Triennial Reunions of the 92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry

92nd reunions were held once every three years. The various villages throughout Stephenson, Ogle, and Carroll counties took turns hosting these festive, nostalgic and deeply emotional events. All reunions were held the first week of September. The first six celebrations were one day in length, while each succeeding one lasted two days, with the exception of three later reunions, as noted.

Beginning with the twenty-first reunion, gatherings were held each year, with the exception of 1927, when, apparently, none were held.

Also note the 22nd reunion was held in Iowa.

Dates and locations were as follows: 

  1st Reunion:  Polo, Illinois  1867

  2nd  Freeport  1870

  3rd  Mt. Carroll  1873

  4th  Oregon  1876

  5th  Lena  1879

  6th  Byron  1882

  7th  Oregon  1885

  8th  Mt. Carroll  1888

  9th   Polo  1891

10th  Stillman Valley  1894

11th  Savanna  1897

12th  Rochelle  1900

13th  Lena  1903

14th  Byron  1906

15th  Mt. Carroll  1909

16th  Polo  1912

17th  Byron  1915

18th  Savanna  1918

19th  Rochelle  1921

20th  Oregon  1924

21st  Polo 1925 

22nd Des Moines, IA. 1926  (six days)

23rd Dixon 1928

24th  Amboy  1929  (one day)

25th  Polo  1930  (one day)



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