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1/13/2017 New Biography: James Hardiman
12/28/2016 New Biographies: John Carpenter, William Cullens
12/28/2016 Updated Biographies: Cpl. John Cushman, Pvt. William Shoemaker, Pvt. Jesse Conway, John Clevidence, Thomas Coggins, Frank Crowell
12/16/2016 New Biographies: Charles Doll, William Crotzer, Andrew Crotzer
12/16/2016 Updated Biographies: Cpl. Andrew Diehl, Cap. Christopher Dunham, Pvt. Henry Dommel, Pvt. Nathaniel Davis, Pvt. Francis Chase, Jacob Decker
10/6/2016 Updated Biographies: Cpl. Joseph Drew, Cpl. Jacob Doxsee, Pvt. D. L. Oberheim, Pvt. John Dodson, Pvt. James Dyson, Hiram Deyo,
10/6/2016 New Biography: Akin DeLair
6/7/2016 New Biography: 2nd Lieut. Louis Cavallier
2/25/16 Exciting News: New "virtual cemetery" devoted solely to the 92nd Illinois
2/25/16 New Biography: 1st Sgt. William Stohl
2/25/16 Updated Biography: Pvt. Jeremiah Stohl
1/9/16 New Biographies: Cpl. Charles Marsh, Joseph Markley, Nathan Keeler, Elisha Kinney, Reuben Lilly, Samuel Miller
1/9/16 Updated Biographies: Sgt. Samuel Mix, Jasper Marsh, Pvt. Peter Myers, Pvt. William Milligan, John Mowry, Pvt. Johnson Lawrence, James Mullarkey, Pvt. Jeremiah Lambert, Pvt. John Mader
12/4/15 New Biography: Pvt. Gulford Wood
12/4/15 Updated Biographies: Pvt. William Lasher, Pvt. Wallace Brown, Pvt. George Dunshee
10/20/15 Updated Biographies: Pvt. Robert Rothermel, Pvt. Richard McCann, Parley Phillips, Paris Rathbun, John Reed
9/22/15 New Biographies: Pvt. Lewellen Metz, Aaron Perrine
9/22/15 Updated Biographies: Joseph McElhaney, Hiram Oakes
8/24/15 New Biographies: Sgt. Collin Robertson, Pvt. Abbott Reese
8/24/15 Updated Biographies: Pvt. Nathanial Rand, Pvt. Nelson Rinedollar, Pvt. Samuel Metz
8/18/15 New Biographies: Sgt. John Nelson, 1st Sgt. Charles Cort, Pvt. James Virgil, John Nettleton, Pvt. Henry Smith, John Doctor, Pvt. Elam Dvolt
8/18/15 Updated Biographies: 2nd Lt. Oscar Sammis, James O'Rorke, Pvt. Cyrus Thayer, Pvt. William Gifford, Pvt. Thomas Oakley, Pvt. John Downes, Pvt. William Reynolds, Pvt. Garner McKeel, Pvt. R.J.A. O'Connor, Pvt. James Rhodes, Pvt. George Springer, Sylvester Youker
6/18/15 New Biography: Cpl. James Smallwood
5/18/15 Updated Biographies: Sgt. Romanzo Fisher, Cpl. Patrick Guthrie, Pvt. James Guthrie, Pvt. Reginald O'Connor, Charles Keiser, Pvt. William Fox, John Clevidence, Pvt. Floyd Gay
5/18/15 New Biographies: Cap. Lyman Preston, Cpl. Stephen Allard, Pvt. Hiram Bunker, Pvt. Hollis Bunker, Pvt. Davis Clair, Pvt. Augustus Klaas
3/24/15 New Message: Follow-up on possible 92nd Descendants' Reunion
2/4/2015 Updated Biography: Pvt. Leonard Geltz
12/30/14 New Biographies: Sgt. James Waterbury, John Clevidence, Pvt. John Schreiner, Pvt. D. Oberheim, Jacob Engelman
12/30/14 Updated Biographies: 1st Lt. Harry Fowler, 1st Lt. William Frost, Sgt. William Elliott, Sgt. Fordyce Waterbury, Cpl. Hiram Edmunds, Cpl. William Erb, Pvt. James O'Rorke, Pvt. Martin Bennett, Wayland Balcom, Pvt. Samuel Salsbury, Pvt. Joseph Bowers, Pvt. Ralph French, Pvt. Daniel Embick, Pvt. Emery Elwood
11/13/14 Pvt. James O'Rorke Honored with First Grave Marker; story
7/31/14 New Homepage Note: Anyone 92nd Illinois Descendants Reunion?
7/3/14 Additions to It's All Relative page: Weaver, Lawrence
7/3/14 Updated Biographies: Sgt. Thomas Elliott, Pvt. Andrew Kingery, Pvt. Abraham Eshelman, Leonard Weaver, Leo Lawrence, Leander Lawrence
5/16/14 New Biographies: Sgt. George Tomlinson, Pvt. William Sheets, Pvt. Henry Scovill, Pvt. Homer Scovill, John Sanborn, Pvt. Abraham Sechler, James Reed, Pvt. Jacob Stakemiller, David Strock
5/16/14 Updated Biographies: Cap. Horace Scoville, 2nd Lt. Oscar Sammis, Cpl. Aaron Rood, Alonzo Tilton, Pvt. John Thompson, Pvt. William Speraw, Pvt. William Sisson, Jacob Reinhart, Jacob Snyder, Pvt. Barney Smith, Orin Sturtevant, Pvt. John Simpson, Pvt. John Sleer, David C. Strock
5/12/14 New Biographies: Comm. Sgt. George Fouke, Sgt. William Gearhart, Sgt. William Hollinger, Pvt. Benjamin Verbeck, Jacob Helsinger, James Hetherton
5/12/14 Updated Biographies: Sgt. John Hitchcock, Pvt. David Wingert, Pvt. James O'Rorke, Cyrus Thayer, Pvt. Samuel Salsbury, Pvt. James Hallowell, Pvt. William Fox, Pvt. John Helm, Pvt. George Harr, James Hunter, Pvt. Solomon Grim, Charles Gassmann, John Hoffman, John Hoover, Robert Huie, Martin Hunsicker, Frederick Humbert, Edgar Hurd
4/14/14 Updated Biography: Pvt. William Snyder
1/19/14 New Biographies: Cpl. Ezra West, Pvt. Otho Watson, Pvt. Edward Truckenmiller, Pvt. Robert Sanderson, Warren Schryver
1/19/14 Updated Biographies: Constantine Woodruff, Elijah Thomas, Harvey Schermerhorn, Pvt. Conrad Sager
1/19/14 Addition to It's All Relative: Father/Son - Elijah and Commodore Tilton
1/13/14 New Biography: Orin Tilton
1/13/14 Updated Biography: Pvt. Commodore Tilton

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