died 9/25/1911; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Independence, Ia.

Fouke, George W.; Comm. Sgt., Co. K; born Shepherdstown, Va., 1843; to Mt. Morris, Ill., as youth; 5’ 1”; to Shelbyville, Ill, after war; married Belle Haydon; believed to be millionaire at time of death.

Fowler, Harry, G., 1st Lt., Co. G; born Paulett, Vermont, 1833; to Stephenson  County, Ill, 1849, to Waddams Township; married Sallie Pickard, 1852; contracted neuralgia from severe exposure during war; held number of offices in township after war, including Constable; twice elected Collector of West Point; President of Board of Trustees, Lena, Ill,, at time of death, occupied position of Justice of Peace and Clerk of Board of Trustees in Lena; wife to Nebraska after his death; died 12/24/83 of chronic neuralgia, disease of lungs.

Fox, Edward  Pvt., Co. K; per later census, born 1824 (while earlier census states 1834) in England; enlisted 2/10/65 with brother-in-law, Alfred Taylor; both transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill. Infantry; also known as Edwin; married Isabelle Taylor, 1860; nine children: Alice, Chester, Olive, Julia, Edward, Edith, Cora Mae, William, George; died 10/25/1880; buried Kishwaukee Cemetery, Winnebago County, Illinois; wife remarried 1882 and had one child, Lois

Fox, George, Pvt., Co. I; missing at roll call, Feb. 20, 65; died 10/66, buried Chadwick, IL.

Fox, James, Cpl.; died 11/09, buried Babbs Grove Cemetery, Pearl City, Illinois

Fox, William Mark, Pvt.; Co. F; born Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 1828;  member Co. C, 4th Inf., Mexican War prior to Civil War; "would rather fight than eat!"; married five times, the latest being at age 93, to Martha Stutting, age 45, in Maquoketa, Iowa; died 12/12/07; buried Pence Cemetery, Baldwin, Iowa.

Foy, Lewis,  Pvt., Co. E.; Born 1845; died 10/11; buried White Oak Cemetery, Forreston, Illinois

Fraim, Jacob, Pvt.; resided Tingley, Ia., 1886

Frane, Jacob, Pvt.; born Pa. 1840; 6 foot tall; dark complexion, blue eyes, black hair; wounded, minie ball struck knee after first striking horse, 4/12/65, Parrot Creek, N.C.; tentmate of James Bloss (see above); farmer                  

Frank, George M., Pvt., Co. C, POW; survived Florence, S.C. prison; buried Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, Portland, OR.

Fraser, Don R., Pvt.; raised on farm; enlisted, age 17; captured Vining Station, 10/64; prisoner Castle Morgan, Andersonville; escaped four times, recaptured each time; remained prisoner until close of war

Fravert, Frederick, Pvt.; died 12/04, buried W. Grove Cemetery, Forreston, Illinois

Free, Francis A.,  Pvt. Co. I; born 1845; died 1929; buried Rippey Cemetery, Rippey, IA

Freeguard, Charles, Adj.; born 1832; GAR; married Martha; two children; died 10/85; buried Hillside Cemetery, Hampton, Ia.

French, Ralph, Pvt., Co. C; born 1837, New York; farmer; 1st wife, Lenora L. Davis,; 2nd wife, Josephine Clements; three sons, one daughter; resided Danbury, 1886; died 11/8/91; buried Danbury Cemetery, Woodbury County, Ia.

Friery, John, Pvt. Co. F; died 12/29/62; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot 32, 0, 122

Frost, Jonathan B., Pvt.; died 12/65, buried Washington Grove Cemetery, Ashton, Illinois

Frost, William H., 1nd Lt., Co. A; born Maine; gave up farming for railroad construction work prior to war, then returned to farming; wounded near Atlanta, GA. 8/64; farmed again after war, then to Montgomery County, Kansas, 1870, where purchased farm; to Independence, KS., 1887; first marriage to Elizabeth Dann, 1855, who died 1887; second wife, Sarah Rhodes, 1890; originally with Whig party, then became Democrat; vice-president, stockholder of Commercial National Bank;  still living in Independence, KS., as of 1919.

Fuller, George W., Pvt., died 10/16, buried Savanna, Illinois

Furgason, Durham, Pvt. Co. A; born Stockton, Illinois; discharged 7/63, disability; wife Eunice, two children; buried Correctionville, Ia.

Furman, Alonzo H.  Pvt. Co. F; born 1840; Pvt. Co. F.; died 1/24/18; buried Wysox Cemetery, Wysox, Bradford County, PA.


Gadbois, John B., Pvt. Co. C; Born Canada; resided Savannah, IL; 1860s; died 11/24/93; buried Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA; Plot Div. D.

Gage, George Henry, Pvt. Co. K; born 1836, Putnam County, KY; parents, Roswell and Lamzon; married Malinda Adelia, 1867; died 6/8/97, Canton, SD.; buried Worthing Cemetery, Worthing, SD.

Gaines, Thomas, Pvt.; resided Cedar Rapids, Ia., 1886

Gale, H. Wallace, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/16/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. Plot E  726

Galusha, Daniel E., Pvt.; born 8/44; was farm laborer; saw mill worker

Garnhart, David Porter; Co. H; born 4/7/41 in Pennsylvania; parents John Garnhart and Louise J. Moritz, married 11/1/66 to Matilda Catherine Miller in Ogle Co., Illinois, Children: Maurice Oscar, Henry Allen, Alvia Miles, Eva Maude, Orrin  Calvin, Glenn Gaylord; died 4/2/1905

Gassmann, Charles, Co. A; born Germany, 1840; to America as infant; severe sickness during war, and spent time at hospital, Bowling Green, Ky; after war, engaged in farming; prominent in local affairs; member GAR, Lena; married Mary Lesseman; eight children; Brother-in-law, Augustus Klass, also in 92nd; Republican, Evangelical German Church; his rifle and pistol on display in Lena, Ill., historical museum; died 8/11; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena, Ill.

Gaston, James J., Pvt.; died 6/4/20, buried Byron, Illinois

Gay, Floyd; Pvt., Co. H; born 1841, PA.; captured near Savannah, GA, 12/8/64; POW, Florence Prison; paroled 2/26/65, resided Clinton, Montana, 1912-1920; member Morton Post #10, GAR, Snohomish, WA.; died 5/16/30, Roosevelt, WA.; buried GAR Cemetery, Snohomish.

Gaylord, Daniel, Pvt.; born New York, 1823; to Ill. 1839; married Mary Taylor, 1846; no children; GAR; Masonic fraternity; Mary died 1886; mason; Republican; fond of reading; died 4/07; age 83; buried Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Gaylord, Francis H., Pvt.; died 1930; age 91; buried Pennington Cemetery, Sigourney, Ia.

Gearhart, William M.; Sgt., born PA., 1845; wife, Fidella Lee; two children; died 12/2/00; buried Miriam Cemetery, Maryville, Missouri; Plot: Sec. 6; Lot 55; Row 1; N-S

Geltz, Leonard, Pvt., Co. A; originally soldier in Prussian army prior to coming to US; enlisted at 47; spouse, Mary; children, Anna & Frank, both born in Freeport, Ill.; declared insane, possibly due to exposure to war; buried Yellow Creek Cemetery, Kent Twp., Stephenson County, Ill.

Gemmell, P. L., Pvt., resided Marion, Ia., 1886

George, Jeremiah, Pvt. Co. I; died 4/09, buried Chadwick, Illinois

German, Abel, born 1839; wife Sabina Howard; 9 children; died 9/19/04; buried Walnut Creek Cemetery, Mitchell County, KS.

Getty, Robert, Pvt., Co. C; Born, 1834, Alleghany County, Pa.; father Samuel; Mother, Lavina Jones; 5'9", light hair, blue eyes, light complexion; farmer; 1886, to Crawford County, Iowa, near Denison; 1892, to Buck Grove; married, three sons, three daughters; member, Dow City Bud Smith GAR; died 1917, buried Savanna, Illinois

Giddings, Howland M., Cpl; Co. A; Born 1837, NY, married Josephine Corning, 5 children; died 6/24/14; buried GAR Cemetery, Seattle, WA.

Giddings, Luther, Cpl.; died 4/99, buried Oak Hill, Mt. Carroll, Illinois

Giddings, Wallace R., Cpl.; died, Sand Lowe, Ga., 8/30/64

Gifford, William; Pvt., Co. H; born 1839, Ontario, Canada; height 5’4”; dark hair; blue eyes; fair complexion; farmer; killed while on picket at Nickojack  Gap, GA., 4/23/64 during ambush; buried Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN; Section K, site 10362.

Giles, Charles H., Pvt.; killed as result of wounds, 9/17/63, Catlett’s Gap; of Giles, a fellow soldier wrote 9/17/63: “This evening the first man of our regiment who was killed in battle was buried. He was a young man belonging to Co. E named Charlie Giles. The chaplain took charge of the services. He was buried under a large tree with nothing around him but his blanket. A little pen was made of rails to mark the spot where he was left to rest.”

An additional account of Giles’ death follows:

“was a fine young man. We brought him to camp in our ambulance, and that night between 9 and 10 oclock laid him in his grave…the surroundings were impressive. Night in a forest. The whole of the woods for miles around sparkling with camp fires.” The chaplain offered a short prayer, then, “without winding sheet or coffin, he was wrapped in his blanket and buried. All that surrounded that grave felt that before many days some of our number would need the same kind office performed for us, and so it was.”

Gillidett, Miles S., Pvt.; born N.Y., 1841; to Ill., 1856; after war, to Hardin County, Ia., where farmer; to Missouri, 1867; wagon maker; blacksmith; deputy sheriff, eight years, sheriff four years, marshal, Bethany, Mo.; to Leadville, Colo., 1880, on police force; raised company of militia for defense of city; was captain; mustered into Colo. National Guard; returned to Bethany, Mo., 1880, and raised company in Mo. National Guard; captain two years, re-enlisted additional two years; farmer in Mo. till 1886; to Meade County, Kansas; erected Plains Hotel; livery stable proprietor; politics, attending numerous conventions; charter member, officer, local GAR; attended national encampments; attended theological school in Tenn., ordained preacher, serving northern Mo., southern Ia., eastern Kan., member of Grand River Association of the Christian Church; district evangelist in southern Kan.; pastor various churches in Kan.; married Mary Rathbone, 1866; wife’s mother was schoolmate of Abraham Lincoln; wife’s grandmother first cousin of Pres. Zachary Taylor; four children

Giltner, James W., Pvt.; originally buried Kokomo Cemetery, Colo.; remains moved, 1966, to Valley Brook Cemetery, Breckenridge, Colo.

Gishwiller, John, Lt.; born 7/3/31, Ashland Co., OH.; married Mary A. Hoy, 11/22/53, Ashland, Co. OH.; children: Charles, Josephine, Mary Coomber; resigned, 2/63; founded Lena Star newspaper, Lena, Ill., 1/67; died 9/3/67; buried Lena Cemetery, Lena, Ill.

Glamann, Charles, Pvt.; resided Jewell, Ia., 1886

Goddard, John, Pvt.; resided Hazelton, Ia., 1886

Goddard, Levi W.,  Cpl., Co. C; Born 1840, VT.; father, Horace B. Goddard, mother, Clara Bunker; died 5/7/16; buried Hutton Valley Cemetery, Willlow Springs, MO.

Goddard, Warren C., Sgt.; Born  Franklin County, Vermont, 1842; son of Caleb Goddard, Kent township, Stephenson County, Ill.; 3rd Sgt., suffered brain fever early in war and died, Lexington, Kentucky, November 8, 1862; consoled by wife and brother who reached him short time prior to death; body returned to Lena, Ill., for burial.

Good, Henry, Pvt.; died 3/13, buried Polo, Illinois.

Goodell, C., Pvt.; resided Cedar Rapids, Ia., 1886

Goodrich, John B., Pvt. Co. K; born 1845; wife Sarah; died 10/10/03; buried Union Cemetery, Winfield, KS.

Gotshall, George, Pvt.; drug store owner, Miles, Ia.; he, wife, three children lived above drug store; established first drug store, Miles, it burned down, 1879; reopened another drug store, Miles; also town’s librarian, housing books in store; GAR; Workmen’s Lodge of Miles; member of cornet band that traveled widely; died 2/99

Gotshel, Wilson S., Pvt.; died, wounds, Nashville, Tenn., 6/18/64, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. Plot J.13790

Graham, C. F., Pvt.; resided LeClaire, Ia., 1886

Graves, Consider S., Pvt. Co. G; died, Paris, Ky., 11/8/62, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Lexington, KY.; Plot 0, 0, 668

Gray, George, Pvt.; died 12/71, buried Savanna, Illinois

Gray, Lyman Calvin, Pvt., Co. I; born 10/26/43 Erie, NY; lived in Polo, Illinois; graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary, N.Y., graduated from Knox College, 1871; home missionary in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri; died 3/8/1933, Quincy, Illinois

Green, Jonathan Hazel, Pvt. Co. C; born Licking County, OH, 10/37, where resided fifteen years, then to Ill. with mother (father deceased); color-bearer first, second years with 92nd; promoted to corporal; right arm burned by bullet near Raleigh NC., but not disabled for duty; remained on farm one year following war, then in grocery business in Thomson, Ill. for two years; returned to farm; married 12/13/65 to Sarah A., daughter of Joshua D. and Deborah Judson, natives of New York State; four sons, Ernest, Owen, Roy, and Don; member, Methodist Episcopal Church; member, Holman Post No. 597, GAR, Thomson; Republican; died 3/16/70, buried Thomson, Illinois

Grier, David C., Pvt.; born Pa. 1828; to Ill. 1856; married Rhoda McEwen 1856; four children; studied medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, graduating with honors, age 21; doctor, Pa. five years; expert medical practitioner; hospital steward in war; died 7/83; age 55; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Grim, Solomon, C.; Pvt., Co. D; born Hagarstown, MD., 1834; to Ogle County at young age; married Anna Welty, 1861; four children; laborer; member GAR; Methodist Church; impaired hearing; died 4/28/25; suffered stroke of paralysis; buried Polo, Ill.

Griswold, Alonson, Cpl., died 1879, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Creston, Illinois

Groff, Fredrick,  Pvt. Co. E; Born 1835; father: Godfrey, mother: Catherine Gramm;  born Germany; immigrated 1840; 5’ 8”, dark hair, gray eyes; resided Forreston, Ogle County , Ill at enlistment; taken prisoner, Macon, Georgia, 11/21/64; in Andersonville until exchange, 4/1/65; married Sarah J. Billig;  ten children; settled Orange County, CA.; carpenter, farmer;  member GAR; died 3/13/04; buried Santa Ana Cemetery, Santa Ana, CA.

Grossman, David, Pvt.; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Gunn, Luther, born 1823; wife Elizabeth; died 7/02; buried Savanna City Cemetery, Savanna, IL.

Gunsaul, Joseph H., Pvt.; born Born Amsterdam, Montgomery County, NY 1834; to Ill., 1842; farmer; grocery, dry goods; agricultural implements; assessor; died 10/24/12, buried Manny Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Guthrie, James Joseph; Pvt.; born 1837, County Clare, Ireland, to Patrick and Bridget Cusick; brother, Patrick, also in 92nd; wounded Chickamauga, 9/63; resided Elkhart, Iowa, 1886; married Mary Ann, 1866; lived on farm until 1888 when moved to Rocky Ford, Colorado, in hopes of improving James’ health condition; nine children, including Ellen, Gerald, Mary, William, Harry, James, Gertrude, Clare, Vicent; one daughter died and buried in Elkhart; James died 2/28/1916; buried with Mary Ann, Valley View Cemetery, Otero County, Rocky Ford, CO.

Guthrie, Patrick J.; Cpl.; born 1828; County Clare, Ireland, to Patrick and Bridget Cusick; brother, James, also in 92nd; resided Cambridge, Iowa, 1886.

Guyer, William, Pvt.; captured, died, dysentery, Andersonville Prison, Ga., 8/8/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #5025  


Haggart, Darius Case,  Pvt. Co. G; born 1838; New York; wife, Helen Leola Keiser; three children; died 12/9/05; buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Mankato, KS.; Plot A-120

Haggart, W. A., Pvt.; died Nashville, Tn., 2/22/63

Haggart, William H., Pvt.; lying wounded on battlefield, Powder Springs, Ga., 10/3/64 and believed dead, doctor examined him and found that, though he was shot in head by musket ball, he was still alive;  ball had entered one side and out the other side; no room in hospital, so taken to Colonel’s headquarters; handkerchief drawn through wound, under skull; limbs were rubbed, and shortly, he opened his eyes; brandy administered, and in hour was talking; within  month was again on duty with regiment; eventually died from wounds by 1875 or before

Hakes, Ledyard B, Sgt.; born N.Y.; married 1st Rosalie Wise, married Mary 2nd, three children; Investment Banker (reference also lists mason); died 10/13; buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, San  Diego, California

Halleck, James T., Pvt.; killed in action, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Hallowell, James, Pvt.; Pvt., Co. I; born 1835; discharged 10/17/63; possibly wounded; resided Nevada, Iowa, 1886; died 9/23/07; buried crown Hill Cemetery, Ruthven, Iowa

Hamaker Sr., Joel, Pvt., Co. H; born 1848; to Osborne County, Kan. died 1910; buried Flagg Center Cemetery, Flagg Center, IL.

Hanna, Joseph, Pvt.; settled Osborne County, Kan.

Hardiman, James; Co. K; born 1844; spouse Corlia P. Wallace; member, GAR Post, Whatcom County, Wash.; died 2/10/31; buried Bellingham, Whatcom County, Wash.

Harlin, William S.; Pvt.; gunshot to left arm, Chickamauga; died, Nashville, Tenn., 10/6/63

Harpster, Henry, Pvt. Co. F; captured 9/27/64 and sent to Andersonville; exchanged 4/1/65; mustered out 6/24/65; health ruined at Andersonville; died 1/18/68; buried  Yankee Hollow Cemetery (aka) Plum River Cemetery, Stockton, IL., Jo Daviess County, IL

Harr, George; Pvt., Co. B; born Germany, 1842; to Rochelle, Ill, 1859; after war, purchased farm two miles east of Rochelle; farmed entire life; married Emma Borst, 1869; six children; died 9/30; buried Lawn Ridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Ill.

Harrington, E. D., Pvt.; captured, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64; survived Andersonville Prison; died while POW, Florence, S.C., 10/4/64

Hasson, David William, Sgt. Co F; born 1847, Jo Davies County, Ill., educated there; enlisted 1863, age 16; after war, settled Elk Point, SD, where served as county clerk and recorder; graduated from State University of Iowa College of Medicine, 1877, became general practice physician in Vermillion, SD, and Panera, Nebraska; also served as assistant superintendent of Norfolk Hospital for insane,  1888-93; received California certificate, 1893, practiced in Mentone, San Bernardino County, CA., and Downey until 1898, when moved to Buena Park, where remained until death; admitted to Orange County Medical Society, 1901, served as president, 1914, also member of California Medical Association, and  was Fellow of American Medical Association; served one term as Assemblyman in California. Legislature, where he was author of Medical Practice Act of 1901; member and past commander of Southern California Veterans’ Association; active Mason and charter member of local lodge. had three sons.

Haston, James, Co. B.; buried Byron Cemetery Ogle County, Ill

Hastings, Daniel "Picket" C., Sgt.; died, Danville, Ky., 3/23/63, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Lexington, KY.;  Plot 0, 0, 325

Hastings, John Q., Sgt.; born Pa. 1844; initially member 18th Wisc.; lost eye in war; Democrat; married Barbara Spece, 1867; GAR; eight children; farmer; died 9/19; buried Cadiz Cemetery, Green City, Wis.

Hatch, Wellington, Pvt.; born NY; died, Nicholasville, Ky., 12/23/62

Hathaway, Warden, Pvt.; born 10/22/28; died 11/5/91, age 63

Haum, Valentine, Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 1/10/63

Hawk, Robert M. A., Maj.; born Ind.; moved to Ill. 1847; educated Eureka College; lost right leg above knee to amputation after being shot, Potato Creek, Raleigh, N. C. 4/65; returned to farm, Ill., after war; suffered amputation to his leg stump three more times due to gangrene; county clerk, Carroll County, Ill, 1865-1878; elected in fifth district to U.S. Congress; died, 6/1882, apoplexy within few hours at his room, Washington, D.C., on night before assembling of convention of his district to nominate him for third time; younger brother Thomas also in 92nd; General and Mrs. John  A. Logan with him at his death; buried Oak Hill, Mt. Carroll, Illinois

Hawk, Thomas M., Sgt.; born Ind.; moved to Ill., 1847; returned to farm, Ill., after war; married 1871; carriage struck by train, wife killed, Thomas thrown 66 feet but survived; never remarried; older brother, Robert, also in 92nd; died 10/1931; age 90, buried Lanark, Illinois

Hawkings, George S.; Co. K, 92nd; born 4/22/38, Freeport, Ill.; postwar resident, Missouri; member M. E. Church; died 7/25/15,  throat cancer; Osage, Kansas; buried Lyndon Cemetery

Haynes, Washington E., Co. A, born 1833; Summitt County, Ohio; married 1st, Mari Denis, married 2nd Esther Edwards (1856-1899); died 11/27/14; buried Earl Cemetery, Washburn County, Wisconsin

Hayward, Hiram F., Pvt.; died 1875 or before

Hedrick, William J., Pvt.; died 3/22, buried Polo, Illinois

Heffner, Joel; wagoner in war, died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/4/63

Heistand, Benjamin F., Sgt., Co. D; born approximately 1832; parents Henry and Elizabeth Newcomer; spouse Lydia Rice; resided Leaf River, Illinois; captured, died, dysentery, Andersonville Prison, Ga., 8/2/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #4583

Heistand, Henry, Pvt., Co. D; also in 142 Illinois Infantry; born 3/21/03, Washington, Maryland; Mount Morris commissioner, supervisor and assessor; died 3/26/69, buried Silver Creek Cemetery, Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois

Helm, Clinton; Born NY. 1829; to Ill. 1835; studied medicine at U. of Ia., Keokuk 1852; physician, Ogle County, Ill, then Beloit, Wisc., then Rockford, Ill.; appointed by Gov. Yates as surgeon of 92nd; at Chickamauga, remained on battlefield for two weeks tending to wounded of both armies, captured, sent to Libby Prison; exchanged after two months; rejoined 92nd, 1/64; became Gen. Kilpatrick’s medical director; member Winnebago County Medical Society; GAR; Second Congregational Church; republican; married Hannah S. Poyneer; six children, one being Lt. Governor of Ia.; died 1914; age 85; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, Ill.  

Helm, John H., Pvt. Co. B; born Chemung County, NY., 1834; (son of Phineas Helm, who enlisted in War of 1812, but was ordered out and did not engage in active service); attended schools, Southport, NY.; learned carpenter’s and joiner’s trade; to Rockford, Ill., 1861, where worked trade prior to war; married Sarah Babcock, 1861; engaged in scouting during war; became ill, 1864, and to hospital in Chattanooga, then Nashville, Jeffersonville, and finally to marine hospital in Chicago; confined to hospitals for several months; resumed trade after war, involved in contracting and building; built many public buildings and private residences; four children;  Mason, postmaster of Byron; member GAR, and was past commander; died 5/26; buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, Ill. 

Helsinger, Jacob; Co. C; born 1838; died 11/16/08; buried Arnolds Grove Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Henderson, Amaziah, Pvt., then Sgt., Co. D; Born Forksville, Lake County, IL.; owned land with brother in North Carolina; buried Hackney Cemetery, Riverview, Hillsborough County, FL.       

Hendricks, Jack, Sgt.; severely wounded, Chickamauga, 9/19/63; carried off battlefield

Herrick, Albert A.,  Pvt. Co. H; born 1839; wife, Mary J.; one son; died 4/6/21; buried Ohg Cemetery, Ong, NE.

Herrington, John, Pvt.; resided Danbury, Ia., 1886

Herrington, L. D., Pvt.; resided Danbury, Ia., 1886

Herrington, Wade A., Pvt., resided Danbury, IA., 1886; son in United States Volunteer Cavalry, 1898 during Spanish-American War, fought in Battle of San Juan Hill.

Hetherton, James; Co. F; born Linlithgowshire, Scotland, 1836; to U.S. 2/55; father Henry; wife Lucinda Smith; three children; died 7/26/05; buried Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery, McConnell, Ill.

Hetrick, Benjamin, Pvt.; died, shot and fatally wounded by his accidental discharge of gun at guard tent, Mt. Sterling, Ky., 11/7/62

Hetrick, John M., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/4/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY. Plot 15,0,272

Hewitt, Samuel, Pvt. Co. K; discharged due to Injurious Certificate of Disability, 7/63, Louisville, KY. (another source says 1865); disability signed by 23rd Kentucky Infantry Military Commander Cole; re-enlisted as private in Capt. John Sargeant's Company M, 8th ILL. Cavalry, 9/64; discharged 6/21/65; married to Sarah Catherine Lemley, 6/4/73, in Black Hawk County, Iowa

Hicks, George, Pvt.; born England; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/22/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Tennessee.

Hicks, William, Pvt.; died, 1868, age 65; buried Holly Grove Cemetery, Lena, Ill.

Higgins Michael, Pvt. Co. I;  filed for invalid pension, 8/24/88; appears on 1890 Veterans’ Census, Zumbrota & Hyde Park, Wabasha County, Minn.

Hill, Jered, Cpl.; died 12/04, buried White Rock Cemetery, Kings, Illinois

Hill, Jonothan A, Pvt.; POW

Hills, Orlando, P., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/6/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY. Plot 15, 0, 261

Hills, William A., Pvt.; captured, murdered by enemy, shot in chest, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64, buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Oregon, Illinois

Hindman, George C., Pvt.; resided Hampton, Ia., 1886

Hitchcock, John, Sgt., Co. C; born White Pigeon, Michigan, 1830; parents John and Mary; to La Porte, Indiana, at age two; then to Monroe County, at age seven; then to Jo Daviess County, Ill, in 1844; married Laura Wilder, who died 1863, remarried, 1864, to Nancy Powers; during war, became ill and remained at Camp Butler for some time; promoted to second sergeant of Commissary Department until discharged, 5/22/65; after war, farmed until 1869 in Carroll County, Ill, when moved to Cherokee County, Iowa, and bought eighty acres;  farmed here for thirteen years, then purchased another farm; to Cherokee, 1888; exchanged farm for town property; ten children; member Custer Post, GAR; Methodist Episcopal Church, Republican; died 7/17/09; buried Kingston Cemetery, Kingston County, Ill.; Plot B3.

Hitchcock, Thomas A., Pvt. Co. C; Born 1845; Father, Emanuel Hitchcock; transferred to 65th Ill. Inf. 6/21/65; mustered out 7/1/3/65; died 10/5/23; buried Washington Veterans Home Cemetery, Retsil, WA

Hollinger, William H.; Sgt. Co. I; discharged 8/17/63 and promoted into USCT

Homaker, Joel; died 4/10, buried, Polo, Illinois

Hoffman, John, Pvt.; Co. B; born 1848, Oregon County, Ill.; parents Aaron, Martha; enlisted three separate times into service; member GAR; wife Esther; died 6/18/31 after illness of one week; buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.

Hoover, John, Pvt.; Co. I; born Pa., 1836; wife Cynthia; three children; died 2/15/05; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Hoppe, Ernst G., Pvt.; born 1838, Germany, died, 4/99; age 62, Alta Vista, IA, buried New Oregon Cemetery, Cresco, Ia.

Horton, Jefferson, Pvt. Co. H; parents, Charles, Sarah; member American Legion Dept. IL., Post 546; transferred to Mississippi Marine Brigade, 4/63; died 1/9/70; buried Flagg Center, Cemetery, Flagg Center, IL.

Houser, Abraham, Pvt.; captured 4.23.64, Nickojack Massacre; survived Andersonville Prison, died 1906, buried Lena, Illinois

Houser, Samuel, Cpl., Co. G;  born 1840; PA; parents, Joseph, Martha; to Waddams, IL. 1843; wife Caroline Gates; two children; died 12/5/21; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Stephenson County, IL.

Houser, Christopher, Pvt.; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; POW; died 1920, buried Lena, Illinois

Hoy, Henry, Pvt. Co. F; born 1840; drove six-mule team army wagon during winter of 64/65; was to be picket at Nickojack Massacre, but another soldier volunteered to take his place that night; farmer, died 2/15, buried Shannon, Illinois

Huie, Robert J., Pvt.; Co. E; born 1840, Polo, Ill.; (parents from Scotland, then to Canada, then to Ogle County, Ill.); was planning to enter Mt. Morris Seminary when war broke out; married Julia Hammond, 1862; initially private, then orderly sergeant, then second lieutenant; after war, to Floyd County, Iowa, to farm; remained on this farm eighteen years; then to Charles City, Iowa, then back to Polo, Ill.; died 3/16; buried Polo, Ill.

Hunt, Henry H.; Born 1840, MI.; Pvt. Co. B; died 9/11/20; buried Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, Los Angeles County, CA. Plot: Lot C 5; Grave 8

Hunt, Joseph H., Co. B; died 1906, buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill

Humbert, Frederick; born Pa., 1835; died 9/25/11; buried Woodland Brethren Cemetery, Carroll County, Ill.

Hummel, Albert B., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 5/5/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. ; Plot E, 1252

Hunter, James; son of Alfred; born New York, 1846; resided St. Paul, Minn., then to Grand Forks, Dakota; poor health later years  prompted move to Hot Springs, Ark., and Georgia; consumption of bowels, became invalid; died 2/88; buried Polo, Ill.

Huntley, Daniel; died 7/74, buried Polo, Illinois

Hunsicker, Martin; Co. E; born Pa., 1837; member M. E. church; three children; died 3/27/87; buried White Oak Cemetery, Forreston, Ill.

Hurd, Edgar; Co. H; born Illinois, 1840; parents from New York; wife, Margaret; died 12/3/11; buried Lawnridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Ill.

Huston, William T.,  Pvt. Co. H; born 1842; died 3/24/39; last surviving member of 92nd found to date; age 97 at death; buried Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, WA.

Hyndman, Alexander, died 3/31/1863, chronic diarrhea

Hyndman, George, discharged by order of Captain Pomoroy at Chicago May 5, 1863


Irvine, Charles D.; Pvt.; discharged 7/31/64 and accepted commission in USCT

Irvine, Edwin, Sgt.; farmer, Rockvale, Ill.

Irvine, William, Pvt.; POW; resided Independence, Ia., 1886

Isaacson, Isaac, Pvt.; Born Norway, 1844; Private, Co. G; dark eyes; light hair; light complexion, 5’8”; farmer; died 1867, buried Jordan, Wisc.


Jackson, Alexander, Pvt.; killed in action, Raleigh, N. C., 4/12/65, after war declared over

Johnson, Augustus, Pvt.; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Johnson, George, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/27/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN.

Johnson, Merritt C., Pvt.; married Eliza Williams; died 1919; buried Henry Cemetery, rural Abilene, Kan.

Johnson, Samuel H., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/15/63

Johnson, Stephen, Pvt.; Co. E.; born England 1839; to NY., 1858; to Freeport, Ill. 1862; one year in 92nd; to Waterloo, Ia., 1867–71; to Chautauqua County, Kansas, 1871; homesteader; realtor; married Jane Helm of Cedar Falls, Ia., 1866; two children; GAR; attended Winfield, Kansas 1873 reunion; buried Oakwood Cemetery, GAR Plot, Tacoma WA.

Johnson, William, Cpl; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Johnston, Joseph, Pvt.; killed in action, Raleigh, N. C., 4/14/65, after war declared over, buried Raleigh National Cemetery, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina; Plot 3,116

Johnston, Stephen, discharged by Granger - lung disease

Jones, Charles W.; died 1912, buried Mt. Zion Cemetery, Oregon, Illinois


Kearney, Francis, Pvt.; died 10/19, buried Savanna, Illinois

Keech, John H., Pvt. Co. I; born 1842, Chester County PA.; to Mt. Carroll, IL., 1848; school teacher; married 1877 to Marie Kneale;  station agent for C.M. & S.P. Railroad, 1884, at Oxford Junction until 1910; retired in Cedar Rapids, IA.; son became doctor; died 1/5/26; age 82; Cedar Rapids, IA.; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, IL

Keeler, Nathan; Co. G; born Pa., 1834; to Lena, Ill, 1861; wife Mary Boon; bullet passed through clothing, but left him unhurt during war; returned to Lena after war; to Freeport1894; member Lutheran church, Masonic and Odd Fellow circles;  died 11/1/15; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena Ill.

Keiser, Charles N., born 1841, Chester PA., married 1862 to Hannah Crosby; died  10/14/63, Louisville, KY, dysentery; buried Louisville, but large memorial in Lena, Ill., cemetery dedicated to him; (prior to dying, asked best friend, Hollis Bunker to care for wife; Hollis married Hannah, 1865).

Kelley, Patrick, Pvt.; (various war records spell surname Kelly); born, Ireland, 1839; to America 1854; to Dekalb, Ill., 1856; spent time in Danville, Ky., hospital; POW 1/63-8/63, prison unknown; paroled, returned to regiment; purchased farm, Scranton, Ia.; died 1/02; buried Scranton, Ia.  

Kemp, Alfred L., Pvt. Co. K; born 1839; wife, Elizabeth; died 1925; buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Oregon, IL.

Kendrick, David M., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/18/63

Kenney, Elisha, Pvt.; POW, died 4/05, buried River View Cemetery, Oregon, Illinois

Keno, Charles, Pvt.; died 5/06, buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Illinois

Kenyon, Sidney D., Pvt.; died during war 3/13/63, Danville, Ky., buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot 16, 0. 212

Kershaw, Peter Ferdinan,  Sgt. Co. H; born 1838; died 5/4/09; buried Grain Valley Cemetery, Grain Valley, MO.

Kester, Asa, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/28/63, buried Nashville Nantional Cemetery, Nashville, TN.; Plot E, 434

Kettle, Jacob, Sgt.; died, 4/13/63

Kimble, Isaac, Pvt.; died 9/19, buried Brookville Cemetery, Brookville, Illinois

Kimbel, William A., Pvt., resided Boonesboro, Ia., 1886

King, Daniel, Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before

King, John, Cpl.; born 1840, Hampshire County, Mass; to Ill., 1846; attended Mt. Morris seminary; kept diary; brother, Richard, also in 92nd; involved in politics, including Greenback Party; began newspaper, 1878; journalist; to Hand County, Dakota Territory, 1881; to town of St. Lawrence, then known as Siding No. 3; took up land adjoining present town site, laid out place and largely platted it, engaging in farming and dealing stock; was Populist, and was instrumental in organizing this party in his county and state; delegate to National Independent Greenback Convention; elected county commissioner, 1898; elected state senator from Hand County; married May Parks, 12/28/82; eight daughters born: Nora, Maude, Mabel; Bertha, Alice; Emma; Etha; and Frances; died Hand County, 3/4/1928                                                                                                       

King, Richard M., Pvt. Co. D; born 1843, Pelham, MA.; to Ill., 1846; brother, John, also in 92nd, died 5/4/12; buried White Rock, Ogle County, IL.

Kingery, Andrew J., Pvt.; born Lebanon County, PA; 1843 married Sara; ten children, four of whom died young; resided Anita, Iowa, where was Adair County sheriff around 1900 for two years; received pension of $72 per month; also built several houses around Greenfield city park area; resided Seymour, Iowa, where his war journal serialized in Seymour Herald; died 1928; buried Greenfield Cemetery, Adair County, Iowa.

Kinney, Elisha; born Michigan, 1841; father, mother from Ireland; wife, Alvaretta; three children; well drilling; resided Oregon, Ill.

Kiplinger, James E., Pvt.; died 1875 or before

Klaas, Augustus; Pvt. Co G; born 1842; brother-in-law, Charles Gassmann, also in 92nd; spouse, Matilda; died 8/10/09; buried Lena Burial Park.

Knapp, Charles M., Sgt.; commission canceled; died Baileyville, Ill., 1/31/64, buried Freeport, Illinois

Knowlton, Alvia B., Pvt.; GAR, died 5/23/65, buried Dodge County, Neb.

Knox, Harvey, Pvt.; gave political speeches; killed, struck by train; 11/92; “Was his own worst enemy”, first buried Rock Lily Cemetery, Winslow, Ill., body moved to Greenwood Cemetery

Koller, Ernest, Pvt.; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/63; resided Mason City, Ia., 1886

Kooker, Mahler D., (also spelled Koker); Pvt.; Co. H; captured, 4/23/64, Nickojack Massacre; survived Andersonville Prison; charter member Ida Grove, Ia., 1886; GAR

Kryder, John J., Pvt.; died 6/71, buried Cedarville, Illinois

Kuch, John H., Pvt.; resided Oxford Junction, Ia., 1886


Ladd, John, Pvt.; born Pa., 1840; to Winslow, Ill.; married Araminta “Minta” Warner, 1872; three children; to Hot Springs, Fall River, S. D., 1904; laborer; to Soldier’s Home, Hot Springs, 1910; Minta died, 9/11, stroke; John buried Greenwood Cemetery, Creighton, Nebraska

Lambert, Ephraim, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 11/13/63; five brothers in Civil War; brother Franklin died, Vicksburg

Lambert, Jeremiah, Pvt.; born Pa., 1834; attended school for catechism and Bible, 1850; to Freeport,Ill., 1855; to Monroe, Wisc., then to Ridott, Ill.,; to DeWitt, Ill.,  for work in brickyard; to Freeport, then to war; after war, to Ridott, Illl; married Rebekah Niles, 1867; seven children; to York, Nebraska,1879, homesteaded; to Rocky Comfort,  Missouri, 1894; to Wolbach, Nebraska, 1920 till death; suffered fall, confined to bed, and died 2/13/25; buried Hillside Cemetery, Wolbach, Nebraska; Plot: Bock 1, Section 70.

Lamme, Jacob, Pvt. Co. F; born 1841; married Elmyra (1841-1920); died 1925; buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Trenton, MO.

Lang, Peter, Pvt. Co. I; killed in action, Aiken, S. C., 2/11/65, buried Chadwick, Illinois

Lasher, William J.; Pvt., Co. C; born, Galena, Ill., 1845; first married Rhoda Ridgley, (1852-1829) ca. 1871; second spouse Stella Ross, (1870-1928) ca. 1892; children William Earl and Bertha M.; died 2/3/17, St. Louis, Mo.; one source states buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis; another source states buried Chadwick, Ill.

Latham, Alycrah W., Pvt.; killed in action, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/19/64

Lawrence, Johnson, Pvt.; born Ogle County, Ill., 1844; son of John, Lydia, early pioneers of Ogle County, Ill.; never missed single roll call during war; return to Ogle County after war as farmer; became farm owner, 1875; married Julia E. Read, 1879; to Polo, Ill. to reside, but still active interest in farm; also had farm near Stirum, N.D.; also extensive real estate interests in Canada;  in 1903, elected representative from Tenth District to General Assembly of Illinois; three terms; died 1/1/12, after few weeks’ illness with pneumonia, also heart disease; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, Ill.

Lawrence, Leander, Pvt., Co. C; born April 1843 in McSherrystown, Adams County, PA.; had brother, Leo, also in 92nd; injured in line of duty while riding horse along trail in darkness on rain-soaked night; horse slipped and fell into ditch, landing on top of him; prisoner-of-war, 2/20/65 until near war’s end; pension papers identify him with black hair, dark complexion, hazel eyes, 5’9”; described as being sober, peaceable, free from any vicious habits, well-respected; pension was $50/month; married to Beatta Hofstetter, resulting in ten children; farmed near Sabula, IA.; died March 20, 1924 on date of granddaughter Fern Lawrence’s seventh birthday; buried St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery, Sabula, Jackson County, IA.

Lawrence, Leo, Pvt. Co. C; had brother, Leander, also in 92nd; died during war, Danville, Ky.; died 2/11/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.

Lawver, George, Pvt., Co. G; born 1846, Lena, Ill.; enlisted twice in war: first, 6/62 as private in 67th Ill.; honorably discharged at Camp Douglas, 10/6/62; then enlisted 1/29/64 in 65th Ill., then transferred to 92nd Ill. discharged 7/13/65; married Eliza French and moved to Browntown, Wisc., where engaged in farming and president of Farmer’s Bank of Browntown; moved to Freeport, Il., 1904, where served as director of Freeport Trust and Savings Bank; twelve children, died 5/28/22, Freeport, Il.; buried Oakland Cemetery, Freeport; Eliza died 12/28/30

Lawver, Ivan, Adj.; attended military school, Nashville Tenn.; refused to join rebellion upon school’s closing at start of war; honor of carrying regimental colors to top of Crutchfield House as 92nd became first Union regiment to enter Chattanooga 9/9/63; resigned 10/64; promoted to Major Reserve Corps; A.A.D.C., staff, Brigadier General A. Baird

Leal, Junius E. (another reference has name Junius Liel), Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 1/23/63, typhoid fever, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, Ky. Plot  30, 0, 203

Lee, John S., Sgt.; died 10/68, buried Lawn Ridge Cemetery, Rochelle, Illinois

Lee, R. H., Pvt.; died 8/91, buried River View Cemetery, Oregon, Illinois

Leek, John S., Cpl.; died, Franklin, Tenn., 5/21/63

Leigh, Jesse R., Sgt.; born NY., 1831; to Ill., 1856; wounded, Aiken, S. C.; at hospital, Wilmington, N.C., then to New York hospital; grain buyer, seller; farmer; carpenter, joiner; sheriff, Stephenson County, Ill., deputy revenue director; GAR; Mason; married Harriett Pickard, 1859; Harriett’s brother, Luther, also in 92nd; four children; died 1/13 while visiting son, Chicago; old age; age 81; buried City Cemetery, Freeport, Ill.

Lent, Edgar S., Pvt. Co B; born 1840; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/63; resided Manson, IA., 1886, buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Manson, IA.

Lewis, Baton W. (middle initial also listed as "H" in second source), Pvt.; Co. K (second source says Co. A); born 1847; transferred to 65th Ill. Inf.; brother Henry Wilmot, also in 92nd; died while POW, 1865, age 18; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Creston, IL.

Lewis, Charles, Pvt.; died 1899, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Creston, Illinois

Lewis, E. G., Pvt.; resided Iowa Center, Ia., 1886

Lewis, Henry Wilmot, Pvt.; Co. K; born 1845; transferred to 65th Ill. Inf.; brother, Baton L., also in 92nd; died 2/1930, age 85; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Creston, Illinois

Lewis, Norman D., Cap.; began military career, 1862, as private, but soon rose in ranks, becoming 2nd Lt., then 1st Lt., then captain on Gen. Kilpatrick’s Staff; present at conference between Gens. Sherman and Johnston at Durham’s Station, 4/14/65; then transferred to 65th Ill.; after peace declared, in charge of government property in Department of Carolinas, as ordnance officer of 3rd Military Div. of the Mississippi; credited with recapture of 56th Pa. battle flag in Raleigh, N.C. after it had been first captured by rebels at 2nd Battle of Bull Run; Lewis returned flag to Pa.; died 10/02, buried Thomson, Illinois

Lilly, Reuben; born Pa., 1844; one of fourteen children of David, Esther; to Oregon, Ill., 1848; after war, to Rochelle, Ill.; wife Hattie Holford, three children; Methodist; died of sudden accident; 7/23/03; buried Frantz Grove Cemetery

Linkletter, Eugene E., Pvt., unassigned; died 4/27/65, only three weeks after joining 92nd; buried Camp Butler Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois, plot 712

Lockridge, Len, Pvt.; captured, then escaped by striking captor; traveled through swamps, woods, finally reaching regiment after eight days

Lockwood, Robert; deserted January 30, 1863, but returned November 1, 1863; then to active duty March 30, 1864; born Erie County, Ohio, height 5’6”; dark hair; blue eyes; dark complexion; son of Eleazer (1774 – 1859) and Elizabeth (1798 – 1872); father strong Methodist; married Melinda Smith, 1849; after brief stay in Indiana, to Ogle County, Illinois, 1856 after parents, brother and sister arrived; brother Russell Bigelow also in 92nd  (Russell was company bugler, also injured Waynesboro, Ga.); returned to Ogle County post-war, then to Bone Creek, Butler County, Nebraska, bringing with him three cows; in 1879 census, listed as living with wife Linda, children Bigelow (18), Frances (16) and Edwin (9); still alive as of 1899 biography; wife died, 1892; three children alive as of 1892

Lockwood, Russell Bigelow, Cpl.; Born Erie County, Ohio, son of Eleazer (1774 - 1859) and Elizabeth (1798-1872); “Russell Bigelow” was name of favorite itinerant Methodist preacher in Ohio who died just before Russell born;  Russell’s father, Eleazer, was strong Methodist; family to Byron Township, Ogle County, Ill.;  took over family farm in 1859 when father died; brother Robert and future brother-in-law, Charles Ames, also in 92nd; entered regiment as corporal, but later listed as private as company bugler and mustered out as private; severely wounded in arm at Waynesboro, Georgia; married Sarah Helen Ames of Onondaga County, NY. 1866; to Greene County, Iowa, with wife and four children (six more children born later) by covered wagon, 1874; to  Sioux County, Iowa, farm near Sheldon, 1882; to farm near Rock Rapids, Lyon County, 1889; of ten children, two sets of twins, three daughters and one son were teachers and two sons were barbers; Mason, GAR; Canadian grandson enjoyed long career in Canadian army; died at home, Sheldon, Iowa, 1/22/1915, age 78; buried East Lawn Cemetery, Sheldon, Iowa next to wife who died 1919

Long, Benjamin F., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 1/30/63

Long, Jonathan A. Pvt., Co. F; Born 1842; 5’ 8”; light complexion; dark hair; gray eyes; contracted rheumatism and heart disease, 2/25/62; resided in Ogle County, IL., as farmer after war; remained disabled after war and filed for invalid pension 1884; died 1916; neuralgia; buried Dunkard’s Cemetery, then cemetery’s name changed to Pine Creek Brethren Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.


Loughridge, Linn, Co. I; buried Walnut Hill Cemetery, Baxter County, Ark.

Lowe, Stephen B., Sgt.; slightly wounded, foot, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; resided West Liberty, Ia., 1886

Lower, John, Pvt.; born Pa, 1840; to Ill. 1847; musician in war; later years wore long white beard and “military bearing made him a picturesque figure”; operated small soda shop called “The Joint”; GAR; died while serving on jury in Pasadena, Calif.; Presbyterian; five children; died 6/14; pneumonia; age 74, buried Mt. View Cemetery, Pasadena, California

Lower, Martin L., Pvt.; died of lung fever on boat on Cumberland River between Louisville, Ky. and Nashville, Tenn., 2/20/63, buried on southern soil

Lowry, Augustus, Pvt.; died, Mound City, Ill., 10/7/64, buried Milledgeville, Illinois

Lyon, Perrine; Musician, Co. H; born 3/10/32; died 5/8/98


Mack, George C.; wagoner in war, killed in action, Aiken, S. C., 2/11/65

Mader, John, Pvt.; Pvt., Co. F; born Pa., 1844; parents Abraham, Susanna; to Jo Daviess County, Ill., 1844; wounded, Chickamauga, but not seriously; captured 9/3/64 and sent to Andersonville for only few days, then sent to Savannah Ga., where remained in captivity six weeks, then on Gulf Railroad to woods, where corralled by enemy; prison camp surrounded by deep ditch; spent four weeks; returned to Andersonville, 12/15/64; remained there until 4/28/65, when taken within 20 miles of Jacksonville, Florida, and turned loose to make way best could to Union lines; successfully found Union lines; weight when entered army 165 pounds, but when left Andersonville, reduced to less than 95 pounds; after two weeks recuperating, sent to Annapolis, Maryland, then to St. Louis, Missouri, then to Springfield Ill., where discharged, 6/30/65; after war, to Kansas for one year, returning to Illinois, 1866; to Woodland Township, Carroll County, Ill., 1872; bought farm, 1878; married Anna Green; nine children; extensive farm set of buildings; livestock; raising graded horses; township supervisor; member GAR; Republican; stockholder in First National Bank, Mt. Carroll;.died 1914; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

March, Augustus P., Cpl.; died, 1870

Markley, Joseph; Co. I; transferred to Veterans Reserve Corps; died 6/10/01; buried Woodland Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Marl, George, Pvt.; gunshot, left shoulder, 9/63

Marsh, Charles T.; Cpl.; born  England, 1845; son of William, who was sailor with Lord Nelson on British Warship “Victory,” to America 1855; settled in Mount Morris, Ill.;  wife Lucinda; to Chicago, then to Rockford, 1898; employed with internal revenue service; then married Cora Vandemark; commander GAR post; became commander of Illinois state GAR; settled in Mount Morris, Ill.; died 11/30.

Marsh, Jasper N., born Grafton, Ill., 1843; father Ephraim, from Mass.; mother Mary, from Ky.; wife Sarah Johnson; joined 92nd 10/63; at end of war, transferred to Co. C, 65th Ill.; resided Miles, Iowa 1886; to Primghar, Iowa; member GAR; had brother in 92nd; father and brother-in-law in War of 1812; died 7/30/38, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Primghar, Iowa; one of final surviving members of regiment.

Mason, Richard, Pvt., resided in Crystal, Ia., 1886

Matthews, Samuel R., Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before

Mayer, William B., Cap.; wounded, Lovejoy Station, Ga., 8/64; after wounded, rode ambulance that overturned in river, he saved his life by hanging onto a tree branch until rescued; brother, John, in 26th Ill.; wrote diary

Mayes, Alexander, Pvt. Co. E; died, Danville, Ky., 1/15/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY. Plot 32, 0, 143; another soldier wrote "We were called upon for the first time to follow one of our comrades to the grave. Alexander Mayes - erysipelas."

McCammons, William, Lt., Co. G; gunshot left foot, severely wounded, Chickamauga, 9/19/63; after war, in grocery business until retiring 1892; then resided Olin, IA.; died 2/24/10; buried Lena Cemetery, Lena, IL.

McCammond, Jacob, Pvt. Co. K; Born 1847, Canada; transferred to 65th Ill., murdered by friend, 4/13/99, Kiowa County, Kan., age 51, buried Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, KS

McCann, Richard; Pvt., Co. D; born Canada, 1821; father from Ireland, mother from England; fiercely attacked by tame deer during war; was first in regiment to be wounded; stone mason; died 7/1887 while laying stone wall which fell on top of him, crushing him at Beatrice, Nebraska; buried Buffalo Grove Cemetery, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

McCausland, Andrew, Pvt.; died 10/17; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Eagle Grove, Ia.

McCausland, James E., Pvt.; married Mary Humphreys.

McClain, Alex, Pvt.; resided Laurens, Ia., 1886

McCloskey, George, Pvt.; born Ireland, 1830; to America, 1850; farmer in Mass. and Ill.; wounded, Ga.; after war, to Ia., 1865; to Neosho County, Kan., 1867; farmer in crop and livestock; married Miss Rafferty; six children; Catholic

McCoy, William H., Pvt.; resided Manson, Ia., 1886

McCracken, John H., Pvt.; born Pa. 1833; to Ill., 1855; wounded, gunshot left arm, 12/4/64, Warrensbourg, Ga.; carried minie ball seven years; to Hardin County, Ia., 1867; to Montgomery County, Ia., 1876; farmer; road supervisor; married Sarah Lower, 1866; four childlren

McElhaney, Joseph; born Pa., 1846; resided Wysox, Carroll County, Ill.; laborer; died of consumption, 3/86; buried Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, Ill.

McKeel, Garner, Pvt.; born Middletown, Delaware County, N.Y. 1833; married Caroline Robinson, 1853; Caroline died, 7/22; two children, Alfred Leroy, 12/19/1858, & Elizabeth Eliza, 12/25/60; farmer, Polo, Ill. when enlisted Co. E; shot to death, Nickojack Gap, Georgia, April 23, 1864 after had surrendered; wife remarried William O'Dell, 1/24/67; they had two children, Charles and Olive.; buried Chattanooga National Cemetery

McKerral, Peter; Born 1837 Scotland; married Ellen Elijah (1842-1903); died 5/16/29; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, IL.

McMillan, B. F., Sgt.; born Pa., 1844; to Ill., 1855; orderly for Maj. Gen. David Cruft; collector, Ogle County, Ill.; attended Northwestern  College, Naperville, Ill., studied in-home theological course; briefly studied medicine, then again resumed ministerial studies; pastor in Mitchell County, Kan., 1874-1883; to New Jersey, for further theological studies; homesteaded land near Beloit, Kan., pastor, Lincoln, Kan. Presbyterian church, also in Glasco, Simpson, & Fisher Creek Kan.; married Julia Pratt; three children; republican

McMillen, Henry H., Pvt.; POW

McNeal, Thomas, Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before

McSherry, John D., Pvt.; killed in action, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

McStay, Edward, Pvt.; discharged 9/64, disability; died 1875 or before

McWorthy, Henry A.;  Pvt. Co. I; born 1843; died 7/6/79; buried Buffalo Grove Cemetery, Buffalo Grove, IL.

McWorthy, William, Lt.; captured, died, diarrhea, Andersonville Prison, Ga., 9/25/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #9710

Merrill, Emmert A., Pvt.; killed in action by same bullet that killed William Erb, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64; beheaded; buried where fell, but monument erected, Lena Cemetery, Lena, Ill.

Merritt, James M., Pvt.; captured, 4/23/64; Nickojack Massacre; survived Andersonville Prison

Metcalf, George, Cpl.; died, Danville, Ky., 3/3/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot 16, 0, 24; (second source says died 2/10/63)

Metz, Lewellen; Pvt., Co. F; born Northampton County, Pa., 1841; son of John Metz; first to Nebraska; then to Ill.; married Mary Thompson while still a youth; nine children; died 2/26/07; buried Cedarville Cemetery, Cedarville, Ill.

 Metz, Samuel; Pvt., Co. I; born Pa., 1844; father was named Abraham; married Hannah; farm laborer; three children; farmer; wrote journal in war; died 12/20/96; buried Yellow Creek Cemetery, Pearl City, Ill.

Michael, Isaac, Pvt. Co. I; died 9/16/63, Nashville, Tenn., buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN., plot C, 7374

Miller, Gaylord D., Pvt. Co. I; Born 1846; brother, Morris, also in 92nd; parents Walter and Polly (Salisbury) Miller, wife, Anna; one child; GAR; died 1/29/17; age 70; buried GAR Cemetery, Seattle King County, WA.; Plot 303 (second source says buried Jackson County, IA.)

Miller, George W., Cap; transferred to Invalid Corps; died 1875 or before; (second source suggests resided Bonaparte, IA., 1886)

Miller, Godfrey, Pvt., resided Barclay, Ia., 1886

Miller, Henry, Pvt.; captured, died, pneumonia, Andersonville Prison, Ga.,

            buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #3139

Miller, Levi W., Pvt.; discharged 5/64; died 1875 or before

Miller, Morris R., Pvt.; brother, Gaylord, also in 92nd; parents Walter and Polly (Salisbury) Miller, captured; died, diarrhea, scorbutus, Andersonville, Prison, Ga., 9/25/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #9795

Miller, Samuel Hodge; Co. D; born Pa., 1838; youngest of thirteen children of John, Catherine;  at two years old, lived with uncle and aunt Samuel and Margaret Moore Hodge; to Packwaukee, Wisc., 1850; to Lanark, Ill, 1861; married Mary Hunter, 1867; to Elkhorn, Ill., then to Jo Daviess County, Ill., for short time, then back to Carroll county in 1878, again to Jo Daviess County, to retire; died 3/24/12; Ladies Union Cemetery, Stockton, Ill.

Milligan, William B., Pvt., born Illinois, 1839; wife Lucie; two children; engineer; died 11/24/13; Davenport, Iowa

Mitchell, Orrin J., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/17/63

Mix, Samuel H.; Sgt. Co. B; born Pa., 1839; discharged 10/64; parents Silas, Eleanor; wife, Harriet Donaldson; two children; to Davison County, South Dakota Territory, 1883; postmaster; died 3/29/30; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Central City, Linn County, Iowa.

Mix, William H.; Born 1846; married L.Adelaide Mix; died 1917; buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, IL.

Mondebaugh, Sam J., Pvt. Co. K; died 12/15/62, Danville, Ky., Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 12, 0, 311

Moothart, William P., Pvt.; born Pa. 1845; enlisted 2/64; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; transferred to 65th Ill.;  married Margaret Foster; GAR; died 8/25; age 80; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Washington, Ia.

Morris, Isaac, Pvt.; resided Jefferson, Ia., 1886

Mowry, John L., Pvt.; Co. F; born Stephenson County, Ill., 1846; father also in war, with 146th Ill., parents natives of Pa.; transferred to 65th Ill., accidentally killed on way home from war, 7/65.

Mullarkey, James, Pvt., born 1839; wounded, arm, Chickamauga; second member of 92nd hit by Rebel lead; carried musket ball in arm remainder of life; died 12/31/03; buried GAR Cemetery, Reno, Nevada; Plot: GAR Section

Myers, Maroni, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 4/24/63

Myers, Peter H., Pvt.; born Pa., 1841 wife, Catherine; farmer; two children; resided Rippey, Iowa 1886.


Nagle, John, Pvt.; resided Sabula, Ia., 1886, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Jackson County, Ia.

Nelson, John Ferguson.; Sgt., then 2nd Lieut., then Cpt., Co. H; born 1833, Jamestown, VA.; to Rochelle, Ill. 1856; 6’2”; light complexion, brown hair; in 1916, per testimony of Charlotte Nelson, widow of John, he originally enlisted in 19th Illinois at Chicago, 1861 and honorably discharged 1862 at Nashville, TN.; reenlisted in Rochelle in 92nd; in hospital at Lookout Mt., GA., due to severe exposure while near Kings Bridge, GA., in late December, 1864; injured, Swifts Creek, near Raleigh, NC, April 1865, when spooked horse jammed him against tree during engagement with enemy; (first time this horse in action vs. enemy); suffered laceration below left knee; unfit for duty for some time because of accident and complained about leg after return to duty; near end of war, detailed for duty on General Court Martial,  as ordered by Gen. Kilpatrick, and on duty for twenty days; near end of war, transferred to Co. G, 65th Ill.; while on way to Camp Douglas, Chicago, for final discharge, took severe cold, which renewed Catarrh in head; permanently disabled as result of injury; applied for disability pension 1880; suffered from Catarrh as result of wartime exposure; unable to work fulltime in his trade as carpenter; returned to Rochelle for four years after war as house carpenter; then to farm on Pine Rock Township, Ogle County, Ill. where he farmed; to Chicago 1872; married Charlotte H. McGrath (1842-1930, born Elmira, NY); 1860, in Rochelle, Ill.; children: Alice M., William Tecumseh, and Aloha Leta; died 5/14/12; buried Oak Wood Cemetery, Chicago with wife.

Nettleton, John; buried Westville Cemetery, New Haven, CT.

Nicholas, William C., Pvt.; (incorrectly spelled Nicholoss in roster); born England, 1844; to Ill., 1849 or 1850; persistent medical problems during war and beyond; suffered from piles of riding wood saddles; death eventually resulted from complications; parents died when quite young; farmer; to Ia., 1873; five children; GAR; died 1908; age 64; buried St. Mary’s Cemetery, Vinegar Hill, Galena, Ill.

Nichols, Nicholas, Pvt.; resided Wellsburg, Ia., 1886

Nino, Leonard, Died Black Hawk County, IA.

Noe, Benjamin, Pvt. Co. H; born 1842, Flagg Center, Ogle County, IL.; captured, 4/23/64, survived Andersonville prison, Nickojack Massacre; survived Florence, S.C. prison; landowner, IA, 1869 in Big Grove Twp., Benton Co. IA.;  first wife, Margaret Fisher, second wife, Alzina Richards; seven children; died 9/2/18, Alexandria, Douglas County, MN.; buried Kinkead Cemetery, Alexandria, MN.

Norris A. M., Pvt., resided Colo, Ia., 1886

Norton, H. A., 1st Sgt., Company D, 92nd ;  transferred to  Co. F, “First Regiment of United States Colored Troops”, Department of the Cumberland

Norton, Joseph M., Cpl.; Co. B, born 1842; died 1932, age 90; buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.

Norton, Julius C., Pvt.; POW; died, Florence, Ala., 11/19/64

Nunn, Thomas,  Pvt. Co. G; born 1834, Chesterton, England died 4/2/16; buried Grant Evergreen Cemetery, Talmage, NE.

Noyes, John Miller, Sgt., Co. I; Born, Northport, Long Island, NY, 1833; mustered out June 21, 1865; after war became coal dealer, Lanark, IL; married Wealthy Grant, to whom two sons were born; resided Grundy Center, IA., as of 1875, where married second wife Hattie Landis; homesteaded Stockville NE several years later; John and Hattie had son, Henry in Stockville; sister Mabel followed in 1894 (both children buried in Cheyenne); John died in Burns, WY, 1911; buried in Cheyenne’s main cemetery with govt.-issue gravestone alongside second wife Hattie


Oakes, Hiram Smiley; born Pa., 1839;  parents Thomas and Elevia/Olivia Sechler; grandson to Michael Sechler, bodyguard to George Washington; married Elizabeth Ann Devolt, 1881; died 1/1/17; buried Stanley Cemetery, Stanley, Iowa.

Oakley, Thomas Day; Pvt.Co. C; born 1839, Essex County, NY.; to Illinois 1854;  wounded, taken prisoner, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; to Andersonville Prison; spouse, Minerva A. Marshall; resided Thomson, Ill.; died11/18/25; buried Argo Cemetery, Argo Fay, Carroll County, Ill.

O’Brien, David, Pvt.; wounded, Alabama, 1/64

O’Connor, Reginald Aloysius Journal; Pvt.; orphaned by death of parents, Limerick City, Ireland, 1849 and 1851; with sister, Mary Ann, cared for and brought to America by maternal aunt, Ellen O’Mara and her husband Patrick J. Guthrie; captured, murdered, shot while unable to keep up on foot with soldiers on horseback, shot by Lt. Pointer, CSA, after ambush at Nickojack Gap, GA., 4/23/64., buried Chattanooga National Cemetery

O'Kane, James, 1st Sgt., Co. E; correspondent Newspaper

O’Neal, Dudley, Pvt. Co. I; born 1829, Hunter, Greene County, New York, parents John and Mary Ann McGee; to Carroll County, Illinois, 1839; educated in first school in Mt. Carroll Township; farmer; died 3/15/00; buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Carroll County, Illinois

Oberheim, D. L.; Pvt.; born Center Co. Pa., 1843; to JoDaviess County, Ill. 1849 at age six; Republican; was candiddate for sheriff, Carroll County, Ill.

Odell, Luther, Pvt.; resided Waterloo, Ia., 1886

Olney, Dorace E., Pvt.; Born 1842, NY; Father, Stephen C., Mother Sarah Balcom; discharged 2/63;  died 3/12/63; buried Argo Cemetery, Argo Fay, Carroll County, IL.

O’Neal, James, Pvt.; died, typhoid fever, Danville, Ky., 1/17/63

O’Rafferty, Andrew; Pvt., Co. B; born 1841, County Louth, Ireland; arrived alone in New York, 1860; then on to Byron, Ill., same year; farmer; severely wounded in action, January, 1864, with bullet to groin during skirmish at Sweetwater Creek, near Florence, Alabama; not expected to survive on battlefield, but was evacuated to hospital, Huntsville, Alabama; recovered sufficiently and sent home to convalesce in Illinois;  military put hold on his military pay to cover replacing his lost hat and damaged pants which occurred  as result of his being wounded; also charged him for train ride home to recover; (hat value was $1.25, pants $2.50, train ride $12); rejoined 92nd in Marietta, GA, June 1864;  mustered out, June, 1865; married Roseanne Roach, 1866, in Rockford, Ill.; part of double-wedding ceremony alongside fellow comrade from 92nd, James Guthrie; returned to farming and owned farm in Seward, Ill.; had five daughters, then six sons; farmed until 1903 when he retired and bought prominent home in Pecatonica, Ill; lifetime member, GAR Post 320; died March 6, 1921, age 79, in Pecatonica; buried  St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Pecatonica.

O’Rorke, James, Pvt.; (spelled O’Rooke in various sources, Listed on Ogle County Civil War Memorial as James O'Roorke); born 1842, in Ireland to father Hugh, mother Mary; teamster at Division Headquarters; captured 9/20/64 near Mt. Gilead Church, GA., while on foraging expedition with several other men of Lilly’s Battery of Artillery; prisoner at Andersonville; paroled,  N. E. Ferry, 2/27/65; placed aboard steamship General Lyon at Wilmington, N C, 3/28/65, bound for New York; ship burned at sea off Cape Hatteras on or about 3/30/65; James presumed lost at sea; in year 2014, new stone placed in Saint Patrick Catholic Cemetery, Rochelle, Ill. by descendants; inscription on stone reads: “In Memory of James O’Rorke, Born October 1842 in Ireland, Member of 92nd Illinois Infantry. Perished at sea aboard steamer General Lyon on or about 3-31-1865 after release from Andersonville Prison; soon after this new stone was set in place, an authentic GAR memorial ceremony was held with Sons of Union Veterans performing; large group of relatives and friends experienced the honor of witnessing this exceedingly rare event.

Orvis, John, Pvt.; resided Sumner, Ia., 1886

Osborn, Morris P., Co. B.; buried Byron Cemetery, Ogle County, Ill.

Owen, Henry, Pvt.; died 1875 or before


Palmer, John M. Jr., Pvt.; born England, 1839; to Ill. 1848; attended Warren Academy; transferred to 65th Ill.; excellent vocalist; farmer; depot freight clerk; sold agricultural implements; well drilling; requested to be buried in uniform; married Annie Caldwell; seven children; to Minn. 1899; GAR; died 1909; creeping paralysis; age 69; buried Elmwood Cemetery, Warren, Ill.

Parker, Mathias, Pvt. Co. H; born 1842; absent, sick at muster out; died 1923; buried Corning Cemetery, Tehama County, CA.

Parsons, Addie; nurse in 92nd, nicknamed “Daughter of the Regiment”; family noted abolitionists; active in Underground Railroad; had brother who fought with John Brown in Kansas Border Wars and later in Civil War; another brother, Samuel, member of 92nd

Parsons, Samuel C., Pvt.; family noted abolitionists; active in Underground Railroad; had brother who fought with John Brown in Kansas Border Wars and later in Civil War; sister, Addie, was nurse for 92nd; buried Salina, Kansas

Patterson, John, Pvt.; resided Reinbeck, Ia., 1886

Patterson, William C., Pvt.; first member of regiment to be struck by rebel bullet, 8/63, north of Chattanooga

Pencil, William L., Pvt.; Co. A; suffered disability and discharged 9/63; first veteran to enter new Washington State Soldier’s Home, in Orting, Washington, which was dedicated 6/25/91; William was admitted 7/4/91 and agreed to turn over $12 pension to home; left home May 1892 when able to support self.

Penticoff, Samuel, Pvt.; born Buffalo Valley, PA, 1843; age 19 and resided in Loran, Stephenson County at time of enlistment. transferred to Invalid Corps, June 22, 1864; moved to Cedar County, NE, 1870; died, heart failure, Yankton, SD, Jan. 21, 1910, age 67, buried Wynot, Nebraska,.

Perkins, Edgar, Pvt., resided Forest City, Ia., 1886

Perrin, Noah, Sgt. Maj.; died 9/30/18; buried Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisc., section 22, grave 199

Perrine, Aaron; born 1844; died 7/25/14 from suicide after ill health; injested carbolic acid.

Perry, Henry C., Pvt.; discharged 6/63; died 1875 or before

Petermeier, Frederick, Pvt.; horse killed, gunstock shattered into fragments, caught a flattened rebel bullet in wallet, another bullet wounded him, and a third bullet shattered his rifle, 9/10/63

Phillips, James, Cpl.; wounded, Jonesboro, 8/64; voted one of three in company G that had cleanest guns and begin most orderly soldier, brother, Parley, also in 92nd, married Rebecca one day after enlisted in Damascus, Ill.; wife's last name is Stout, at least one child

Phillips, John W., Pvt.; born 1841; died 1915; buried Garfield, Okla.

Phillips, Parley; born 1840; father Norman, from NY; farmer; enlisted 2/65; transferred to 65th Ill. at end    of war; brother, James, also in 92nd.

Pickard, Luther H., Pvt.; born Ill. 1844; enlisted 2/64; brother-in-law, Jesse Leigh, also in 92nd; pioneer, Harlan, Ia.; one of original organizers, secretary of Iowa State Fair Association; died 1/22, Los Angeles, Calif.; age 77; buried Harlan Cemetery, Harlan, Ia.

Pierce, Brinkley, Pvt.; married, 1860; eleven children; wounded in battle; farmer, Butler, Ia.; to Cedar Falls, Ia., 1893; business

Pitman, Robert, Pvt. Co. I; died 1/6/63, consumption; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville Ky;  plot  33, 0, 196

Pittman, David, Pvt.; born Lancaster City, Pa. 10/19/43; son of Moses and Margaret; five brothers, three sisters; moved to Sterling, Ill. prior to war; married Susan Bryson  of Sterling, Ill., 1869 in Christian Church; son Oliver, daughter, Viola; four grandchildren; from 92nd Ill. transferred to 65th Ill.; farmer; suffered from rheumatism; died 3/1/16 in Emerson, Ill.; Bright’s Disease; age 72; buried Riverside Cemetery, Whiteside County, Ill.

Plotner, John F., Pvt.; resided Marshalltown, Ia., 1886

Plummer, Pardon D.; died 3/5/63; buried Danville national Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot 17, 0, 246

Plummer, Roswell F., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 3/5/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot 31, 0, 117

Pope, Abraham, Pvt.; resided Sharps, Ia., 1886

Potter, Charles K., Pvt.; Co. K; died 2/21/77; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Ill

Potter, Joseph R., Cpl.; killed in action, Aiken, S. C., 2/11/65

Pratt, George,  Pvt. Co. K; died 4/22/11; buried State Veterans Home Cemetery, Hot Springs, SD.

Preston, Lyman; Cap., then Col.; Co. D; born Syracuse, NY, 1830; to Illinois in youth; became Col., during war; brother-in-law, Romanzo Fisher, also in 92nd; spouse Frances Norton; lumber and grain business, Polo, Ill., for several years; member Presbyterian Church; lived with son, Marshall, Mo., for while; died 6/20/1l ; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, Ill.

Preston, Roster J., Sgt.; killed in action, gunshot to chest, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Price, William H., Sgt.; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/19/63; fellow soldier wrote, “Sergeant Price, blood all over but he could walk. I knew he was not badly wounded but received a glancing shot in the forehead and was bleeding like a stuck pig.”

Prince, Henry M., Pvt.; died, typhoid, pneumonia, Danville, Ky., 1/28/63

Prouty, James R., Sgt.; born Pa. 1836; discharged 3/63 under special orders to permit him to enlist in Mississippi Marine Brigade; GAR; married Irene Henry; two children; died 12/15; age 79; buried Union Cemetery, Humboldt, Ia.

Pulver, Benjamin F.; Cpl. Co. D; born 1837, KY. (second source says NY.); resided WI. prior to war; resided IL. 1880 and 1900; to Iowa later; died 7/23/17, Marshalltown, IA.; buried Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown, IA.

Purinton, Charles, Cpl.; born Maine, 1863; died, Danville, Ky., 2/9/63; (second source states death 2/10/63); buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Danville, Ky.


Rand, Allen, Pvt.; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; died 7/88

Rand, Nathanial A.; Pvt.; born Illinois, 1843; parents from New York; wife, Abie J.; farmer; resided Cadiz, Wisconsin; buried Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.(Allen Rand, listed above, may be same as Nathanial A. listed here.)

Randall, Everett, Pvt.; discharged 4/63; died 1875 or before

Rathbun, Paris; born NY, 1829; deserted regiment 8/15/64; resided Ionia County, Michigan; married Effie Van Valkenberg; two children; hatter; died 1/4/02 in Michigan.

Rea, George W., Enlisted 2/65; brother John, also in 92nd; with John at hospital, North Carolina, where John died from wounds; transferred to 65th Ill.

Rea, John W., Pvt. Co. H; enlisted 2/65;  brother, George, also in 92nd; wounded Raleigh, North Carolina, 4/12/65, after war declared over, bullet hit top right shoulder, passed between lungs and backbone, effecting spine; brother George with him in hospital till died 22 hours later, 4/13/65; buried Raleigh National Cemetery, Raleigh, NC. Plot 3 117

Reber, Jacob A., Pvt., discharged 1/63 to re-enlist; died Murfreesboro, Tn., 7/21/63

Reed, Charles J., Pvt., killed in action, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Reed, James L.; born Scotland, 1844; to America 1850 to Polo, IL.; member Polo GAR; member Presbyterian Church; married Alvina Snyder, 1876, who passed away three years later; then married Lydia Jones, 1891; died 7/29/28; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo.

Reed, John; born Scotland; severely wounded in side, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; wife Augusta; five children; resided Springville, Iowa; died 12/17/03

Reeder, John  P., Pvt.; Born 1816; children, John, Melissa, Lewis; POW; died 1902, buried Lena Burial Park, Lena, Ill

Reese, Abbott Green; Pvt., Co F; born 1842; transferred to Co. G, 65th Ill., at end of war; died 1926; buried Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas

Reese, George, W.; Pvt. and Teamster, Co. G; born 1840, Erin, Stephenson County, IL.; brothers: Daniel, Abel, John; after war, lived in Saint Paul, MN.; married Ella Horton Bradley; her husband died during the war, and George adopted her two children, Willis and Frank; George and Ella had four children: Genevieve, Cynda, Shirley George and Herbert; military records spelled name both Rees and Reese; after war, he spelled it Reese; was building contractor in St. Paul; did many city projects, including replacing many wood sidewalks in 1890s; died 1/13/04 after being thrown from wagon.

Reeves, Robert, (also spelled Reaves); Pvt., Co H.; born 1828, England; captured 9/20/64 in Cartersville, GA., POW, Andersonville Prison several months, survived Andersonville; exchanged 4/1/65; one year after being released, he and wife Catherine had fourth and final child; farmer; member GAR Post 32, died 1898 of natural causes, buried Greenwood Cemetery, York, NE

Reinhart, J. F., born 1839, Germany; to America 1853, first to New York, then to Iowa, 1860; married Emma Valentine, 1873, at Waterloo, IA., lived on farm in Mt. Vernon twp. until 1906, then to Waterloo; member GAR; died 4/24, from fall down cellar stairs at his home, in Waterloo, fracturing right thigh; unconscious, did not regain consciousness; suffered stroke of paralysis.

Renner, Eli P., Pvt. Co. F; buried 10/5/79

Revelle,  Wallace, Pvt.; (also spelled Rebelle); captured, 4/23/64, Nickojack Massacre; survived Andersonville Prison

Reynolds, Charles W., Pvt.; captured, survived Andersonville Prison; his detailed illustration of Andersonville Prison on display at Iowa State Historical Museum; his detailed account of prison experience published in regimental history; brother, William Reynolds, also in 92nd; died 1/09; buried Grundy Center, Ia.

Reynolds, John, Pvt.; resided 1886 in Colo, IA; member, GAR Post 25; died 11/28/99. buried Colo, Ia.

Reynolds, Simeon, Pvt., Co. G. died 10/24/95 buried Rock Rapids Cemetery, Rock Rapids, Ia.

Reynolds, William H., Pvt.; brother, Charles, also in 92nd; captured, then murdered, shot for his boots, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64, buried Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tennessee; Plot : K, 10348

Rhodes, James W., Pvt.; killed in action, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64, buried Chattanooga National Cemetery

Rice, E. R., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/23/63, buried Nashville National Cemetery, Nashville, TN. Plot E.366

Rice, James H., Pvt. F; born 1841, IL.; died 10/7/80, Cedar Rapids, IA. of hemorrhage of stomach; 39 years; buried Linwood Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA.; Plot Orig. 10

Richardson, George, W., Pvt., Co. A; deserted, 2/15/63 and never discharged, therefore    was denied Invalid Pension which was filed  in Kay County, Oklahoma Territory, 2/92  after claiming rheumatism, disabled right arm in old age; resided New Market, IA; buried Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Iowa, unmarked grave; brother LaFayette, also 92nd soldier, buried nearby.

Richardson, LaFayette, Pvt., Co. G; transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill. Inf.; married Elizabeth Appleman, daughter Mary Ellen Richardson Parr, who married Elias Parr; resided Winslow, Ill. to 1869, then to Smith Center KS. until 1893, then to Blackwell, Kay County, OK, til 1894; to Ponca City, Kay County, OK. to 1907; then to Oskaloosa, IA. with nephew, Doran, off and on between visits to Soldiers Home, Quincy, Illinois, where he was in 1910; died of blood poisoning from hand injury, May 1, 1911; 83 years old; buried Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, IA.; brother and fellow 92nd member, George, buried nearby.

Rinedollar, Nelson, Pvt., Co. I; born Franklin County, PA., 1838; to Mt. Carroll, Ill., 1848; served 18 months in 92nd later in 292nd hospital; married Susan Austin, 1869; one son born 9/16/70, Flavius Austin; studied medicine, graduated from Chicago Medical College, 1869; Examining Surgeon of Pensions for Ill; died 6/29/25

Ritchie, David, Pvt.; died, Lexington, Ky., 3/12/63, buried Lexington National Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Roberts, J., Pvt.; resided Shell Rock, Ia., 1886

Robertson, Collin; Sgt., then Lt., Co. E; born Berthshire, Scotland, 1820; to Delaware County, New York, 1841; to Ohio, 1858; to Illinois, 1859; hated slavery; tailor; died 9/22/75 while sitting in chair; buried White Oak Cemetery, Forreston, Ill.  

Robinson, Jesse, Pvt. Co. K; killed in action, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 14, 0, 214

Robinson, William Hawks, Born Swanton Highgate, VT. 1841; parents were Oliver Franklin Robinson and Paulina; family moved to Polo, IL. from Highgate, VT, 1854; enlisted as Corporal in 92nd; promoted to First Sergeant 8/21/63; married Frances Marian Winchester, 12/5/69 in Durand, Il, bought land in Laona Township, Winnebago County, IL., 1871, and lived there through 1880 census; bought farm Grant Township, Cerro Gordo County, IA, 1888 with family and father; added acreage 1889 and 1895; sold farm to sons, Eugene and Frank, jointly, 1898; bought two lots in nearby township, Cerro Gordo County, 1900; moved to farm near Clear Lake IA., 1891; moved to Corvallis, OR, 1909 or 1910 to be with sons and families; died of arteriosclerosis, 2/1/1917; buried IOOF Cemetery, Corvallis, OR

Rothermel, Robert J.; Pvt., Co. K; born  Ill., 1840; son of Martin and Mary; went by name “Roberty”; married Mary Schneider, 1872; four children; member GAR; died 5/17/37, Marshalltown, Iowa, age 96; one of final surviving members of 92nd.

Rogers, Edward; Pvt. Co. F; prisoner at Andersonville; near end of war, transferred to Co. G, 65th ILL.; after war, to Louisburg, Kansas with brother, William, formerly of 25th ILL, Co. G;

Rodgers, Lewis W., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/28/63

Rood, Aaron, Cpl., Co B; born Connecticut, 1845; parents Jess and Permelia; to Byron, IL., began as employee in dry goods store in Rockford, Il,, then enlisted in 92nd 2/64; late in war, transferred to 65th ILL.,  after war, involved in hardware business;  to Colorado, 1872, first at Boulder, where resided for thirteen years, then to Pueblo; president of Rood Candy Company, Pueblo; this business began as Pueblo Cracker & Confectionary, Co. in 1889; business changed hands several times, finally became Nabisco; was employed by this company in various capacities since inception; he acquired ownership of company in 1909; in 1910, built new 32,000 sp. ft. facility; during this transition, name changed to Rood’s Candy Company; married Sarah Ann Sanford; died 1921; buried Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo County, Colorado; died 2/1921.

Rowe, Edward S., Pvt.; shortly after yelling, “Come on Ninety-Second boys, we can whip them!”, was killed in action a few rods ahead of enemy lines, Powder Springs, Ga., buried where killed, 10/3/64

Royer, Isaac, born 6/6/45, Vicksburg, Union County, PA. on homestead; originally enlisted with Co. B, Ohio Vols., however became ill with fever; spent time at Oberlin College, Ohio; re-enlisted 1864, Co. G., 92nd Ill; in 1868, to Brownsville, NE, with Henry Leigh; worked stores there and in Fall City; in 1871, took out soldier’s land grant, Jewell County, Kansas, just south of Hardy, NE.; bought property, built house, 1880 where lived with family 40 years; partner in hardware store, Hardy, Nebraska; 1891-1915 was postmaster of Hardy; died, 7/10/31, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Ne.

Rudy, Henry, Cpl.; died, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 7/27/63

Runion, Lucias, Sgt.; (also spelled Runyan); born NY.,1839; to Pecatonica, Ill, 1854; to Ogle County, Ill., 1859; (enlisted first as Missouri recruit prior to moving to Ill.); to Missouri; first served with independent regiment, then 92nd; to Marion, Ill.; Clay County, Ia, 1896; during war, made pact with other soldiers to never shave beard if survived war; later in life, wife refused to allow doctor to shave beard, even though he suffered from skin disease, exclaiming “He’d rather die!”; wrote diary; farmer near Langlow, Ia.; died, erysipelas, contagious skin disease       

Russell, Henry A., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/17/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 14, 0, 214


Sager, Conrad, Pvt., Co. F; born Germany, 1840; to America 1854, volunteered to replace another soldier on picket duty the night of Nickojack ambush and massacre; escaped with gun, without horse, returned to regiment next morning and reported what had transpired; after war, married Augusta; died December, 1912; buried Grace Methodist Cemetery, Loran Township, Pearl City, IL.

Salsbury, Samuel, Pvt., Co. I; Born 1834, Franklin County, PA; married first to Sarah Daly in Carroll County, Ill., 1860; four children; to Clinton County, IA. prior to 1870, but returned to Carroll County by 1878; married second wife, Caroline Cowell, 1874, in Ogle County, Ill.; two children; Samuel died 5/4/09, Streator, Ill.; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, Ill.

Sammis, Oscar, 2nd Lt., Co. D; born NY, 1836 to Charles and Polly Sammis; originally enlisted in 7th ILL. cavalry, Co. B, resigned, 1862 due to illness; enlisted  in 92nd; wounded, Battle of Resaca; again wounded arm and thigh severely, Jonesboro, Ga., crippled for life; married Francis Wilbur, 1858, and then Julia E Bogue, 1867. collection of his material, including letters, held at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill.; died 4/15/15

Sammis, Uriah B., Cpl.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/27/63

Sanborn, John; pioneer railroad engineer on first train which operated on North Western Road through Twin Cities; member Masonic Order; died 10/17


Sanderson, Robert; Pvt., Co. B; born Yorkshire, England; contracted liver disease in war; purchased farm after war; had heart disease final three years of life; died 4/24/85; buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, IL.

Saxburg, Lewis, Pvt.; died, Camp Douglas, Ill., 2/19/65

Scheimer, William C., Pvt., resided Grundy Center, Ia., 1886

Schermerhorn, Harvery F.; Co. H; born Schohavie Co., New York, 1841; 5’ 8”; dark hair, blue eyes, fair complexion; father was Methodist minister; to Wisconsin 1851, then to Illinois 1861, first to Creston, then to White Rock; sixteen children in family; scout in war; severely wounded near Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64 and confined for lengthy time in southern hospital; received discharge, 1/8/65 at Camp Butler, Ill., due to wounds; after war, married Selina Rossman, three children; farmer; member GAR; died Davis Junction, IL., 1/22/12; buried Creston, IL.

Schermerhorn, Henry, Pvt. Co. H; buried  Ogle County, Ill

Schermerhorn, John, Cap.; born NY., 1830; married Rachel Dodds, 1857; five children; Rachel died 1905; Calif. miner prior to war; went mining with washpan to stream and discovered several beautiful specimens of gold, one as large as bird shot during lapse in action near Burnt Hickory, Ga., 10/64; postmaster, Lena, Ill., 1869-1881; city clerk, 25 years; adjutant, GAR; knocked down by musket ball, but life saved by handle of pistol in breast coat pocket; pistol handle was broken completely off, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64

Schick, Jones, Pvt. Co. I; born 1838; wife, Mary E.; died Oak Hill Cemetery, Mount Carroll, IL.

Schreiner, John; Pvt., Co. I; born Germany, 1842; did not become citizen until 1886;  medical discharge, 4/63 after being hospitalized in Lexington, Ky., for 150 days with various ailments; died, Chadwick, Ill.

Schryver, Warren; born Tioga County, NY, 1835; to Polo Ill, 1861; married Martha Wood, 1869; eight children; stone mason, poor health; member GAR, IOOF, Marco Polo Rebekah Lodge;  died 4/28/05; buried Reed Cemetery, Polo, IL.

Scott, David, Cpl.; killed in action, Waynesboro, Ga., 12/4/64; familiarly known as” Gedee”, color-bearer for Brigade Commander; while waving brigade colors and cheering on men, struck in forehead by musket ball, instantly killed

Scott, Walter, Pvt.; killed in action, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/30/64

Scovill, Henry T.; Pvt., Co. K; born 1840; brother, Homer, also in 92nd; wife, Everline G. Graves; died 1935; buried Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, IL.

Scovill, Homer; Pvt. Co. K; born 1842; brother, Henry, also in 92nd; died 1922; buried Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, Ill.

Scoville, Horace C., Pvt., then 2nd Lt., then Captain, Co. K; born New York, 1833; to Illinois 1853; farmer; captured at Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64, survived Andersonville; made captain while at Andersonville; also prisoner at Macon and Atlanta, Georgia, Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina; exchanged at Wilmington, North Carolina, 3/1/65, and rejoined regiment; lumber business in Rockford, IL., after war until 1896; was county supervisor five years, alderman 8 years, mayor two years, then city clerk; died 1912; buried Cedar Bluff Cemetery, Rockford, IL. Plot: Block 3, Lot 52, Grave 12

Seabury, Jerome, Pvt. Co. G; born 1836, Au Sable Forks, New York; served with cousin Amos Fisk; of Seabury, Fisk wrote home during war: “I can stand a while…yet Jerome stands it first rate…he is always as happy as a skunk. I never knew him to have the blues and guess he is not troubled with them very bad.” Wife, Mary Ann Reynolds; second wife; Mary Sophia Taylor; five children; name engraved on Civil War statue on grounds of Hardin County Courthouse, Eldora, IA.; resided Steamboat Rock, IA. and Soldier’s Home, Marshalltown, IA, where died after hit by train 6/6/09; buried Union Cemetery, Union, IA

Sechler, Abraham, Pvt. Co. H; born 1842, PA.; to White Rock, IL., 1854; escaped Nickojack ambush;  after war married Elizabeth Cakes; three children; member Masonic order, Rochelle Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, engaged in grain trade; Justice of Peace and Notary Public, died 6/3/81 of erysipelas; buried White Rock Cemetery, Kings, IL.   

Sechler, George M. D., Pvt. Co. H; died, 9/14/64, died at hospital, Chattanooga, TN.; buried White Rock Cemetery, White Rock, IL.

Sellers, Jacob, Pvt.; killed outright, gunshot through heart, Chickamauga, 9/19/63

Shafer, Thomas, Pvt.; Co. H; buried Girard Cemetery, Girard, Kan. (second source indicates buried Old Arcadia Cemetery,  Arcadia, Kan.)

Shank, Samuel, (also known as Samuel Shaub?) died Nashville, 2/22/63, pleurisy

Shaub, Samuel, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/22/63

Shearer, Edward, Pvt. Co. G; died, Danville, Ky., 1/23/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; Plot  30, 0, 202

Sheets, Benjamin F., Lt. Col. And Brevet Brig. Gen.; born Pa., 1832; to Ill. 1844; entered Rock River Seminary, 1852, graduate 1855; married Alice Hill, 1855; originally of 1st Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry and officer of 14th Ky.;  resigned 4/64, business reasons; horse's name "Old Blutcher"; POW; dry goods merchant, Mt. Morris, Ill.; deputy circuit clerk; elected sheriff, Ogle County; milling; hardware; state senator, introducing prohibition bill, but failed; introduced prison reform bill and bill founding Pontiac state reformatory; first superintendent of that institution; 31 years Sunday School superintendent; lay delegate to church conference; 47 years member, Official Board Methodist Episcopal Church; Commander of GAR post several terms; delegate to state, national encampments; built, embellished development of attractive grounds, Oregon, Ill.; hardware business; originally Whig, became Republican; proud to have voted for Lincoln twice; married Alice Hill, 1855; married Catherine Hormell, 1872; two children each marriage; died 4/22; few days’ illness; age 89; buried Riverview Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.

Sheets, William Henry Harrison; Pvt., Co. K; born Hagerstown, MD., 1840; to Mount Morris, IL., 1850s; after war, to Colorado, spent most of remainder of life working in silver mines until poor health wouldn’t allow it; never married; died 9/26/01.

Sheldon, Horace F., Pvt.; died, wounds, Powder Springs, Ga., 10/11/64

Shimer, W. C.; born 1838, PA.; wife, Zenith, who was born in Indiana; resided Grundy Center, Iowa, as of 1880; postal clerk; child Zella.

Shipman, Levi T., Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/4/63, typhoid pneumonia

Shoemaker, David, Pvt.; captured, 4/23/64, Nickojack Massacre; survived Andersonville Prison

Shoemaker, William; Pvt.; born NY, 1826; to Wright County, Iowa after war; resided Belmond, Iowa, 1886; died 12/9/99, Belmond; buried in unmarked grave, small rural cemetery few miles northwest of Belmond.

Shore, Thompson, M., Pvt. Co. I; died, Danville, Ky., 2/9/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.  Plot 14, 0, 229

Shores, Josiah, Pvt. Co. B; born 1841; resided Osage, Ia., 1886; died 1920; Osage Cemetery, Osage, IA.

Simpson, John, Pvt. Co. G; born 1841, Ireland; to America, 1851; brothers Thomas and James in 1st Delaware; Thomas killed at Antietam, James killed at Spottsylvania; a third brother, William, served six months as fifteen-year-old as guard of Union draftees in Ft. Douglas; wife, Annie G. Wilson; died 1912; buried Lake Mound Cemetery, Zion, Illinois

Sims, Frederick W., Pvt.; born NY., 1843; harness shop worker; two horses shot out from under him during war; to Wisc. 1867; to Des Moines, Omaha, points west as railroad worker; to Wyoming; homesteader on Missouri River in Nebr.; had shop near Black Hills, S. D.; ran hotel, Creston, Corning, Ia.; owned stores in Des Moines; farmer, Arkansas; married Eva Wilcox, 1873 (died, Des Moines, 1888); four children; married Ida Pugh, 1898

Sisson, William, Pvt. Co. C; born 1844, Stephenson, County, ILL; uncle, James Foreman, also in 92nd; member United Brethren and Unity Lutheran Church; member IOOF, GAR; honorary member  Ladies Circle GAR; lived on farm, Waddams Twp until 1900; moved to city; wife, Eliza Murphy, 1869; three daughters; died 12/6/10; buried Manny Cemetery, Stephenson County, Il.

Skidmore, Thomas Jefferson, Pvt. Co. C; Born 1843, MO.;  to Boone, IA., 1890; station agent; died 8/23/07; buried Linwood Park Cemetery, Boone, IA.

Skinner, George R., 1st Lt.; Co. D, then Adjutant, married one of hospital girls during war in field, April 6, 63; resided Cedar Rapids, Ia., 1886

Slater, Amos B., Pvt.; discharged, 11/63; died 1875 or before

Sleer, John A., Pvt.  Co. C; born 1836, PA.; to Pearl City, Illinois 1845, then to Lanark, 1861; married Fannie Hittle, 1862; five children; originally enlisted in 71st Ill. Infantry for ninety days, then enlisted in 92nd, December, 1863; transferred to 65th ILL. at close of war; member Mason; first mason degree taken in negro cabin on southern battlefield during war, then became Master Mason months later in southern city, with most officers of lodge being Confederate; died 7/16/09; buried Lanark Cemetery, Lanark, IL.

Slosser, Henry, (also spelled Schlosser) Cpl.; was sent up road waiving handkerchief, but was taken prisoner; captured 9/17/63; died, scorbutus, Andersonville, Prison, Ga., 6/28/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #2585

Smallwood, James A; Cpl., Co. F; born 1835, Cheshire, England, to parents Charles (1795-1890) and Hannah Darlington (1801-1889); parents buried together, Stephenson, Ill.; in 1857, James married Adelaide S. Buffington (born Spatford, Onandaga, NY, 4/29/1839, and died 3/18/1915); 8-10 children; family listed in 1880 census as residing in Crawford, Buchanan, Missouri; family heritage includes a James Smallwood immigrating to Maryland, 1664, and involved in tobacco plantation and army; son Bayne (1685-1709), involved in similar activities; son General William Smallwood in many campaigns with George Washington, and governor three times; James’ wife, Adelaide Buffington’s family heritage goes back to Miles Standish of Mayflower; James resided in Home for Disabled Soldiers, 1894 and died there 3/3/1916.

Smith, Barney, Pvt.; born 1838; parents Hugh and Rose; died 10/21/17; buried St. Bernard Cemetery, Cedar Falls Twp., Black Hawk County, Iowa (presently known as Greenwood Cemetery).

Smith, Henry Albert; Pvt., Co. B; born 1844, Byron, Ill.; first wife, Anna Carter, 1852-1893; five children: Esther, Ida, Anna, Julius, Dale; after death of Anna, then married Rolse Haas, 1866-1929, (one child); member GAR; to Rockford 1893, in draying business 25 years; then to Pittsville, to live with son; died 11/4/33, Pittsville, Wisc.; (November death date per obit., however, grave marker application says September 4, 1933); buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, Ill.

Smith, Horace, Cap.; born Pa., 1838; to Ogle County, Ill., 1856; wounded, musket ball through arm, Alabama, 1/64; deputy county clerk, register of deeds four years; elected county treasurer, 1861; after war, to Ottawa, Kan.; hardware; organized Ottawa Bank; cashier three years; purchased controlling interest in First National Bank, elected cashier; president of bank

Smith, John, Pvt.; POW

Smith, John F., Pvt.; died Danville, Ky., 2/26/63

Smith, John J., Pvt.; severely wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Smith, John M., Pvt. Co. I; died 2/21/63; buried Danville National Cemetery;  plot 14, 0, 236

Smith Robert D., Pvt.; died 10/25; buried Colo Cemetery, Colo, Ia.

Smith, Samuel B., Born 1841; died 5/3/25; buried Lower York Cemetery, Thomson, Carroll County, IL.

Smith, Thomas A., Pvt.; POW

Smith, William, Cpl.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 2/17/63

Smith, William B., Pvt.; wounded, Alabama, 1/64

Snyder, Jacob, Pvt.; born 1823, PA.; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/63; wife, Rebecca; three children; farmer; still alive as of 1880 census.  

Snyder, William; Pvt., Co. D; born Miflin County, PA., 1836; captured 4/23/64, Ringgold, GA., confined Florence, SC, paroled Charleston, SC, 12/6/64; statement from doctor, dated 1/3/65, stated William unfit for military duty for thirty days, in consequence of general debility and dropsy of extremities occasioned by starvation or improper diet; he received furlough which extended to April, 1865, and then served till end of war; married 12/65 to Sarah Green; five children; died 5/12/05 buried Albany Cemetery, Nemaha County, KS.

Souders, William; Born 1833, Fulton County, PA.; parents, James and Mary Bloom; died 1/17/89; buried Woodland Brethren Cemetery, Carroll County, IL.

Spalding, David W., (also spelled Spaulding); Pvt.; Co. B.; renlisted 8/15/64; mustered in at age 18; detached at muster out of of regiment; moved from Iowa to Brule County, South Dakota Territory, 8/82; married Emma Canterbury; five children;  moved 1898, to Jackson Hole, WY., where approximately 1904, homesteaded JY ranch; relinquished rights to ranch 1907; this land became “dude” ranch; died 1924  on JY ranch; had requested to be buried on ridge overlooking ranch (ridge now part of Grand Teton National Park), buried off trail near Phelps Lake

Spalding, John Franklin, Cpl.; born 1843; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; died 10/31/21; buried Byron Cemetery, Byron, Ogle County, IL.

Spear, Joseph Lybrand; Born 2/1/31 in Drumore Twp., Lancaster County, PA.; married Mary E. Carpenter, 8/24/62 (second marriage); pharmacist, Polo, Ill.; 1st Lt., Co. E; promoted to Captain 4/21/64; died 1/11/99, Polo, Ill., buried Fairmont Cemetery, Polo, Ill.

Spear, William H., Pvt.; resided Spalding, Ia., 1886

Spence, John, Sgt. Co. F; captured, survived Andersonville Prison; brother-in-law, John McCleese, also at Andersonville; died August 27, 1867; buried Rochester Cemetery, Sangamon County, IL.

Speraw, William, Pvt. Co. K; born PA.; blue eyes, light hair; 6’; to Shannon, ILL.; farmer; wounded Chickamauga; after war, returned home to farm, married Elizabeth Lang; to Cumberland, Cass County, IA.,  member GAR; to Atlantic, IA, then back to Cumberland; traded farm for Trego Hotel, called  “The Cumberland House”, sold hotel after four years and retired in Cumberland; died 9/20/15; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Cumberland, IA., Plot L40.

Springer, George A., Pvt.; killed in action, gunshot to lungs, near Ringgold, Ga., 4/23/64, buried Chattanooga National Cemetery

Squire, J. M., Pvt.; resided Center Point, Ia., 1886

Stakemiller, Jacob; Pvt. Co. I; born PA., 1840; to Mt. Carroll, IL, 1856; to Sterling, IL., 1874; in furniture business, then carpenter; married Levina Strickler, 1871; member M. E. Church, served as treasurer, deacon, and taught Bible class; died 11/27/99; buried Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, Il.

Stalhout, Augustus, Pvt.; killed in action, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64

Stapley, Frederich, discharged by Rosecrans, 6/18/1863

Stacy, James F., Pvt. Co. C; son, Ransom Deloss; buried Chico Cemetery; Chico, Butte County, CA.

Starkey, James W., Cpl.; captured, Nickojack Massacre, 4/23/64; died, Andersonville Prison

Steinman, Barnhart, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 1/21/64

Stephenson, Nathan, Sgt.; Second Surgeon; Died 1875 or before; buried Chadwick, Ill.

Steuben, Frederick William, Pvt. Co H.; two brothers also served in Civil War; born Steuben, New York; moved to Illinois at age nine; married Emma Elizabeth Hall Greene, 9/74; three children; moved to Rockford, Iowa; Emma died, 1892, and he raised small children alone; member, Charles J. Pixley Post, GAR; died Rockford, Iowa 12/21/24; per obit.: "His country's flag, which Mr. Steuben so dearly loved, was draped over his casket, while a smaller one lay next to his heart." buried Riverside Cemetery, Rockford, Iowa; Family surname originally "Arnold"; however, per the following interesting account shared by a descendant surname was changed to "Steuben": Frederick William Steuben was grandson of Revolutionary War solder Jonathan Arnold. Shortly after treason of Benedict Arnold, Baron Frederick William von Steuben was at morning roll call when Connecticut soldier Jonathan Arnold was called. Von Steuben asked soldier to step forward and ordered him to report to him that morning. When Jonathan did, von Steuben told him he was too fine of soldier to bear name of traitor. Furthermore he should change his name. When Jonathan didn't know what name to use, the Baron offered his own. From then on Jonathan Arnold became known as Jonathan Steuben. The name change became official  by governor, legislature and general court of Connecticut after the war. Jonathan was known as adopted son of the Baron. When Jonathan named one of his sons "Frederick William" after the Baron's, the Baron promised to give the child land in Steuben, New York. The promise was honored by the Baron's heirs. This Frederick died in War of 1812. It is assumed his brother, Benjamin Walker Steuben, son of Jonathan and Father of the 92nd Illinois Frederick William named his son after both the Baron and his uncle.

Stocks, Henry W., Pvt.; born Pa.; to Ill. 1850; Knight Templars; three children; died 10/05; throat cancer; buried Eleroy Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Stohl, Jeremiah Pvt., Co. E; born 1832, Loganton (now Clinton Co.) PA.; family to Illinois, 1850s, captured near Fayetteville, NC., 3/10/65, confined Richmond, Va., 3/28/65; paroled 3/30/65; furloughed  4/10/65 for thirty days, returned 5/11/65; discharged 7/24/65; brother, William, also in 92nd; returned to PA, 1870; died 9/4/75, Juniata County, PA.; buried Richfield Union Cemetery, Richfield, PA.

Stohl, William Wilson, 1st Sgt., Co. E; born Loganton, (now Clinton Co.) PA.; family to Illinois, 1850s; 5’7”; dark hair, gray eyes; mustered in 2/9/64; transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill.; discharged 7/13/65; pension also lists 137th PA. Infantry; brother, Jeremiah, also in 92nd

Stolhut, August, Pvt.; captured, died, wounds, Andersonville Prison, Ga., 11/23/64; buried Andersonville National Cemetery; grave #12132

Stouffer, Daniel H.; Sgt.; Born 1831; married Charlotte Grant; children Edwin and Leroy; died August 16, 1917; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Minneapolis; Original Section, Block 28, Lot 4, Space 2.

Stouffer, William, Cap.; died, typhoid fever, Danville, Ky., 1/21/63, "Generous-hearted, noble man; regiment felt deeply for this loss" 

Stover, S. G., Pvt.; born Ohio, 1837; grocery trade, Lena, Ill.; to White Rock, Republic County, Kan.; county treasurer; married Miss Lowe of Lena, Ill. 1859; two children; GAR

Strock, David; Co. E; born Bedford County, Pa.; 1840; married Tena Anna Christenson, 1876; three children; ranked high in medical profession as physician; member GAR; resided Waukon, Iowa, and died at home of son in Dyersville, Iowa, 9/2/16; buried Polo, IL.

Strock, David C.; born 1829, Washington County, Maryland; parents Michael and Margaretha Moyer Strock; 6'1", fair complexion, dark hair, gray eyes; to Ogle Co, IL, 1850; married Mary Ann Clopper, 1858; nine children; died 8/11/87 of brain trouble after fighting fire in extreme heat; buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, IL.

Strong, James C., Lt., Co. C, 92nd; married Antoinette Chase, 9/1/58; served 21 months in 92nd, then transferred to U.S. colored regiment; held commission as Lieut. and Adjutant; returned to Carroll County, Ill.; died 12/3/89; buried Riverside Cemetery, Denver, CO.

Sturtevant, O. L., born 1844, Ohio; wife, Fannie; resided Ogden and Boone, Iowa; tinner; buried Boone, Iowa.

Swaggart, Eugene M., Pvt. Co. I; born Ill., 1841; farmer; married Elvira Ludisky, 1861; died 3/17/33; buried Enid Cemetery, Enid, OK.

Swan, Edgar W.; Pvt., Co. B; Born 1840; died Seattle WA., 12/31/1927; buried GAR Cemetery, Seattle, WA.,  Plot 445

Sweeley, Philip, Sgt.; Quartermaster Sergeant; died 10/76; buried Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Sweet, Noah, Pvt. Co. F; born Dodge County, Wisc., 1848; according to biography in Mason City Gazette, 1930, he enlisted in 12th Ill. on Oct. 12, 1863; however, 92nd regimental history indicates he enlisted in 92nd Ill., Oct. 12, 1864 and transferred to 65th Ill, Co. G.; to Iowa, 1866; married Sarah LaVona Churchill; seven children; resided Charles City, Floyd County, IA.; died 1932; buried Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, IA.


Tally, Thomas S., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/16/63

Tarbert, Andrew, Pvt. Co. F; discharged an died 6/18/63

Taylor, Alfred A., Pvt. Co. K; born 7/34, Winnebago County, Ill; Kishwaukee; enlisted with brother-in-law, Edward Fox; transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill. Inf.; , resided in 1860, Pine Rock Twp., Ogle County; resided 1870, Indian Creek Twp., Story County, Iowa; resided in 1880, Newbury, Waubaunsee County, Kansas; resided 1900, Richland Twp., Decatur County, Iowa; siblings: Juno, Juel, Emma, Jane, Andrew, Eluthrous, Lydia, William, Isabelle, Malvina, Malesia; married 2/6/58 to Wealthy Hoadley, Winnebago County, Ill.; married #2 7/22/70 to Margaret Watkins, Story County, Iowa; died 1/24/11, buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand River Twp., Decatur County, Iowa

Taylor, James, Pvt.; born Canada, 1844; gunshot to head, Resaca, Ga.; married Laura; Boulder, Colo. twelve years; GAR; resided Alta, IA., 1886; died 1/27, Boulder, Colo.; myocarditis; arterio-sclerosis; age 82; buried Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder, Colo.

Taylor, William, Pvt.;  injured Spring, 1863

Tharp, Lettin R., Pvt.; born Ohio, 10/33; married A. Johnson; six children; GAR; to Shenendoah, Ia.

Thayer, Cyrus, Pvt.; during war, sick in hospital, Atlanta, GA, and again sick Nov. – Feb 1865; in hospital, Chicago, Il; discharged by reason of death by Cat. John Nelson, 6/4/65 died 3/30/65, of consumption at father’s house, White Rock, Ogle County, Ill.; buried Hayes Cemetery, Kings, Ill.

Thomas, Elijah; born Canada, 1837; parents both from New Hampshire; resided Grundy County, Iowa, 1880; resided Bruce, IA., 1886; farmer; married Anne E.; six children.

Thomas, Henry, Pvt. Co. I; died, measles, consumption, Nashville, Tenn., 12/12/62, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.  Plot 13, 0, 138

Thomas, Theodore, Pvt.; born Ogle County, Ill., 1844; to Faulkner, Ia., 1868; to Franklin County, Ia., 1876; farmer; married Elizabeth Wagner 1867; seven children; Republican; trustee nine years; died 4/18/35; buried Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, Iowa

Thompson, George, Pvt. Co. F; died, Danville, Ky., 10/11/63, buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 31, 0,116

Thompson, John J., Pvt.; born Albany, NY, 1814, first to Utica, NY; father Methodist preacher; married Barbara Brand, 1838; was one of early businessmen of Polo, IL, in boot and shoe business; before war, he drilled local boys in military tactics prior to camp; one of oldest members of 92nd; wounded, gunshot arm and back, and left for dead at Chickamauga; captured, held prisoner for thirteen days, when exchanged and sent home; crippled for life, medical discharge 5/65; hometown received word he was dead, and had printed his obit., everyone surprised when he arrived alive to read his own obituary; after war resumed shoe business; died 4/21/84.

Thompson, John R., Pvt., Born NY; resident Winslow, Ill.; 6’4” (his soldier brother, Hassell, was 6’6”), brown hair, blue eyes, light complexion; single; farmer at time of enlistment; had two brothers and three cousins also in war; one of these cousins, William Boddy, also in 92nd; active duty for only a few months prior to sickness; spent time in Nashville hospital, transferred to Invalid Corps, later the 2nd Regt. Veteran Reserve Corps, Co. E;  died - illness; 1/14/64; buried in Post Cemetery, (became part of Woodmere Cemetery) Detroit, Mich.

Thorp, Levi, Pvt.; born Wisc. 1846; married Anne Martin, 1872; eight children; moved to Hardin County, later Franklin County, Ia.; farmer; Methodist; vice-president Farmer’s Elevator; died 11/16; age 70, paralysis; buried Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls, Ia.

Tilton, Alonzo F., born Ohio, 1847; wife Loretta; died 12/25/22 in Collins, Story, Co., IA.

Tilton, Commodore Porter, Pvt.; born Rochelle, IL, 1846; father was Elijah Tilton, who was killed 1864 in GA.; married Rebecca Adkins 1878; in Rippey, IA., resided Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota, until fall of 1912 when to Dawson County, Montana and homesteaded; died 2/30; nine children living at death.

Tilton, Elijah, Pvt. Co. F; died, Marietta, Ga., 10/6/64, from wounds, Powder Springs, GA.; buried Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, GA.  Plot A-309

Tilton, George. W., Pvt. Co,. I; born 1844, MA.; member GAR Stanton Post 55; died 10/21/27; buried Angeles Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA.; plot Lot 223; N Grave 1 SW

Tilton, Orin B.; Co. H; born 1848; member GAR; died 5/1/18; buried Washington Grove Cemetery, Pine Rock Twp., Ogle County, IL.

Timms, Harvey M., Maj.; born 1837; first white male born Stephenson County, Ill. in Kent Township on first tract homesteaded in that county; raised on farm; accompanied John  Brown at Ossawatomie, Kan.; transferred to 65th Ill.; married Martha Davis, 1866; five children; Mason; Methodist; farmer; banker in Ill.; moved to Ore., where became fruit farmer; died 8/10, Portland, Ore.; age 73; Bright’s Disease

Tomlinson, George H.; Sgt. Co. G; born Derby, Connecticut, 1819; grandfather served in Revolutionary War; to Ohio, 1829; to Freeport 1840; cattle buying until war; discharged, disability, 1863; unable to work for next six years because of disease contracted in war; Republican, Presbyterian, wife Alice Shaffer; member, GAR; buried City Cemetery, Freeport, IL.

Train, Joseph, Cpl. Co. G; born 1843, IL.; wife, Catherine Mahala Stout; one child; farmer; transferred into U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps, 6/17/65; wounded, Chickamauga, 9/19/63; carried off battlefield; gunshot through bottom of heel, came out above ankle of left foot, and entered right leg above knee; resided Ojai, Ventura, CA.; died 1/10/17, Ventura County CA.; buried Cemetery, Park, Ventura, CA. Plot Block 23; Lot 8;  S. Sec.; his headstone was discarded in the 1960s by decisions made by the Ventura City Council, He now has no memorial. Note from Rob: how disgusting is that! Anybody know the reason for such a disrespectful act by the Ventura City Council??? I obtained this information from Is it really correct?

Train, Samuel; postmaster, editor of Albany, Oregon Daily Herald

Trask, Henry O.,  Pvt. Co. K; died 7/13/79; buried Riverview Cemetery, Oregon, IL

Tressler, Samuel W.; Pvt.; born PA; resided Rush Lake, Palo Alto County, Ia. after war;  was still alive as of 1912 when wife, Harriett, died

Trier, S. S., First Lt., Co. F., born 1841 in MD; wounded; arrived South Dakota 1884, lived Hyde County, S.D.

Truckenmiller, Edward G.; Pvt.; died 4/2/35

Tucker, Cyrus, Pvt.; missing in action, presumed dead

Tumbleson, John K., (also spelled Tomlinson), Pvt., born 1840; resided Prairie Hill, Ia.,1886; died 2/17/97; buried Rippey Cemetery, Rippey, IA.

Turneaure, Jacob M., musician, Co. F; buried Avilla Cemetery, Jasper County, MO

Turner, Alfred, Pvt.; resided Westerville, Ia., 1886

Tyler, Nathan C., Pvt.; captured, Nickojack Massacre, Ga., 4/23/64; survived Andersonville Prison; muster-out roll dated 6/65 states he at that time “now at home having escaped.” 4/66 muster roll reports him “mustered out to date from 6/1865 at Springfield.” However, a “Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records” states, “Admitted to hospital at Andersonville, Georgia, 5/64, scorbutus. Exchanged 3/65, Exchanged 4/65. Paroled at Vicksburg, Miss. on or about 4/9/65; Admitted to Parole Camp hospital near Vicksburg, Miss. 4/65. NO. 1057. Diarrhea. Returned to duty 4/12/65. His name appears on Ex. 10 with remark ‘deserted.’ No further record. The above [illegible word] ‘deserted’ appearing on rebel rolls and not by means ‘escapee.’”; buried Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.


Updegraph, Levi, Pvt.; died, wounds, 5/9/64


Van Buskirk, Matthew, Lt. Col.; born NY. 1835; moved to Ill., 1851; commanded regiment from 10/64 till war’s end; moved to Iowa Falls, Ia., 1865; merchant; traveler; farmer; initially Republican, then Democrat; first commander, local GAR; church trustee; married Nellie McGiven, 1866; seven children; died 1901, heart failure, age 66; buried Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls, Ia.; unmarked grave

Vaughn, David, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/5/63

Ventioner, George W., Pvt.; POW

Verbeck, Benjamin Edgar; Pvt., Co. G; born 1843; brother-in-law of David Wingert, Pvt. Co. K; died 3/2/21; buried Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisc.

Vincent, Charles S., Cpl.; born NY. 1839; to Ill. 1857; farmer; married Mary Snyder, 1859; one child; to Waverly, Ia. 1871; 1899 to Clear Lake, Ia., where captain, Ia. State militia; died 10/09; age 70; buried Waddams Grove Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Virgil, James E.; Pvt.; born 1838, Syracuse, NY.; married Josephine Wykoff; children, Clifford E. Edith May, George E., Eva Pearl, and Stephen L; resided Grand Rapids, MI.; member GAR; died 1/1/04; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Vorhis, Jerry, Pvt.; buried, 1/26/63

Vought, Daniel R., Cpl.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/6/63


Wade, John, Pvt./Cpl. Co. F; born Cleveland, Ohio area, 1837; moved to northern Illinois around 1860; resident of Berryman, JoDaviess County at time of enlistment; moved to Villisca, Iowa around 1870

Wadsworth, James C., Pvt.; transferred to 65th Ill.; died 1875 or before

Wait, Byron, Pvt., Co A, born 1835; ill for several years; died September, 1920 at Watertown State Hospital, buried Erie Cemetery, (state unknown).

Wales, Thomas; born 1825; married Sarah; daughter Harriet; died 9/17/05; buried Lena Burial Park, Lena, IL

Walker, Milo, Pvt., died, Savannah, Ga., 12/25/64

Walker, Peleg Remington, Lt.; Co. K, Born 1835, Connecticut; to Rockford, Ill., 1856, with family; began teaching, Lynnville, Ill.; then taught Byron, Ill.; sergeant, 92nd; rapidly advanced to 2nd Lt.; then 1st Lt.; when captain captured, took command of company; wounded after war declared over, N.C., 4/12/65; married Martha Webbon, 8/16/65; returned to teaching; one daughter, Frances E. Walker; became first superintendent of Rockford Schools, 1884; remained superintendent until death, April 17, 1913; Walker School was built prior to his death and he attended dedication of school named for him, over entrance to school are inscribed these words: “The Peleg R. Walker School”; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, IL.

Walkup, Liberty, Pvt. Co. K; born 1844; wife, Phoebe C. Johnson; one daughter; died  1922; buried Mount Zion Cemetery, Oregon, IL.;  Plot D28

Wallace, E. L., Pvt.; resided Van Cleve, Ia., 1886

Walters, George, of color guard wounded but would not leave the old flag until after the fight was over Aug. 31, 64

Walters, Richard Lord, Pvt. Co H; born Steuben County, NY, 1844; arrived at early age to Illiinois; enlisted 1863; transferred to Co. G, 65th Ill.; married Rhoda E. Carpenter, 4/30/72; seven children; rural mail carrier for Rochelle, Ill; member GAR and IOOF; died January, 1915, while resident of Rochelle; buried Lawnridge Cemetery

Walters, William W.; born 1840; resided Rockwell City, Iowa, 1886; died 1895; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Rockwell City, Iowa

Warner, John H., Pvt.; died 1875 or before

Waterbury, Fordyce, Sgt.; born NY, 1830; to Ill. 1836; originally in 7th Ill. Cavalry as bugler; then to 92nd Ill.; first in Co. D, then as Commissary Sergeant; applied for discharge, but instead was promoted to First Lieutenant of Co. E, 16th USCT; James, Waterbury, of Co. D, possibly brother of Fordyce; after war, engaged in farming; grain trade; grocery; Presbyterian; GAR; married twice; three kids; died 8/00 in Chicago, Bright’s Disease; age 69; buried Polo, Ill.

Waterbury, James; Sgt.; Co. D; born 1825, Delaware County, NY; married Mary Granville.

Watson, Otho; Pvt. Co. C; born Washington County, MD., 1844; parents: Mathias and Sarah; to Carroll County, IL. 1844; returned to Carroll County after war and became farm hand; then rented father’s farm, eventually buying farm of 120 acres in York township, sold it, then rented again; purchased land again and farmed  until 1906; moved to Hickory Grove; Republican; married Sarah Reed, 1867; six children; died 1924; buried Hickory Grove Cemetery, Mt. Carroll , IL.

Way, Milo L.,  Pvt. Co. K; buried Protem Cemetery, Protem, MO.; plot: Row from West, S of Dividing Road: 8

Weaver, Leonard James; Co. I; born 1838; wife, Eliza; resided Griswold, Iowa; died 3/17/15; buried Noble Center Cemetery, Cass County, Iowa

Webb, Edward William, Pvt.; born 1846; resided in Leaf River/Byron area, Ogle County, ILL.; after war, homesteaded Antelope County, Nebraska, 4/1884; died 6/27/1926; buried Park Cemetery, Antelope County, Nebraska

Webb, Hawley; Pvt. Co. K; died in Nebraska, 2/19/72; buried Woodland Cemetery, Creston, IL.

Weber, John; Pvt. Co. I; born 1842; married Effie; died 2/25/15; buried Sterling Cemetery, Sterling, Iowa.

Weidman, Washington; born 1845, Connecticut; died 1875 or before   

Weldon, Levi A., Pvt.; married Ella; five children; Methodist; died 1/26; several weeks’ illness; age 80; buried Ottumwa Cemetery, Ottumwa, Ia.  

Wells, Andrew; Pvt. Co C; born 1824, MO.; parents John and Sarah; first married Amanda Hill, 1845, who died year later of consumption; then  married Eliza Ridgeway 1850; children with Eliza include Edward, Amos, Warren, Harriet, Martha, Charles; raised quality horses prior to war, then became bee keeper; during war, contracted typhoid fever 3/63; also massive abcess removed; this abcess caused 50% disability due to nerve damage in one leg; his third wife, Martha, received widow’s pension of $8/month; died 7/19/90; buried Woodland Brethren Cemetery, Mt. Carroll, IL

Wendling, Michael, Pvt.; wounded, Jonesboro, Ga., 8/64; “supposed to have been killed in S. C.”; date unknown

Werkheiser, Ephraim, Pvt.; Born 1842 ; Wyoming Co., PA; father, John Werkheiser (1821 - 1865) and Deborah Hahn (1822 - 1904); farmer, Kent, Ill.; private, Co. G; 6' 00"; light hair, light eyes, light complexion; younger brother, William, also in 92nd and brother John in 93rd IL.; discharged 8/5/63; Louisville, KY, for disability; brought home and died one month later, 9/12/63; buried Yellow Creek Cemetery, Kent, Ill.

Werkheiser, William, Pvt.; Born 1844; Wyoming Co., PA; parents John Werkheiser (1821- 1865) and Deborah Hahn (1822 - 1904); farmer, Kent, IL., Private, Co. G; 5' 10"; light hair, light eyes, light complexion; older brother, Ephraim, also in 92nd and brother John in 93rd IL.; died 10/6/64 of wounds received at Powder Springs, GA, three days earlier; buried Marietta, GA., Military Cemetery. #8181

West, Ezra; Cpl. Co. G; born Susquehanna County, PA., 1846; son of Joshua West and Sarah Coggshall; wife Lura Blakesley, who died 1877; second wife Rebeckah; died 3/17/12 Winslow, IL.; buried Crossroads Cemetery, Stephenson County, IL

West, Philip, Pvt.; discharged 9/63, disability; died 1875 or before

West, Silas Mercer,  Pvt., Co. D; A true Southerner! Born 1817, Simpson County, KY.; to Winston County, Mississippi (area was pro-Confederate) where he became early settler in 1837; moderately successful farmer, though NOT slaveholder; Silas' brother, Tilman Howard West, married Elizabeth James, the aunt of outlaw and pro-Confederate Jesse James! Silas married and raised ten children; remained in Mississippi on farm during first three years of Civil War; joined 92nd Illinois March 1864 at 47 years old; honorably discharged 1865 after Civil War ended; after war, sold land in Mississippi, moved with family to Jackson, Greene County, Missouri where listed in 1870 census; died 6/11/93; buried with Union soldier’s tombstone in Danforth Cemetery, near Strafford, Missouri.

Westbrook, Leonard C.; Pvt., Co. B; born 1826; parents Richard, Orpha; married Hannah A. Frost; died 11/17/99; buried Brooklyn Cemetery, Oregon, ILL. Plot: R 4W, G4.

Wheat , James; Co. I; died 9/22/86; buried Lanark, IL.

Wheeler, Andrew Lawrence; born 1845, NJ.; father, Luke; to Wheaton, Ill., then Rochelle; enlisted January, 1864; transferred to Co. I, 65th Ill., after war; was scout during war; career as molder after war, then assisted in construction of railroad, then was engineer for Illinois Central Railroad; member, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; member of Catholic faith and of Republican party; married Catherine Dee, 1875; children Paul, Arthur, Dee, Mary; wife died 1940; died 2/2/06 of Bright’s Disease and heart trouble; buried Calvary Cemetery, Freeport, IL

White, James Dauphin; Co. K; born 1843; wife Sarah Frances Baker; died 11/2/85; buried Stillman Valley Cemetery, Ogle County, IL

White, Steles E., Pvt.; discharged 2/63; died 1875 or before

Whitehead, D. C., Pvt.; Co. H  died 11/5/75 buried Rock Rapids Cemetery, Rock Rapids, Ia.

Whitely, John B.; born 1838, PA.; parents born England; farmer; resided  Eagle Grove, Wright County, Iowa; wife, Marion; children Lewellen, Eddie, Blanche, Estella, Hattie, Bert.

Whiteside, Thomas, Pvt.; died, Danville, Ky., 2/20/63

Whitney, Luther; born 1841, Illinois; father from Mass.; mother from N. H.; wounded in war; farmer after war; married second cousin, Ellen Willey; resided Carroll County, Ill., 1870;  children Frank, Everett, Fay; later resided Hopkins, Mo.; died 12/5/14.

Whitmore, Joseph, discharged by Rosecrans, 6/22/1863

Wickwire, William; born Ohio, 1836; bugler in war; died 9/30; Belvedere, Ill.; age 93; buried Winslow Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Wilcoxon, George Ingalls, born Buffalo Grove, Ogle County, ILL, 1845; enlisted March 1864, became 2nd Lieut; transferred to Co. G, 65th ILL. near end of war;  Married Sarah Alice Foote, 1869; four children; member Odd Fellows Lodge and also GAR; died 2/20/1914, in Belle Plaine, IA., age 69 years.

Wilcoxon, Oscar; died Concord, Cabarrus County, NC, 6/5/65, during Union occupation; buried in the then-named First Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Concord; name of cemetery is now Memorial Gardens; (there is also a stone, perhaps with no body beneath for Pvt. Wilcoxen in Cedarville, Il, Cemetery;  it may be memorial only)

Willey, Collins, Pvt.; born 2/16/39, Pennsylvania; Parents Henry and Mercy Abbott Willey; died 12/14/65.

Williams, Alphonso B.; Pvt. Co. E, born 1835, Mass.; to Buffalo Grove, Illinois,  1846 with mother; after war, to Missouri, then to Spirit Lake, Iowa before returning to Polo, Illlinois; Justice of Peace; member GAR; died 9/25/91; buried Fairmont Cemetery, Polo.

Williams, Albert R., Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 3/13/63

Williams, Asa P., Pvt.; Born 1822, in Canada or Mass.; in 1851, married Matilda D. Williams, of Rockester, NY. and Erie, Ohio, on Kelley’s Island, Erie, Ohio; farmer; in 1860, Asa, wife, and son Charles Henry to Chicago, then to Byron, Ogle, County, Ill. with Matilda’s sister Lucinda Williams Morgan, Roxy Williams Lockwood, James Lockwood and Matilda’s mother, Dorcas Fox; farmer in Byron; age 40 at muster in; Co. B; 5’6”, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair; record of medical release from Danville Medical Hospital; died 4/22/63 of typhoid pneumonia; buried next day in Nashville, TN.: left four children: Charles Henry, Edward James, Joseph Plumb, Mary Lily.

Wilson, Coates L., Pvt.; gunshot to right hip, Chickamauga; died Chattanooga, Tenn., 10/19/63

Wilson, David C.; Pvt., Co. B; born New York, 1838; father, mother both from New York; resided in Manson, Calhoun County, Iowa as early as 1886 and as late as 1930; (unknown about in-between years); widowed at least by 1930; two children, Ernest and Eva; died 1933; buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Manson, Iowa.

Wilson, David H.; Pvt., Co. K; born 1840, Canada; resided Cleveland, OH.; invested in Standard Oil stock; became wealthy; never married; member GAR; died 10/5/12 of appoplexy; buried Lighthouse Cemetery, Daysville, IL.

Wilson, Jesse M.; Pvt., Co D; born Baltimore, MD., 1822; parents Quakers; in manufacturing business prior to war; married Ann Hyett; to Polo, ILL; became Lutheran; ill for several years prior to death; children Sarah, Charles, Frank, Ella, and infant son, Newton, who passed away early; died 5/1/08, buried Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, IL.

Winebrenner, William P.,  Pvt. Co. I; parents, Peter and Matilda; buried Clyde Cemetery, Whiteside County, IL.

Wingert, David, Pvt., Co.K; joined 92nd in 1864; brother-in-law of Benjamin Verbeck, Co. G; died 10-9-64, buried National Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.

Winslow, Eben C., Sgt. Co. F; born 1840, possibly PA.; injured severely, 9/63, prior to Chickamauga; as of 1875, was resident of Minnesota; had sister Sophrona, who was born 1830 and died 1913; married Adelia Pettys; resided in Rosilia Town, Washington 1900; then returned to Minnesota; wife died 1922; died 3/9/25; buried Kahbakong Cemetery, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, Section B, Block: 304, Lot: 3.

Winston, Thomas, Lt. Col.; born Wales, 1829; to America, 1831; orphaned age 10; apprentice to Milwaukee tailor;  earned M.D., Chicago’s Rush Medical School after six-week course, 1858; married Caroline Mumford, 1861; six children; outspoken opponent of army graft, 92nd Assistant Surgeon; spent six months home during war late 1864-early 1865; abolitionist; resigned 92nd 8/64, enlisted as surgeon 149th Ill., 2/65; discharged 1/66; after war, continued to run country practice; surgeon to Illinois Central Railroad; invested in Kan. & Nebr. land; Caroline died 1909; family donated extensive war papers and letters to National Library of Medicine; died 1928; Lawrence, Kans.; age 99

Winters, John C., Pvt.; resided Deep River, Ia., 1886

Wire, Jasper Augustus, Pvt. Co. A; Born 1834, Cortland County, NY.; son of Augustus and Lovisa; wife, Emily Throp; died 11/11/06, buried Christian Hollow Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Wire, Valsom, Pvt.; married twice; seven children, four from first wife; died 6/83; hemorrhage of lungs; age 56; buried Christian Hollow Cemetery, Stephenson County, Ill.

Withers, Eli G.; born 1837; married Georgia; son Charles; died 1/13/26; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mount Morris, IL

Withey, William Taylor; Pvt. Co. A; received disability discharge from 92nd, 2/23/63.

Wohlfarth, Jacob, Pvt.; wife, Catherine

Wohlgomath, Fred, Pvt., died, Brentwood, Tenn., 4/6/63

Wood, Gulford Abel; Pvt., Co. K; born England/Canada; spouse Louisa E. Rosecrans (1839-1914); died aft. 1910, Burlington, Coffey, Kansas.

Wood, Norman, Pvt. Co. K; died 1/2/63; buried  Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 11, 0, 312

Woodcock, Albert, Maj.; born Canada; assigned Provost Marshal, 2nd Division, 1864; “everybody liked him” and during his army service “remained the same precise-spoken, good-hearted man that he always was, and the boys like him all the better for it.” attended Rock River Seminary, Mt. Morris; attended Union College, Schenectady, NY., graduating with honors; graduate, law school; admitted to bar; teacher; county treasurer; clerk; judge; internal revenue collector; U.S. Consul to Sicily (appointed by President James Garfield); GAR; Methodist Church superintendent, steward and trustee; first married Lucy Dakes; two children; married Jennie McDaid, who died; moved to Calif., for health, 1891; married Sarah Hitt, 1892; died, 6/94, pelvic cancer; age 64; buried Riverview Cemetery, Oregon, Ill.; over 100 soldiers in line at funeral

Woodruff, Constantine; born New York, 1843; POW; wife Mary; died 5/23/18; buried Tygh Valley IOOF Cemetery, Tygh Valley, Wasco County, Oregon.

Woolsey, Richard D., Pvt. Company D, 92nd; transferred to Co. B, “First Regiment of United States Colored Troops”, Department of the Cumberland

Work, George C., Pvt.; resided Clarion, Ia., 1886

Wright, Watson W., Pvt.; born Pa., 1839; farmer; tinner; well-known merchant in numerous towns; Justice of Peace, Winslow, Ill.; Order of Odd Fellows; married Amelia Gage, 1864; six children; Amelia died 1902; married Eunice Young, 1906; staunch Republican; Methodist; buried Rock Lily Cemetery, Winslow, Ill.

Wright, William, Pvt. Co. F; died 2/22/63; buried Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KY.; plot 31, 0, 118

Wyckoff, Ephraim, Pvt.; died, Nashville, Tenn., 4/14/63


Yantz, Edwin, Sgt. Maj.; born 1835, Tioga, NY; married Almira; resided near Polo, Ogle County, Ill; was clerk prior to enlistment; 5’3”, brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion; court clerk, 1870, Freeport, IL.; to Fairbury, Neb. sometime prior to June, 1900; Almira died 1908; died 1/18, age 82; (regimental history has name spelled “Yontz”)

Yates, Edward  Born Canada, 1842; moved with family to Thomson, IL. at age 12; returned to Thomson after war; died 11/1/06; buried Lower York Cemetery, Thomson, IL.

Youker, Sylvester; born 1846; parents Phillip and Patience Stanton; transferred to Co. G, 65th Ill.; spouse Laura J.; child Arthur; died 6/21/15; buried Oak Creek Cemetery, Raymond, Lancaster County, Nebraska. 

York, A. M., Lt.; born, Ogle County, Ill., 1838; 2nd Lt., 92nd till promoted to Captain, 15th Colored Infantry,1863; then Lt. Colonel; mustered out 4/66; to Shelbina, Mo., then to Independence, Kan.; married Juliett Preston, 3/61, Polo, Ill.; three children; Juliett died 1875; married second wife Candace Tracey, 3/77, Independence, Kan.; one child; member A.F. & A.M.


Zimmerman, James; Pvt. Co. K; born Canada; resided in Rockford, Ill. after war; member GAR; suffered three years from illness, paralyzed; died 10/24/94; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, Illinois.



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