Reader Questions: Can You Help?

Many of you have asked me questions about either the 92nd Illinois in general, or a specific soldier, weapon, location, etc. in particular. Keep them coming! I enjoy these questions. At least that way I am assured someone has actually found this website! I have been able to answer most of them.

There have been a few instances, however, in which you've stumped me. I will put these questions on this page for the public to see. (I won't identify you as the inquirer unless you specifically ask me to). Surely someone out there will email me with the answer. I will in turn email the inquirer with the answer and also post the answer on this page for everyone to read.

So, if you've always had that one nagging question regarding anything related to the 92nd, don't hesitate to contact me ( Now's your chance to ask the whole world! (And remain anonymous if you so choose.)


Do you recognize this soldier?

A reader submitted this photo. There is reason to believe it might be of a 92nd Illinois soldier. Does anyone recognize this soldier? Could it be your ancestor? If so, please email. Thanks!

Unknown soldier

 Is this design on the 92nd's actual regimental flag?

Many of you have asked about the regimental flag of the 92nd. I have found a few sources which claim the drawing you see below is a true depiction of the flag. Does anyone know for sure if this is, in fact, the correct design of the 92nd's actual regimental flag?

If this was, indeed, the flag, does anyone know what colors were on it?

I have been informed that a group in Wheaton, Illinois, has the actual flag and they are restoring it, but all attempts at contacting this group have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help? Thank you.

92nd Regimental Flag

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